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She sat on the uncomfortable plane seat. Squirming as a unfamiliar male sat down beside her. She sighed as she flipped open her cell phone to turn it off. A picture of Lucas and her. She shut her eyes as she held the end button, hoping this would all just go away. That she didn't just do what she thinks she did. That she is dreaming. But she's not.


"Brooke Davis, I love you. You're the mother of my child, my best friend, and the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. And I know, we just made up, but Kaylee needs a mother. And I need you. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is,

Brooke Davis...will you marry me?"

Brooke looked at him sadly.

"I...can't..." She whispered before running out the door.

Leaving a broken hearted and ashamed Lucas behind.

End of Flashback.

She just needed to forget, that's all. Just forget that she had ever gone back. Clothes Over Bro's was her world, not family. Kaylee didn't even love her. But Lucas had. Lucas had loved her. It was undeniable and true. But she knew that it was a lie, right?

Brooke Davis.

Her life was full of lies.

She groaned as she felt the kid kicking the back of her chair. She looked out the window as the Stewardess spoke. "We will be departing for New York City in approximately 10 minutes." Brooke sighed. She was leaving again. She was running away again. Anytime she had a problem, she would run. Always. She was close to running when she found out she was pregnant. But thankfully Lucas stopped the train from leaving the station.

But, why had she said no? She loved Lucas.

But that was never enough. Brooke knew that now. Love was never enough. Her mother had taught her that. And now she knew that she would never amount to anything. Her mother had been right. She should just die. Kaylee and Lucas would be better off. Clothes Over Bro's too.

Little did she know that her mother's devious plan had worked.

In Tree Hill...

Lucas lied on the couch for hours after she left. Crying. Pouting. Dying slowly inside. His life was withering away to nothing. What had he done wrong? Kaylee walked in and saw her father. Depressed. She looked at him sadly. "Daddy, are you okay?" She spoke softly, and Lucas nodded, lying. "Yeah, yeah daddy's okay baby." Kaylee nodded and walked over to her father.

Lucas sat up straight and placed Kaylee on his lap and held her tight. "You know daddy loves you, right?" He asked, and she nodded. "I love you too, dada." Lucas nodded and sniffled as a tear rolled down his cheek. "Thank you baby girl. It seems like everyone's leaving me nowadays." Kaylee kissed her father's cheek. "I'm not leaving dada. You know that." Kaylee looked around. "Where's Brooke?" She asked, and Lucas's heart dropped.

"Mommy's...gone, Kaylee."

Kaylee was stunned. She left? She was gone? It was exactly what she wanted.


Growing up without a mother as her father told her he had grown up without a father. Kaylee couldn't imagine not having her daddy around. But Brooke, Brooke was a stranger. But she was her mother.

Kaylee didn't know anymore.

At the Tree Hill Airport...

"We will be departing in five minutes." The stewardess said, and Brooke stiffed. Five minutes to make a choice that would last a lifetime.

She knew Kaylee would regret her. And Lucas would now love her anymore.

Brooke stayed on that plane.

And she never came back.

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