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Htelobbihs: Can You Say It?

By: Rae

-An 'Ouran High School Host Club' Fanfic-


Six years after her graduation, Haruhi sat at her desk, busily finishing up the latest report for the company she worked for. Her university life had led her into law, which led her to commercial law. Now she worked in a law firm that represented some of the largest companies in Japan, and though she was working as an attorney, her bosses were concerned that she was too young to handle some of the larger cases, so they put her in charge of a small firm.

Surveying her writing, Haruhi corrected a small mistake and reread the report, making sure there were no more mistakes. Satisfied that everything was filled out to perfection, she put the pages into the file folder and then stuck that into a manila envelope, already addressed and stamped, waiting to be sent off. Following this, she checked her inbox to make sure nothing else would be piled up and then gathered her things, dropping the envelope in the mail room on her way out.

Her car was already waiting for her, and she waved them on quickly, hoping to get home soon. They had to be ready by 3:00 to get to the wedding on time, and she knew Tamaki would be worried that she wouldn't have the right outfit to wear. He always fussed over her and tried to buy her new clothes on a regular basis, but she was able to stay his desire to spoil her most of the time.

Walking into the house, she could already tell that chaos had arrived in the form of her blond-headed husband. A rueful smile spread across her lips as she crossed the foyer and passed by the sitting room. A few doors down, she halted, noticing Yuzuru sitting at his desk in the office.

"Getting ready for the wedding, Haruhi?" He asked her, rising to come give her a hug.

"Yes," she said. "I would have stayed at the office longer, but I knew Tamaki would pitch a fit if he thought I wasn't giving myself enough time to get ready."

They both laughed, and Yuzuru, already dressed and ready himself, waved her upstairs.

The Suou mansion was a beautiful place to live, and since Takako's death, Tamaki and his father had made some changes. After they arrived home from France, Yuzuru immediately had Tamaki's things moved into the mansion, no longer forcing his son to stay in the second Suou mansion. And Tamaki had been thrilled to finally see the interior of the home.

She remembered when he invited all the host club to come visit and gave them the grand tour, gasping and grinning over each new room. "Oh, and here's the grandfather clock!" "And look! We have a computer!" She still chuckled when she remembered his enthusiasm for even the smallest items the home had to offer.

After their wedding, Yuzuru offered to move into the second Suou mansion and leave this one to the newlyweds. They argued, and Tamaki finally prevailed when he reminded his father that they'd only had a short time to live like a real family and he wanted to spend more time with Yuzuru. So the three of them lived in the large house with Tamaki's dog and the maids.

Walking into their bedroom, she grinned and laughed when she saw Tamaki hopping around on one foot, trying to get his other foot into the leg of his pants. When he heard her laugh, he promptly fell onto the ground and craned his neck in the direction of the door, smiling at her in greeting.

"Perhaps you could try it sitting down?" She asked him in amusement, pointing to the pants he still hadn't put on.

"But I was in a hurry," he pouted, mock glaring at her and pulling his foot through the other leg of the pants but only slightly. He pushed himself up, grinning triumphantly when he gained his feet only to shout when he teetered backwards onto the bed.

Haruhi laughed loudly and strode into her closet to get the dress she planned to wear. Her husband was grumbling to himself as he zipped up the pants when she came back out. Four years of marriage had changed Tamaki into a man Haruhi deeply and dearly loved, and as she watched him button his shirt, she couldn't help but be grateful Takako's plan had failed.

They continued getting ready, Haruhi slipping into her dress and putting up her hair before putting on a minimal amount of makeup. When they were both finished, it was 2:30, and Tamaki was already anxious that they wouldn't arrive on time. Yuzuru came up at five minutes till, and the three of them walked down to the car together.

At the temple, they found their friends already seated and went to join them. It was a private ceremony, one that very few people had been invited to. Haruhi smiled when she saw the band walk in and waited for the wedding to begin.

A few minutes later, the priest walked in followed by Hikaru and Kaoru. Hikaru's face was set and pleasantly calm while his twin looked pale and anxious. Haruhi wondered if they realized they'd come in in the wrong order. Grinning, she watched as the twins switched places automatically, and a few of the audience laughed.

The music changed, and the maid of honor walked up the aisle, smiling and holding her bouquet gently. Then the music changed again, and Haruhi stood with the rest of the audience, watching in silence as the bride walked in. She held her breath and tears came to her eyes as she saw the beautiful wedding dress. It reminded her of her own special day, and she could tell Tamaki felt the same for he found her hand and squeezed it gently.

