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Disclaimer: Ranma ½ belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Viz Video and Winx Club belongs to Iginio Straffi and Rai S.p.A (NOT 4Kids!!)

Introduction: I've seen many a strange crossover fic with Ranma and something completely dissimilar like with Pokemon and even Hamtaro. I've also seen crosses with Sailor Moon, which is popular. Now what would happen if Ranma is crossed with something similar to the Senshi? I came up with this. This takes place after the failed wedding in Ranma ½ and during the last episode of season 3 in Winx. This is my first fanfiction.

Note: this follows the Rai version of Winx as the 4Kids version butchered it too much, like with every anime it dubs.

Chapter 1: Loss of Souls

Portal Island, Andros

The demon form of Valtor screamed in agony as his soul dueled with the soul of Bloom within himself. The faeries, Stella, Flora, Musa, Techna, and Layla, as well as the specialists, Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu, watched as Valtor was about to go critical.

"No! THIS CANNOT BE!" yelled Valtor just before his body couldn't handle the buildup and exploded into fiery sparks. A wisp of flame floated out and headed towards Bloom's unconscious body, which was cradled in Sky arms.

"… Bloom?" Sky said in anticipation.

"Bloom? Are you…?" said Stella as she came closer towards them.

The red-haired faerie of the Dragon's Flame slowly fluttered her eyes open once her soul united with her body. Sky was teary-eyed, elated to see her alive and well.

"Hey there…" said Bloom weakly. "Is he gone…?"

"Oh yeah he is gone!" said Stella. "You blew him up from the inside out! It was great! No way Valtor could survive that!"

"Then it's over… it's finally over…" said Bloom with a smile.

"You did it, Bloom. You really are one in a million." Said Sky.

Sky immediately helps Bloom back on her feet. The other faeries and specialists joined them.

"We'd better get going." Said Brandon. "Don't want to overstay our welcome here."

"Yeah, this is a pretty nasty place." Said Musa.

Unknown to them, the sparks of Valtor's remains started to slowly come together…

"I'm ashamed of myself. I let down my guard and wound up getting captured…" said Riven.

"Well, considering that this was Valtor we're talking about here, you shouldn't feel that way." Said Flora.

"What's done is done." Said Helia as he puts an arm around Flora, causing her to get flustered. "Let's get going."

They all turned to leave the cave, but then Nabu suddenly stops as he had an odd sensation, catching Layla's attention.

"Nabu? What is it?" asked Layla.

"Something's wrong…" said Nabu. "I can still feel a negative presence…"

He turned around and looked in horror as the sparks started to slowly reform into the dark wizard Valtor.

"No!" said Nabu.

This caught the attention of everyone else as they too were horrified that Valtor wasn't dead yet.

"That's… that's impossible!" denied Techna. "There's no way he could've survived that explosion!"

"Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case." Said Timmy as he whipped out his gun.

"Is he… immortal?" Flora asked fearfully.

"Not really, my dear." Said Valtor. "Just very difficult to kill, that's all."

He gives off a low laugh as he slowly approached the group, who quickly get into battle stances.

"You had me worried there for a minute, Bloom. I thought I was finished for sure. Fortunately, I left a bit of my essence hidden away on the astral plane before you could strike and therefore I was able to reform myself, as you can see. Now that I am back…. It's time for all of you to DIE!"

Immediately, Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu lunged at Valtor for a fast strike, but the wizard just sent them all flying towards the cavern walls with a wave of his hand.

"Guys!" said Bloom as she and the faeries looked off towards where the specialists were flung to.

"He's just as powerful as ever…" said Flora.

"You're going to pay for that!" said Stella angrily as she readied up a spell.

"This time we'll make sure you stay down!" said Musa as she also readied up a spell.

The others joined them to try another convergence spell to unleash on Valtor to finish him off once and for all. Unfortunately, Valtor beats them to the punch.

"Too slow, girls!" said Valtor as he swung his arm, firing off a wide dark energy arc that slammed into the Enchantix-powered faeries before they could complete their attack. He didn't let up as he launched another spell. "Grava!"

Bloom tries to get up, but finds that the gravity around her and her friends had gotten higher. Valtor had effectively paralyzed them all. She looks up in horror as Valtor walked up towards them.

