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Characters: Sam, Dean, Cal, Niko, and God knows who else

Setting: Between Hunted and AHBL, two days after the end of Paint Around the Empty Space

Warnings: Possibly devastating amounts of Sam cuteness, but that might only be if you're me…


The light actually flooded the room, which was surprising. The man who'd flipped the switch wasn't sure what he'd expected, but it wasn't that. Maybe he'd thought the lights would be dim, gloomy, depressing. Or maybe he'd been sure that they wouldn't turn on at all, as broken and pointless as he himself was now.

But the lights worked as well as they ever had, and the man grimaced under their harsh brightness as he stepped over the threshold, feeling like the worst kind of trespasser—the kind that tears through a place that should be sacred, packing up memories in unadorned boxes and shattering the fragile remains of what had once been pure, human life.

In truth, that wasn't the man's motive at all. His true purpose was clear in every movement: the light steps that couldn't have alerted even the most vigilant; the hesitation before moving carefully around the pile of clothing In the middle of the floor to avoid having to relocate it; the gentle brush of fingers over the pile of books on the end table.

The man walked slowly through the apartment, touching everything once, sometimes lingering over a certain object, sometimes moving on quickly. Eventually, he ended up in the bedroom, his destination all along. Once again he repeated the process of touching everything, and then he walked over and sat down on the bed.

As if it had been his intention the whole time he reached over to the nightstand and lifted the only thing on it besides the alarm clock and the lamp. He held the picture reverently, staring, not at himself or his late wife, but at the slight, young girl between them. His fingers brushed over the face framed by long red hair, the green eyes snapping vibrantly out at him.

He did not cry; he was past crying now.

He was ready to get even.

Author's Note: Sorry, it's kind of a lame start. I know. But it's only the prologue!

Also, I know it took a little longer to get up than I said it would. Truth is, I'm still kind of feeling my way on this one, since it was entirely spur-of-the-moment and all. Hope you liked it anyways!

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