When the congregation had been seated, Haruhi linked her fingers with Tamaki's and listened as the priest began the ceremony.

"Hitachiin Kaoru, do you take this woman to be your lawful wife?" The man solemnly said.

"I do," Kaoru said, smiling at his bride.

"Ayanokoji Hideyo, do you take this man to be your lawful husband?" The man now said.

She grinned through tear-filled eyes and replied, "I do."

"Then by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you man and wife," he told them. "You may kiss the bride."

Kaoru gave Hideyo his best devilish grin before taking her into his arms and dipping her into a searing kiss. Haruhi cheered with the rest of the host club and congregation as the kiss continued. It only stopped when Hikaru cleared his throat loudly.

The reception was a joyful one that Haruhi fully enjoyed. She found herself at a table with Yuzuru, Tamaki, Hunny, Reiko, Mori, Kyouya, and Renge. They'd already greeted some of the other guests, including Toru, Kanako, Kasanoda, and Nekozawa. As they were part of the shibboleth group, which was how they viewed themselves once the truth had come out, they'd all become closer friends. Their shared experiences brought them together.

After arriving home from France, Haruhi mused, it had only been a matter of time before Kaoru began to see Hideyo in a more romantic light. Obviously it began when she grew sick on their trip, but it continued to grow from mere concern to genuine attraction, eventually settling into love as more than a year passed.

Hideyo, for her part, had remained in Japan and begun a friendship with the twins that no one expected. She'd even reconciled with Haruhi, and they now joked about their past. After confiding in Haruhi that she loved Kaoru, Haruhi had asked Hideyo how she knew it was Kaoru she loved.

"He's just so different from Hikaru," she confessed. "Hikaru has a completely different feel to him than Kaoru, and when I'm with Kaoru, I just feel like I've finally come home. He's amazing and warm and caring, and I can't help myself, Haruhi! I'm in love with the man!"

That conversation had told Haruhi the affection was real and not confused between the twins. So she silently cheered them on when Kaoru got up the courage to ask Hideyo out. It was only a matter of time, really, before they knew they were supposed to be together. They would have married sooner had it not been for Hideyo's worsening health.

She'd gotten increasingly sick a year after the kidnappings and was rushed to the hospital one day suffering wracking coughs and shortness of breath. Eventually she had to be moved back to the States where she received treatment for two more years. When she got home, it had taken her some time to readjust again, and Kaoru had been patient, waiting for her to be well once more before popping the question.

Looking at the bride and groom dancing on the floor before her, Haruhi knew it was well worth the wait. As other couples joined them, she noticed Yuzuru standing next to her. She glanced at him and gave a smile when he walked to a table nearby and stood next to the blonde woman seated there. He extended his hand in a courtly manner and asked her to dance.

They walked onto the dance floor, and the woman's ring sparkled as she put her hand on his shoulder. Haruhi loved that ring; she'd helped Yuzuru pick it out a few months ago. Now his wedding to Arianne would happen in December, and she couldn't wait. The woman who had helped her when she was imprisoned had asked Haruhi to be her matron of honor, and Yuzuru requested that Tamaki be the best man. The two who had loved each other more than 20 years now would get the chance to finally, finally be man and wife.

Listening to the music, Haruhi hummed the familiar song and looked around at the rest of those at the table. Hunny and Reiko had left their baby, a son, in the care of his brother, who had turned out to be a wonderful help with the newborn. Renge was rubbing her swollen belly as Kyouya murmured in her ear; they were expecting their first child and hoping it would be a girl. She caught sight of Hikaru, standing near his brother and sister-in-law, and looked around for his girlfriend. The woman was someone he'd met in college, and he was very pleased to be dating her. They were an adorable couple, and Haruhi knew they'd be engaged sometime soon.

The only one left of their little group who wasn't dating anyone was Mori, but he seemed quite content with the family he'd made of the host club. And with Reiko's prodding, he was constantly on a steady stream of dates with girls she introduced him to. Knowing Reiko's persistence, the gentle giant would soon find someone he could love. Haruhi prayed it would be so.

"May I have this dance?" Tamaki's voice startled her out of her musings, and she grinned at him, extending her hand to him.

They walked out to the dance floor and sank into a waltz, their favorite dance. She embraced him lovingly and pulled close when his arms tightened. Enjoying the secret she carried, she gave her still flat stomach a knowing look and sank into the dance with a lighthearted excitement to see what the years would bring.

After all, with love as their shibboleth, she and Tamaki could accomplish anything.

-The End-