"That gravity spell will only hold you for a few seconds. Unfortunately, you won't be around before it wears off." said Valtor as he starts to power up, creating a dark energy orb in his hands which continued to grow in size. "I shall destroy your bodies and rip out your souls with this last attack. Now then, Winx, DIE!"

Sky and the other specialists had come around to see Valtor about to kill off their loved ones. With what strength and defiance they had left, they quickly rushed towards them.


Valtor had charged the dark orb to the size of a small car and launched it at the helpless faeries who could do nothing but watch the end come near. Seeing that there was no time, the guys had no choice. They've been taught that at some point, a specialist will have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save another. This was that time. Saying silent prayers to themselves, they jumped in front of the girls.

"SKY! NO!"





The guys screamed in agony as they shielded the girls with their own bodies from Valtor's attack. The pain became unbearable as they tried to prevent the attack from going through. Sky grits his teeth as he and the guys took the attack.

"Bloom…. live on… and become a greater faerie…" said Sky.

Bloom and the others could only look on in horror as the bodies of their respective boyfriends started to disintegrate into light particles until only six light wisps were left. The Winx were hysterical as they screamed out after the boys had seemingly died protecting them. Valtor had sunk to his knees.

"Hmph… foolish heroes…" said Valtor. 'Damn! That last attack took too much power! I'll have to make a strategic escape.' "That is all for now. I'll come back to finish the job!"

With that, Valtor disappears just before the gravity spell on the Winx wore off.

The Winx were on their knees, tears streaming down their faces over what had happened.

"T-they… died for us…" Flora choked.

"Why did you have to be so brave, Brandon?" said Stella.

Bloom slowly looks up and sees the six light wisps that just seemed to hang there.

"Wh-what're those?"

Tecna slowly brought out her PDA and scanned them, the results shocking her.

"Girls! It's them! Those wisps are their souls!" exclaimed Tecna.

"What!?" said Musa. "You mean… they're still alive?"

"I'm not sure, but we've got to get them back to Alfea!" said Tecna.

"Then we've got to contain them fast!" said Stella. She quickly grabbed a rock and turns it into a crystal jar to catch the souls in. The girls all looked at the jar as the six wisps floated around in the enclosed space.

"We must get them to Ms. Faragonda. Hopefully she can help them!" said Layla.

With that, the girls flew out of the cavern and warped back into the Realm of Magix.

Alfea, Faragonda's office, some time later

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla stood before the desk of Ms. Faragonda, headmistress of Alfea. In the room were Faragonda, Griselda, Saladin from Red Fountain, and Griffin from Cloud Tower. The two heads of the other schools had been told of what had happened and quickly rushed over.

"I cannot believe this has happened." Said Faragonda as she looked at the jar on her desk.

"Boys…. Helia, my grandson…" said Saladin, trying his best to stay strong.

Griffin, although she didn't much care about the other two schools, couldn't help but feel sympathy. If this sort of thing ever happened to her own students, she wouldn't be able to bear it.

"Please Ms. Faragonda! Surely you know of some way to cure this!" Bloom pleaded on behalf of herself and her friends. "If their souls are here, then they must still be alive!"

Faragonda rests her head on the back of her hands in thought "Well, there is one way I can think of, but it's quite complicated."

"What do you mean, Ms. Faragonda?" asked Tecna.

"Bloom is correct. Their souls are here, so they're technically still alive, they just cannot act without a proper vessel or body." Said Faragonda. "The only option is to reincarnate them into new bodies."

"Huh?" said Stella. "But wouldn't something like that take a long time? We'll all be old by the time they get to our age!"

"Yes, I've thought of that as well, Stella." Said Faragonda. "Therefore, to get them back, we'd have to fuse their souls to bodies in the past."

Griffin, Saladin, and Griselda looked alarmed at this.

"Time spells?" asked Griffin. "That is impossible, Faragonda. Time spells are highly advanced and dangerous. They've been banned of ever being used."

"That's right. The whole Realm of Magix had put up a barrier around the whole realm and planets under its jurisdiction to prevent the use of time spells." Said Saladin. "Time spells are capable of destroying civilizations or even planets if one is not careful."

"That is true as well." Said Faragonda. "However, there is one place I know of that is NOT under the Magix Realm's territory. That is Bloom's adopted planet, Earth."

