Prologue: Family History

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Three figures sat around a small fire in a small clearing, almost completely hidden in the absence of the moon. They spoke in hushed whispers, not wanting to be noticed by anyone who might be near.

"We should be able to arrive at the gates tomorrow." A deep, but still soft voice spoke. The figure to the right of the man who spoke sighed softly. Her slight figure leaning on the frame of the other, if only the smallest bit.

"Why are we going to Konoha?" The youngest of the three questioned, looking to the woman that he was beside. He played with a piece of grass, twisting it between his fingers. The woman's eyes hardened.

"I have a promise to keep. I'd also feel better if you were being trained properly. Plus, it's about time we found a home." The young boy dropped the piece of grass, now giving the woman his full attention.

"But why Konoha? There are other places to go. What's so special about it?" The woman tensed slightly, before relaxing and taking a deep breath.

"My family has deep roots in Konoha, even if most of those roots are rotted. It's about time you learned your ancestry." The woman leaned forward and grabbed a branch from the ground. She prodded the dying embers of the fire. The flames flared for a moment, illuminating the faces of the three for a moment before dying back down with a soft hiss. The boy sat almost completely still, eyes wide with curiosity.

"Many years ago, before there even were hidden villages, the Uchiha clan thrived. They were one of the strongest clans, feared by many, defeated by few. And then one was born, who was stronger than any other Uchiha had ever been. His name was Madara. The power that he possessed was power gained through terrible deeds. In order to gain power, he killed his best friend; to keep it, he took his own brother's eyes. And in taking his brother's eyes, he gained pseudo-immortality. He could be killed, but he would not die. It wouldn't be until years later, after the hidden villages were established, and Madara was thought dead that such power would awaken again."

The woman paused, reaching into a small pouch she kept around her waist. She pulled a thin navy ribbon from it, a small silver charm handing from the center. She twisted the charm between her fingers, the firelight reflecting off of the fan emblem on the small circle.

"I was firstborn. I was to be heiress to the Uchiha clan, and at first I relished in the glory. The idea of power overwhelmed me, and I thought of nothing more than pleasing my father, and gaining the power necessary to bring the Uchiha clan back to the top. Though many still regarded the Uchiha with respect, it had fallen from its place of glory that it had held so long ago.

"I acted just the way they wanted me to. Any order given I obeyed without question, and I lost myself in my duty to the clan. When my younger brother was born, I saw him as more of an asset for the clan, than a human being. I later saw that he was not a tool, but a person, and for the first time I felt compassion for someone. Eventually I met someone who opened my eyes. He was a wonderful person, and the first person aside from my brother that I ever loved. His name was Takashi, and he changed my world. But when my father found out about Takashi, my life took a turn for the worse. I was told that I had a mental disorder and days later, Takashi died out on a mission. My father happened to be leading the mission, and I still believe that Takashi was killed not by enemy nin, but by my own father.

"The events leading up to Takashi's death led me to distance myself from the clan. I wanted to leave, but I couldn't find a good enough reason for abandoning my brother. I found out that the clan had been planning a coup. It wouldn't take place until I was older, and Itachi would also be able to fight, but they were still planning. I'd had enough loyalty issues to last me a lifetime, so I did the only thing I could think of. I asked the Hokage to relieve me of active duty, and allow me to leave the village. He agreed reluctantly, but nonetheless, I owe him so much for allowing me to leave.

"My younger brother was forced to grow up in the same environment at me, stressed and oppressed. Though I didn't know it until years later, I had another younger brother born the year after I left. When the elder of the two turned thirteen, he had done just as Madara had, and killed his best friend for power. Soon after, he killed the entire Uchiha clan with the exception of our youngest brother. Though Sasuke, the youngest, thought that Itachi, the elder, had killed them simply on a whim, Itachi had known of their coup. Along with that, Madara influenced him. Itachi died years later of chakra exhaustion during a fight with Sasuke, who was bent on revenge. Madara was killed later. Now Sasuke is back in Konoha, and the threat is gone."

The woman leaned back, having finished telling her tale. The boy though, was still curious.

"Mom, why didn't you tell me this before?" He looked down at the grass.

"I didn't want you to think that you were a bad person because of what has happened in the past. And it's not much of a bedtime story for five year olds. Now go to sleep, tomorrow is going to be a rough ride." The woman smiled at her son as he slowly fell asleep. Beside her, the man let out a sigh.

"I was wondering when you'd get around to telling him. I don't want our son going around with some kind of wacked idea of his history. Although I think it was pretty stupid to tell him the way you did." The man leaned back; using his elbows to support him as he half sat half laid down.

The woman lay down beside him.

"You think everything is stupid. So stop complaining." They were silent for a moment, before the man spoke.

"It's been thirteen years Kirari. Are you sure that they'll even remember you? Last time you were there, no one had any idea that you existed." He rolled onto his side to face her, his chin resting in the palm of his hand. She did likewise, their faces inches apart.

"They'll remember me. I made a promise, and I'm going to keep it." She smiled lightly at the man.

"I still think that you're crazy." She rolled her eyes at him, and her smile turned into a smirk.

"I married you didn't I?" She rolled onto her back, and put her hands behind her head. He looked at her before resting on his back.

"True. And besides, I don't think anyone could ever forget you."

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