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"Uh..Ni-sama?"Mokuba, the younger of the Kaiba's asked in his sweetest voice. But all he received in return was a cold glare from Seto. He was still upset with him for the whole event with the Mutt. Purposely inviting him over to his house then tricking them into sharing a little 'snack time' together. It had all turned out to be completely humiliating in Seto's eyes.

Though, it had been a week since the milk and cookies incident..

The ebony haired boy didn't back down, giving a small hesitant smile, he contemplated his next words carefully.

At the site of his brother's sweet smile and apologetic eyes, Seto's brotherly love kicked in and he dropped the cold heartless glare. With that Mokuba took his cue to continue, "Can I stay the night at a friend's house?" his voice was soft, while his eyes were large and pleading. Seto gave the boy one final look before turning back to his work, on his laptop.

"Which 'friend'?" he answered, though his voice hinted that he already knew the answer.

"Eh..Anzu's having a get together..and I wanna go." he confessed, another sweet smile fallowed suit.

Seto gave a small grumble in annoyance at the boy's request to join his friends on yet another Saturday, but still nodded his approval. At that Mokuba excitedly threw his arms around his older brother, hugging him tightly while thanking him at the same time.

The boy, without another word, ran from the room. Happily setting off to pack for his vist to his friends house. His older brother watched him carefully the few seconds it took him to race from the room before turning back to his laptop once more.






That's what they had all said, they all had much better things to do than hang out with their lonely pathetic 'friend' over the weekend. None of them wanted to, or had the time to be with him this weekend, they all had plans. Yugi was probably wanting to be with that Pharaoh guy, while Anzu probably still had a crush on Yugi herself. Honda, no doubt, wanted to try and sneak some time in with Shizuka. They all had crushes, even if they didn't admit it, to be with. They didn't need him hanging around them and ruining their plans. That was the last thing they wanted. Him ruining things for them.

Ha, like that was much of a plan, hanging around their crush? Just being there with them?

Was that enough?

Being around Kaiba, was that enough to fill his desires? Enough to make him happy?

Just being there, near him?

"IIE!!" Jou hissed out, growing angry with himself for his thoughts.

With the thought of Kaiba, he remembered his earlier invite to the Kaiba mansion, by the younger Kaiba brother of course. He'd be kinda scared otherwise. Seto Kaiba inviting him over to his house.

He burst into laughter, laughing hard enough he had to grab his aching stomach seconds later. Seto Kaiba inviting him over to his house for milk and cookies!

"Yeah, dat's a'nuff ta..." he cut himself off abruptly, with the thought of milk and cookies.


Kaiba reached for one of the chocolate sandwich cookies in front of him. The blond, who had been munching on another cookie, looked at the older teen. He blinked a few times, he'd hardly notice the other until the sudden movement caught his eye.

Seto pulled the two cookie halves apart. Jou blinked a several times dumbly, he never dreamed that he'd ever-ever-be sitting, enjoying milk and cookies with Seto Kaiba. With Seto Kaiba actually joining in that was, Seto Kaiba! He gave a small smile, then reached for another cookie.

Pausing as Seto licked gently and slowly at the cream of the cookie, Jou watched his movements closely. The chestnut haired teen's tongue dance over the cookie, slowly lapping the sweet flavor that coated a single side of the sweet snack. Saliva trailed over the surface, as Seto's tongue slipped over the already moistened cream. Faking innocence, Seto stopped his ministration on the cookie and pressed the two halves back together.

Jou almost whimpered, catching himself just in time.

Seto dipped the cookie into the milk that set in front of him, waiting a minute before pulling it back out. Slowly and gently he slid his tongue over the softened cookie, catching the milk drops that lingered. Savoring the sweet flavor of the snack, he lapped off all remaining liquid, sucking softly at the crumbling cookie. He nibbled at the edge.

Jou gave a soft almost completely inaudible whimper as the cookie vanished into the older teen's mouth. Seto gave no aknolagement to him as he lapped the remaining sweetness from his finger tips. Slowly running his tongue across the soft skin of his fingers and sucking gently, he let just enough of his tongue be shown to tease.

Soft pink coming into Jou's veiw for a second before vanishing back to where it'd first emerged from. The blond teen fought the strong urge to reach across the table and either capture that little pink tongue trailing saliva and devour those sweet enticing lips. Being really bold, too much so, more realistically he could give him a hand with cleaning off his fingers. Doing it the same way of course, lapping gently at the probably silky soft skin of each finger. Eagerly tasting all sweetness at tastes they had to offer.

-- --

Jou shivered at the memory, then stood and pulled open the door leading from his room. Quickly slipping on his shoes he slid from the house, calling "I'm goin out, Pops.." quietly.





Yugi opened the door after hearing the soft knock, a friendly smile covered his features as he greeted the ebony haired youth that stood before him. Anzu leaped to his side at hearing the younger Kaiba had made his arrival.

"Hey Mokuba..glad you could make it!" she sounded a bit overly excited.

Mokuba responded with a small smile and nod at the teenage girl's antics, before replying "Yeah.."

"So..was your brother angry with you?" she asked suddenly sounding concerned.

"Not really.." he laughed.

Yugi smiled at the two, "So...urm..Anzu, can you tell me what's going on now?"

At the sound of Yugi's soft voice both Anzu and Mokuba looked to the short multi-color haired teen, who smiled back hesitantly. He knew they were scheming something, but he wasn't sure what. What did Jounouchi have to do with their plan?

"Sure.." the brunnet answered happily, a big smile coating her features.





Seto blinked several times, his mind didn't seem to want to register what was happening, or what he was seeing. "Mutt?" the only greeting he could manage at the moment..