Bloom looked shocked at this. "Really? Is it possible?"

"Yes, but doing this taboo there is a bit risky." Said Faragonda. "Time spells are quite draining, they can sap out the stamina of inexperienced spellcasters. Even more so on souls." She looks at the crystal jar. "In that case, I'll probably be forced to fuse more than one soul into an unborn body."

The girls looked a little perturbed at this fact.

"Fortunately, I know a good candidate who can help me. Now then, I'll go and make the preparations for their arrival." Said Faragonda as she picked up the crystal jar containing the souls of the Specialists. "I must do this alone. Bringing more people into this will put too much of a strain on the boys' souls as well as ours."

Faragonda mutters a teleportation spell that sends her disappearing towards Earth.

"I hope she is successful…" said Flora as she clasped her hands.

The other Winx and the faculty had similar thoughts as they prayed for the best.

Tokyo, Japan present day.

Faragonda appeared on top of the Tokyo Tower.

'Now then… since I'm on Earth, I can freely travel to the past… if I remember correctly, one of Alfea's Alumni had retired to this planet after graduating. I hope she's still around in the past to help. Nodoka…'

The faerie headmistress vanishes from sight once more after reciting an incantation in a forgotten tongue.

Tokyo, Japan 17 years earlier.

Faragonda was breathing hard after travelling back in time. She was a bit surprised to feel some ripples in the space-time continuum in the air.

'Hmmm… I was right. Time travel had occurred on this planet one way or another, some even by non-magical means…'

In another part of present day Japan, Kagome Higarashi sneezed before heading towards the Bone-Eater's Well to get back to Inuyasha and his friends.

Somewhere in the USA of 1985, Dr. Emmett Brown sneezed as he was putting the finishing touches to the flux capacitor. (1)

The Alfea headmistress looked with worry at the crystal jar and became alarmed when they were losing their sheen.

'Oh no! This isn't good! I need to infuse them into the proper vessels right away or it will be too late!'

She quickly used her senses to track down her former student.


Faragonda quickly speeds off in the sky towards the home of one Nodoka Saotome…

Saotome residence, 3 months before her firstborn is to arrive.

A pregnant Nodoka Saotome sighed as she was in the house alone cooking dinner. Her husband, Genma, was currently out drinking with an old training buddy at a bar. No one would've guessed, but she was actually a faerie from a world that was long since destroyed by the Ancient Witches, before Domino, and lived most of her years on Earth before returning to Magix. After graduating from Alfea, she had retired to Earth since her home of origin was gone. Nodoka still tried to keep her magical abilities under wraps from anyone else, even her own husband, but she'd never let them get rusty.

Although pregnant, she still preferred to cook the old fashioned way rather than spell it in an instant. Food had to be made with feeling after all. This didn't apply to cleaning, though, as she waved her hand and made the dining table clean and bus itself. This was one of the rare moments where Nodoka could use her magic without any witnesses.

It was then that she got startled by a flash of light behind her.


The light died down, revealing someone the Saotome Matriarch didn't expect to see in a long time.

"Faragonda-san?" said Nodoka.

"Hello, Nodoka, it's been a long time." Said Faragonda.

"You are looking well, Faragonda-san." Said Nodoka as she motioned for her to take a seat.

"Thank you, but unfortunately, this isn't a social call, my former student." Said Faragonda. "To tell the truth, I come from the future."

Some time later, Faragonda explained the situation with Nodoka concerning the battle with Valtor and the heavy price they paid for it. This alarmed Nodoka, as she was aware of the insane power-hungry dark wizard.

"Valtor? He's let loose?" asked Nodoka in shock.

"Unfortunately, yes." Said Faragonda. "He was accidentally set free by three witches and he's been causing havoc ever since."

Nodoka looked over to the crystal jar. "And… these are the ones who were lost in that battle?"

Faragonda nodded. "Yes. I was hoping I could resurrect them through soul infusion, but there's not much time left for them."

Nodoka tilted her head in thought. She remembered the doctor telling her that her unborn child will be a boy, so…

"Faragonda-san, I'll volunteer to have my firstborn infused with the souls." Said Nodoka.

Faragonda looked up in surprise. "Are you certain of this?" asked Faragonda. She was expecting Nodoka to help her find suitable hosts, not volunteer herself!

