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This is just a quick chapter/prologue so we know what was behind Alice's thought about Bella's birthday and a brief account of the Summer. I hope to have the first Chapter up soon. I look forward to hearing your comments/reviews as always.


Bella Swan was possibly the most stubborn person I knew, apart from Edward, that is. No presents? I really couldn't believe that was how she really felt. Even as a vampire I loved gifts, I could only imagine how exciting it would be as a human.

I didn't even know when my birthday was, that part of my life had been a dark mystery that Jasper and I were working on solving. We didn't have a lot to go on, but thanks to Bella, and largely at her expense, I now had something, which was a lot better than nothing.

The episode in Phoenix still made me shudder, but Bella was back to normal. She had no cast to remind us of that fateful time. I had spent a majority of the Summer at the Swan residence helping out. Charlie had thanked me eternally for my help, as had Bella. I saved Charlie from having to bathe her in her fragile state.

Edward never thanked me, mainly because he would see what I was seeing as he waited patiently for us downstairs, it made it even more difficult for him to abstain. I never revealed this to Bella of course, she would have been mortified. I would, however, reprimand Edward for peeking.

Things were back to the way we wanted them to be, everyone seemed to be happy. Rosalie and Emmett were on another honeymoon, under the pretense they had moved to college. They were returning today for Bella's birthday, it had been a while since we had celebrated one. Not to mention, we had finally started our senior year. I was excited, I was going through my first senior year with a friend, and a mortal friend at that. Bella's humanity was infectious, I couldn't imagine my life without her in it. It was one of the more enjoyable summers I'd had. Jasper still kept a safe distance from Bella, but she always included him, that was just who Bella was.

I was planning a little get together for Bella's birthday when my plan was thwarted by Edward.

"Alice, you know how she feels about that."

"I do, but I think she'll enjoy it. You don't turn eighteen every year."

"Don't say that to her." Edward laughed. Turning a year older had become a source of anxiety for Bella, Edward was forever seventeen and she refused to become older than him, and he was refusing to change her. Unfortunately, for Bella, nature was against her.

I rolled my eyes and checked off the things to do on my list. "Look I compromised with you, Edward, it's just going to be us."

"I know, but Bella's being irrational and stubborn. She begged me not to be there when she wakes up this morning, she's afraid she'll look older!"

I laughed at this, "Bella, irrational and Stubborn, I don't believe it."

Edward laughed and ruffled my hair. "We're leaving in ten minutes. Be ready."

I nodded and headed towards my room. I wondered how hard it would be to get Bella to the house, I was hoping to get Edward to help, especially when I rummaged through the future to check.

Jasper was laying on the bed with his headphones on, his foot was tapping rhythmically to the song that was playing. He grinned at me as I climbed onto the bed and into his strong arms. He wrapped them tightly around me.

"I miss you when you're gone you know." He said pulling off the headphones quietly. "I get so bored waiting for you to get home."

I kissed his neck gently and rocked to my knees, breaking free of his embrace. I leaned forward and kissed him gently. His lips moved with mine as his hands moved slowly to my hair. I giggled and pulled away from him.

"School." I sighed and hopped of the bed.

Jasper rolled his eyes and watched me dance around the room gathering my things.

"Don't forget to let Rose and Emmett sign the card, oh and remember to take the radio out of the box before you wrap it, put it in the garage. She'll refuse otherwise."

"Card, box, garage, got it." he grinned.

I rushed towards the bed and kissed him before I headed out the door.