My Idol

Everyone needs someone to look up to….

Every growing boy has an idol….

For most, it's their father or even an older sibling (like Sasuke-teme)…

For me it's kinda the same, cept I don't have any older siblings, or a father for that matter. Well there's old man Hokage, he'd be a great idol.

Kind…caring….strong according to what I've heard others saying…. And he's the only one who's always treated me well. Definitely a great idol… but not the one for me.

So who should a young orphan look up to in a village where no-one gives him the time of day, where every day's a struggle…. some people have actually outright attacked me before. What the fuck could I possibly have done? A few harmless pranks here and there, nothing to get overly excited about.

What kid doesn't make trouble now and again? I'm definitely not the worst.

I would still be walking around with a stupid smile on my face, pretending to like these idiots if it wasn't for him. My idol. So strong….

I'm gonna be just like him one day.

There he is training again… I try to emulate his moves while watching from afar, but it gets me nowhere. It's so darn hard!! Arrrghh!! Sometimes I just wanna scream, but then…. I reign myself in….

where would that get me? I'd probably be kicked outta the grounds, and then he'd think me some freaky annoying kid. Well, I've never seen him angry, but I don't think I'd want to. 'Dammit… fuckin bastard makes everything look so easy'.

It's just a kunai Naruto, just relax…

With every throw I can hear those fuckin bastards back in the village laughin at me in my head…. 'Dunce...' 'useless….' They all have names for me, all worse than next. But I'll show them all one day, one day they'll respect me, like they respect him… I used to think becoming Hokage was my ticket to success; dreams of everyone finally taking notice of me, hero-worship, old and young alike, smiling in my presence, trying to be nice to me, making sure I'm comfortable in all my endeavours. You really gotta love oji-san, guys just too nice. Nice… hehehe... now there's something I haven't thought myself to be in a long time. Or anyone else for that matter…. Nice is as rare as humble in this stupid village, no-one's nice, not even my idol. Good old saru-jiji…

There he goes again, doing one of his crazy ass tricks. I used to feel like screaming….screaming and cheering…. But my idol hates noise…. In fact I'm beginning to suspect he hates everything. He's so darn kool though, that bastard. And I try to emulate him to the last. I didn't even realise when I began doing it, but ever since I became consciously aware of it I just couldn't stop myself. He's everything I've always wanted to be. I see how they all look at him, respect….

And he's no Hokage.

There's also a healthy bit of fear in there as well…. That suits me all the better. They all claim to live in fear of me…. Some even going so far as to call me a demon after being brought in by the ANBU to state their case before the Sandaime…

But they don't fear me…..

Not like they fear him….

I'm the one who constantly lived in fear…

they can't begin to understand how I've had to live.

But now I fear nothing….


Its simple…..

because he fears nothing!

One day they will look at me in respect and fear…

one day I will be capable of great acrobatic feats….

One day I will be a respected shinobi, stronger than all others before me…

Maybe one day he'll respect me to,

and dear I think it….

fear me….





Hehehehehe… that's one of the things I like so much about my idol, I can't see him being scared of anything…. No matter though, one day, I'll finally be somebody, and then maybe I can leave this hell hole.


It seems he's noticed me…. Or more likely finally decided to pay attention to me. I'm under no delusions about him not noticing me before though, this time or any other.

'Kuso…. He's coming over here. What the fuck am I gonna say. He's probably gonna kick my ass.' It takes every smidgen of willpower I possess not to buckle under that fuckin frigid stare… But I'm a true soldier, holding out like always.

And the two of us stand staring at each other…

I almost flinch but catch myself just in time. Cold bastard

I divert my stare just a little… need to keep from staring directly into those freaky (but also super freaking awesome) red orbs…

It takes two minutes but it looks like I'm wearing him down.. a slight twitch of his lips looks to me like he's about to say something…












That bastard….

That fucking bastard shitbag dickhead…..

it took me nearly two whole minutes to realise that I'm standing there in the same shady corner of the training grounds….


Dismissed…… again………

And by my idol no less….

Like trash… worthless…

I'm visibly shaking now

My rage feeding my chakra…

I punch a tree to the side of me…



Not even a crack….

My bad mood's just got worse…

It's all his fault….

Fucking teme….

Mr big shot Uchiha….

The lowly Uzumaki Naruto not worthy of his notice….


One good thing about me hasn't changed from my pranking days a yr ago… my rage only feeds my determination….its always been constructive…and always will be….

I'll reach you yet my rival….

And then I'll surpass you…

One day you'll look up to me…..

Uchiha Itachi…