"It's as you said, there's not much time." Said Nodoka as she pointed at the jar. "I'll gladly help in any way I can."

Faragonda smiled. It was such a selfless attitude that allowed Nodoka to gain her Enchantix powers early. "I truly thank you for this, Nodoka."

"Tell me something, Faragonda-san, what would become of a person who would have multiple souls in his body?" asked Nodoka.

"He would serve as a containment initially, but slowly, certain aspects of each soul would merge and thus he will gain some traits." Replied Faragonda. "Soon, he'd reawaken to memories of each of the souls as if they were his own. This won't happen until years from now."

Nodoka nods in understanding. "I see, so these boys will be a part of my child. It's a good thing I'm having a boy."

If she only knew what her future son will pick up later…

"Then it is agreed." Said Faragonda. She takes the crystal jar and opens the lid, causing the Specialists' souls to float out. "Boys, you're about to be reborn!"

The elder faerie closes her eyes in concentration as she uses a spell that causes the six wisps of light to gather together. Suddenly, Nodoka's pregnant belly started to glow as Faragonda tried to get their life forces synchronized. This was a strain on Faragonda as she tried to safely fuse all the souls into the unborn baby. Nodoka winced as she felt a tingling sensation in her body. The six souls seemed to cry out as Faragonda willed them to enter the Saotome Matriarch. After a minute, the souls combined into one multi-faceted orb of light and shot itself into the belly of Nodoka. The soul transfer was at last completed.

"Are you all right, Nodoka?" Faragonda asked with worry.

Nodoka nodded as sweat trailed down her forehead. "Yes, thank you, Faragonda-san."

Faragonda did a quick scan to see if the boys were okay. She smiled as she sensed the souls of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu were all in Nodoka's womb and accounted for.

"They're all there." Said Faragonda.

"So what now, Faragonda-san?" asked Nodoka.

"I shall head back to Alfea in my own time again." Said Faragonda. "In time, your son will have those souls awakened in himself."

"When that time comes, I'll bring him over to Magix." Said Nodoka. "To tell the truth, I miss it greatly. I was considering going back anyway." Her memories with Genma weren't exactly pleasant ones, especially with his training under a more than questionable martial arts master AKA the Greatest Evil in Japan.

"You'll always have a home in Alfea, my dear." Said Faragonda. "If you'd like, since you're an Alumni, you can teach there."

"I look forward to it." Said Nodoka.

Faragonda then creates another time spell to return to present Earth, then back to Magix. "In the meantime, just continue on as if nothing happened." With that said, the elder faerie vanishes.

Soon after her departure, Genma Saotome walks in abominably drunk, muttering about joining schools or something in the future. Nodoka didn't understand what he meant by that, but was annoyed at the state of her husband.

Alfea, Faragonda's office, present day.

Faragonda appeared in a flash of light in front of her desk, nearly collapsing from the trips. Griselda and Saladin quickly catch her before she fell to the floor.

"Mistress Faragonda!" said Griselda with worry. "Are you all right?"

The Winx girls looked at their principal with concern as the task might've been a bit draining for a woman of her age.

"Don't worry, I'm fine." Faragonda assured as she managed to stand on her own legs. She then looked at Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla. "Rest easy, girls. The task is done. You'll be able to see the boys again in due time, but they'll be… a little different."

The Winx girls looked a little confused at this, but they trusted their principal did what was necessary to save their boyfriends.

"I don't care how Brandon might turn out, just as long as I can see him again…" said Stella. She had remembered when she was turned into a monster from the Chimera incident and Brandon still loved her anyway.

Bloom and the others agreed with the blonde faerie. No matter what the boys reincarnated as, they won't care how he looks as long as they can see them again.

Won't they be in for a surprise…

To be continued…


Ranma: "Yo! Ranma Saotome here, of the Anything-Goes Martial Arts! My life has been nothing but hell. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with it at all. Finally, I have some peace once I've stayed a night with Mom. Hmmm? I'm having strange dreams of six girls… just who are they? Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Family Revelations.' Mom? You're a-!?"

Author's notes:

(1) Couldn't resist the references to Inuyasha and Back to the Future.

I was inspired to write this after reading Ranma fanfictions from one of my favorite authors, Animeaddiction. He is the master of crossover!

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