Two weeks later, the Scooby Gang sat in the library in discussion. Giles was still non-plussed at Xander's rapid recovery from the cursed Dagger of Malechior.
"Giles, what's there to say? Nothing can stop the Xanderizer. I just keep going and going."
"Or at least your mouth does." Buffy said as she playfully punched him. "Glad you're here to stay though." she added.
"Hey, easy. My war wounds are still healing," he said in a mock hurt tone. Willow was close by him. She had finally had strength to let go of Oz, and follow her heart. Her dreams had been odd of late, seeing Xander fighting a twisted version of himself, and her dressed in white. She wasn't sure what they meant, but when she told Xander about them, he just said that he already knew of them, and this just meant they supposed to be together. However, he promised to explain more to her eventually, when he was fully recovered.
"Hey, that was nothing. I mean, we've taken on the Master and the Judge, we're ready for anything." Willow said.
Giles frowned, "It's just that going over my notes, I find the whole thing odd. Someone had deliberately targeted you, Xander. And this is highly unusual for even most demons. Whoever it was, is someone we must be wary of. The weapon could not have been easy to find. It's said to have disappeared into the Sargasso Sea sometime during the Renaissance." he tapped his glasses in thought as he was apt to do when he was doing some heavy pondering.
"Gee, I feel special." Xander sarcastically said. "On another enemy list. I should feel honored."
"Xander, this is serious! How much do you remember of the attack?"
He blinked, "Not that much. Just some undead guy lunging for me with the knife." He then frowned in thought. "Wait. I think he yelled something. Um...."
"It was "Vengeance for the Master." Willow quietly said, and then asked, "But why Xander? Buffy was the one who killed him."
Buffy then added, "Yeah, but I wouldn't have..... if Xander hadn't saved me." She glanced at Xander, and then turned to Giles, "But only us and Angel know about that. How could he have known?"
"Yes, that is strange, unless. Angel's sire was that female vampire. I believe her name was Darla." Giles said thoughtfully. Buffy nodded in agreement. "And I think remember her mention in the Diaries as being close to the Master. He might have been her sire even. And if so, there is a bond between vampires and those they sire. Especially among the older, more powerful vampires. Perhaps, the Master might still feel a link with Angel, and he could have discovered Xander's rescue of you through Angel."
"But the Master is dead, isn't he? I made sure. His corpse is powder."
"Yes, he can't come back to Earth. But when vampires are staked, the demon inside returns to Hell. Sometimes. Again, he was a very powerful creature, so he may yet exist. And that could mean your life is in danger, Xander."
"Whoa, wait. No, no. I'm not running for my life just because some demon refuses to stay dead and wants to come after me? That's not happening." he shook his head vehemently.
"Giles, we'll keep an ear to the ground. But let's not go Conspiracy Theory paranoid yet, ok?" Buffy said.
"Very well then." he said, and the group got ready to head to their respective classes. Giles then said, "There is one thing. About the Dagger, " he paused, and the trio looked at him expectantly, "it is also said that no more mere mortal is able to be freed of the curse."
"Uh, first time for everything?" Xander commented hopefully.
Giles' mouth tweaked upward slightly, "Perhaps." As the students left, he then added in a quieter tone, "Perhaps not. Xander, you may be more unique then you know." He softly said to himself. "Maybe I should check the Codex again. I might have missed a prophecy." He then turned to his books.
Under the Watcher's feet, on the other side of the Hellmouth, you could almost hear the shouts of furious rage.

THE END (or is it?)

Author notes: An unusual story, yes? This sucker kind of popped into my head one night, and over a weekend, it bloomed into this. I admit the twists and turns were surprising even to me as I was writing them. Spooky, eh? There may be a sequel in this, I don't know if I'll ever have the chance to write it though. Just using this tale as a suggestion that Xander may also be a bit unusual in his own way in the Slayerettes. And the show I think has hinted at the possibility of such. Relax, no Xander=Immortal. That's been done to death. The other possibilities for this are intriguing though. I got inspired with the recent episodes of the Wish and Doppergangland, with the vamp X/W. I found the idea of an evil Xander interesting, but without wanting to go to the usual evil twin route. So, I figured to go a more psychological bent. Everyone has indeed their own inner demons to compete against. What was Xander's? Maybe part of his father's alcoholic persona that he had inherited? In later stories, I may go into this more. After all, the curse is really in submission. Xander's going to have deal with this for a long time. Maybe all of his life. But then we all have struggles that we must face everyday, don't we? Hope you enjoyed the story. Feel free to drop your comments and criticisms at my doorstep. Flames you may direct to that brick wall next to me.