"Urm.." he muttered unsure of what his response should be now.

There was a an awkward silence, neither knowing what to say to the other. After the events of last week both were hoping to avoid the other. Apparently fate had other plans, though. Or..

"Mokuba.." the name was hissed from the chestnut haired teens mouth, full of anger and distaste. At the moment he didn't doubt he could murder the ebony haired youth.

"Uh, yeah...he..uh invited me over. Where's he anyways?" came Jou's quiet reply.

"He's not here, Mutt." the blue eyed teen sighed before stepping aside to let the Pup in.

He didn't move, just looked at the taller teen through deep chocolaty eyes. With a small sigh, he stepped through the doorway.

Closing the door quickly behind the blond, Seto held a blank expression to cover his annoyance at his younger brother along with his sudden nervousness at the blond standing before him.

"'s he comin back?" Jou asked quietly, keeping his honey eyes on the ground, finding some interesting invisible object there.

"He didn't say…" the taller teen answered, annoyance clear in his voice, before sitting on the plush dark over sized sofa that decorated the large room.

Jou obviously didn't take the hint, he should sit. It was getting awkward again. His eyes wondered the room, taking in the rich decor. But he didn't find the room's design too interesting, pretty boring really. His honeyed gaze searched for something, anything, that could hold his attention if even for a second. Nothing.

Unending awkward silence. That's what it felt like.

Neither said anything. Both refused to move. Neither wanted to meet the other's gaze. Both wanted to get out of there, both wanted out. Both hated being with the other, so uncomfortable. They made each other sick, disgusted, angry, irrtable, everything thing they hated. They were.


Seto couldn't stand the blond, his friendly smiles, his deep honey eyes, his noble sense of loyalty and honor. Everything the Mutt was he hated. Jounouchi couldn't stand the brunet, his expressionless masks, his cold blue eyes, his arrogant cocky obsessive behavior with duel monster cards. Everything the blue eyed dragon was he hated.

They were disgusted.

They were in love.

"So dis is normal?" Jou spoke up, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

"Hm?" came the quiet reply.

"Your brother.." the blond stated, attempting to keep his voice level.

"Not really.." he answered, he was sure he knew what his younger brother was planning. But for pride's sake he didn't want the Mutt to know.

The honey eyed male didn't reply but simply nodded. Mokuba was up to something, he knew that. He may not be a genius, like some people, but he wasn't that dumb. Question was, though, what was the younger Kaiba up to, and what did he have to do with anything?

Now was a good time to think about that, to try and figure it out.

Another question, did Kaiba know?

That answer he wasn't too sure of, but he knew Kaiba did know something. There was many things Jou could honestly say Kaiba was, an idiot wasn't one of them. Rather it was Kaiba knew what his brother was scheming or if he simply knew his brother was scheming, Jou couldn't say. But he knew something.

He should ask.


Never, if he asked, what would the answer be? How would the older teen respond. Accusations on his little brother? At this the younger male glanced toward the other..

His warm honeyed eyes collided with cold blue eyes, their intense gazes locked. Heated honey clashed with unwavering ice, neither dared break the timeless connection. Neither wanted to.

Jou suddenly felt breathless, as if he was drowning, falling deeply into the ocean. He felt the surface vanishing from reach, air being ripped from his lungs. His heart pounding begging to breath, to live. His body grew heavy, sore, numb, cold, hot, he was burning. Drowning.

His chest constricted, pain, tight unbearable pain. Heat, his body was burning, set on fire. It hurt, yet felt so..

He was burning.

He was drowning.

Seto lifted his hand and motioned him over, "Come!" it was a command.

Without question, without a word, Jounouchi obeyed. Taking the few steps necessary, until he stood before the blue eyed teen. In their current position, Jou towered over Seto, seeming much taller. Seto set on the large sofa, unmoving. The blond remained still another second, though his body shook slightly. From either excitement or something he couldn't place, or didn't want to, at the moment.

Within another second, Jounouchi climbed onto the other's lap. He remained quiet. He slid a leg on either side of both the other's, a leg on both sides of the older teen's lap. Resting his bottom on his lap, it's self, gently.

Seto touched the blonde's cheek softly before slowly trailing down his jaw to his chin. He tugged him closer, slipping his hand to the back of the blonde's neck. Jou remained silent, obeying, he leaned closer, resting his forehead against the older male's. The brunet offered a small smile, though it seemed a bit cold on the icy features of the CEO. Jou held back a shiver.

The blue eyed teen's hands trailed down the other's back, gentle, soft, caressing feathery touches. He gripped the blonde's bottom and tugged him closer. He answered with a soft whimper before moaning as his body heated uncontrolably, he was blinded by the hot sensation coursing through his body. He felt a urgent need to be closer, unconsciously he rolled his head back moaning while rocking himself closer to the heat beneath him.

The brunet said nothing, but slipped his hands back up the trail they'd previously made down the other's back, catching the blonde's head with both hands. He tugged his head back forward. The blond gave another moan but let Seto lead. He held the blonde's head steady, his cold blue eyes searching his face. Large honey eyes stared back, soft, wanting, needing, he whimpered softly.

His eyes snapped closed tightly. Seto gave a small smirk in return before tugging him closer. Jounouchi's body shook slightly, he felt soft hot wet breath caress his lips. He didn't know why his body shook, it seemed to be out of his control at the moment. Distantly he wondered if it was because he was scared or nervous.

Maybe he was excited?

He felt heat rise to his cheeks, his face grew hot, uncomfortably hot. He knew he was blushing, badly blushing. He hoped Seto wouldn't notice though.

Did Seto excite him?


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