Note: This is in response to giving up on my math homework

Note: This is in response to giving up on my math homework. And no, I never plan what characters will appear.

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The sky cast a pale yellow hue along the floorboard of the small bedroom to the disheveled blankets strewn across the single bed in the corner. It was nearing seven in the morning and the silence of night was being broken by the cheerful twittering of sparrows outside the window.

But he wasn't happy at all.

Sitting cross legged in a chair at a small dining room table in his one room apartment, clad only in a pair of fading boxers, Uzumaki Naruto glared at the floor beneath his bed expectantly, lower lip pouted.

He was supposed to be here by now!

Frowning, Naruto stood up and scratched his lower back, stretching. He'd waited up all night for him and nothing. It wasn't even an important mission was it? Repairing some school house or escorting a villager somewhere, whatever it was it wasn't ranked high enough that it would take a full week to accomplish.

"Damn teme," he muttered angrily. His anger quickly dissipated and became a heavy sigh. Pulling the top off of the kettle, he began filling it with water to make instant ramen, eyes avoiding the bento he'd gotten for the night before; they were spoiled now anyway. "Stupid Sasuke."

Drawing a hand over his brow, Naruto ruffled his spiky blonde hair and ripped the top off of the cup ramen too violently. The contents blew up in his face, sending powder and freeze-dried vegetables onto the floor and into his hair. Growling angrily, he shook his head, slamming the cup back onto the counter and the kettle in the sink. Crossing his arms, he flopped down on his bed facing the kitchen.

"Rrgh!" He exclaimed, scrunching his face up in frustration. Sasuke was the type of guy who had to do everything perfectly. So why couldn't he show up when he said he would? Lying back against the open window, Naruto let the wind gently brush his hair about, eyes narrowed at his clenched hands. "It's not like I care or anything," he muttered.

"Idiot Usurotonkachi."

Naruto leapt out of his seat and collapsed in a heap on the floor as a hand patted the top of his head. Panting, he raised an arm and pointed at Uchiha Sasuke who was halfway in his window. Eyes wide, his mouth dropped open in surprise.

"What the hell?!" He blurted out.

Sasuke stared at Naruto deeply for a moment before sneering at him. Climbing all the way through his window, Sasuke kneeled on the bed.

"You rang, loud ass," He chuckled.

After a second, Naruto leapt up and crossed his arms, glaring. Of course he was happy that Sasuke had shown up and kept his promise. But, why did he always have to say things that pissed him off?

"Finally done with your mission, eh?" Naruto mocked. "Took you long enough."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes and climbed across the bed to Naruto, smirking. "Did you miss me that much?" he murmured, deep voice resonating in Naruto's ears.

Hunching his shoulders, Naruto crawled backward from him, frowning.

"Like I'd miss someone like you," he muttered after a moment of silence.

Feet tapping lightly on the floor, Sasuke sat in front of Naruto. Leaning close to him, he reached out and stroked the top of his head, running his fingers through the strands.

"You paused," he said softly.

Naruto blushed heavily, pouting his lips. Peering up at Sasuke, he flushed even more at the site of his mouth, standing out in supple red against his pale white complexion. Seeing the dobe's disbelieving expression, Sasuke let his hand fall to stroking the whisker-like marks on his cheeks.

"Only because your answer was so stupid," the tiny dobe argued unconvincingly. He leaned his cheek against Sasuke's hand, and clutched at it with his own, sniffing. "Why would I miss someone who doesn't follow through with his promises?"

Sasuke blinked, dropping his hand to his knee.

"What are you talking about?" He asked.

Naruto avoided his eyes.

"You said that you'd come over after your mission," he muttered, furrowing his brow. "Now everything's ruined."

Sasuke raised his head and looked around the small room. Nothing seemed different, the place was still in clear disarray; the fridge was probably empty and the cupboards filled with cup ramen if they had anything in them at all. Oh. He stilled had that dumb hat of his. Looking around him, over Naruto's head, he frowned. Nothing had changed.

His eyes locked onto a box labeled with his name. Rising, he lifted it from the table and opened it. An obnoxious odor erupted from within, making him shut it instantly.


"It doesn't matter!" Naruto blurted, hands flat between his crossed legs; he burrowed his chin in his collar.

A hand touched the back of Naruto's neck, sliding down to wrap around the naked skin beneath his shirt, pulling him backward.

Leaning his head back against Sasuke's chest, Naruto let his mouth fall open.

"I don't need anything from you, dobe," Sasuke's voice was muffled by the nape of Naruto's neck. Embracing him from behind, he closed his eyes and took a deep, nervous breath. "Just let me rest."

Squirming under his strong grip, Naruto sighed heavily, grabbing Sasuke's arms. Shoving his face in the boy's arm warmers, he closed his eyes, frowning.

"And what if I need to get up?" He demanded, glaring at the floor with a small, satisfied smile on his face.

"That's not my problem," Sasuke murmured, grip tightening. "Leave me alone."

"I can't if you're trying to absorb me like this!" Naruto argued, wiggling his body.

Naruto's words were cut off by Sasuke's lips against his. Eyes widening at first, he slowly closed them, cheeks bright, at the feel of the smooth flesh upon his. Turning toward Sasuke, he wrapped his arms around the raven haired boy's neck, feeling around his mouth with his tongue.

When they'd parted, Naruto looked away quickly before his eyes met with Sasuke's. Pursing his lips, he stared at the floor.

"Idiot. If I were going to absorb you, I'd find much more satisfying ways to do it."



Sasuke's hand grabbed Naruto's chin and pulled his face toward his. They were barely an inch away from each other but Naruto's eyes still searched for something else to focus on.

"Look at me," Sasuke demanded, squeezing his face.

Naruto squinted his eyes at his nude calendar on the wall but didn't reply.

Becoming annoyed, Sasuke released Naruto and stood up. Shoving his hands in his pockets he started toward the door. His left leg was too heavy to lift, and when he looked down, Naruto had one hand on his shorts leg.

"Where are you going?" He asked quietly, face hidden.

Sasuke looked away, frowning at the ceiling. "Home," he said.

Naruto's head moved but he made no inclination of looking at him.


"You don't want me here."

Flinching at those words, Naruto let his fingers slip from the cloth and fall to the floor. Keeping his head low, he bit his lip.

"No," he murmured.

"Then look at me."

He flinched again. There was no way he could do that. Eyes like that, they-they'd see right through him. They'd realize what he'd been thinking since the minute Sasuke appeared in his home. And if Sasuke ever knew, then he'd hate him forever for being such an idiot.

"I-Ino told Sakura that—"Naruto stopped and gulped nervously, ashamed. "She said that Kiba went on the mission with you because you—"

He shook his head and covered it with his hand. No way would Sasuke do something like that, he had him, didn't he? Even if he never said it, Sasuke had to like him if he kept coming around even if they weren't on a mission or training. But, most everyone knew that Kiba had been interested in Sasuke for a while now so . . .

"Kiba's a dirty mutt," Sasuke said simply. Sitting on the edge of Naruto's bed, he stared at the top of his head, waiting. "Don't think stupid thoughts like that or it'll make you dimmer."

"But, Iruka-sensei said that the place you were going had a hot spring!" Naruto argued. "And hot springs usually make people—"

Note: I cute it off here because the next part needs a warning label. I'll make a third part so that people can skip the second and still get their shonen ai penis hard. (XD)