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Note: this follows the Rai version of Winx as the 4Kids version butchered it too much, like with every anime it dubs.

Chapter 45: Faeries and Guardians? Winx and W.I.T.C.H.!

Previously, on Ranma Club…

The cast had been sucked into a dimensional rift and transported to the world of Meridian, where they encountered the Guardians of the Veil, or W.I.T.C.H. Queen Elyon was unable to send Ranma and his friends back home to Nerima, so they had to temporarily stay in Heatherfield for a while. Meanwhile, the power-hungry Nerissa attacks the kingdom of Meridian to finish off Elyon in order to wipe out her family line and claim the Heart of Meridian for herself. She sent her near immortal Annihilators to kill the Guardians, who were helpless against them. Fortunately, the Winx and the NWC arrived to completely destroy the monstrosities using their otherworldly powers. This catches the attention of Nerissa, who now plots to take those powers for herself. The events unfold as two familiar individuals observe…

Opening (W.I.T.C.H. style, 'W.I.T.C.H. Theme')

Do you know which one of us five controls the fire?

Which one is the queen of air?

Do you know which one can do magic tricks with water?

Who's got power over earth?

So come on!

You'd better run, 'cause W.I.T.C.H. will





W.I.T.C.H.! We're on! We're strong!

Like nothing you've seen!

We can save the day! From dark! From bad!

They'll know what we mean! (They'll know what we mean!)

W.I.T.C.H.! W.I.T.C.H.! W.I.T.C.H.! W.I.T.C.H.! W.I.T.C.H.!

We can turn this world around! No doubt!

For once and for all!

W.I.T.C.H.! W.I.T.C.H.! W.I.T.C.H.! W.I.T.C.H.!


The 'Ranma Club' title slams onto the screen.

End opening

Meridian Castle…

The otherworldly visitors were currently in the main dining hall feasting on a lavish dinner spread. Ranma was definitely happy with the set-up as the fight had made him quite hungry to say the least. Also there were the Guardians, Caleb, Matt, and Caleb's father Julian. Elyon sat at the head of the elongated table.

"So you're Faeries?" asked Elyon as she looked to the Winx girls and Nodoka.

"From different worlds." Replied Layla.

"I still can't believe there's actually a school for that. I could barely take normal school." Said Will.

"Alfea is the best school for training Faeries." Said Stella with pride. "Learning everything we need to know to be a proper magic-user."

"Wow. A school that actually teaches something useful. Who knew?" said Irma.

"Oh come on, school isn't that bad." Said Taranee.

"Easy for you to say, Miss Honor Roll Student."

"Yeah, tell that to my report card…" added Will. Her arch enemy will always be math in any form.

"Wish we had something like that. We had to learn our powers from scratch…" said Hay Lin. She remembered how disastrous her first time flight was. For the life of her, she still couldn't figure out what it was she slammed into that time (1).

"And you're martial artists?" asked Elyon to the NWC.

"What's your style? Kung fu? Karate? Jujitsu?" asked Matt.

"I Chinese Amazon Wushu." Replied Shampoo.

"Okonomiyaki Style." Replied Ukyou.

"Hidden Weapons." Replied Mousse.

"Anything Goes Martial Arts." Replied Ranma. This earned them blank stares from the natives and commuters of Meridian. "It's the norm for us, okay?"

"Well, whatever works, and boy did it work." Said Matt.

"I'll say. I've never seen anything like it." Said Cornelia. "And those ghosts?"

"They're my souls. Long story." Said Ranma.

"And you're also a Faerie?" asked Taranee.

"Only half-Faerie on my mom's side." Replied Ranma as he gestured to Nodoka.

"Cool! A hybrid!" said Hay Lin. "A half-Faerie, a half-cat, and a half-fox! It's just so awesome!"

"Uh… thanks…" said Ukyou.

"I have to say, you people are extraordinary." Said Julian.

"What about those other two people who were with you? I noticed they're not here now. Are they like you?" asked Will.

"Not really. We had to leave them in Heatherfield since they wouldn't stand a chance against those things we just fought. Sasuke is a ninja, but can't really fight against them, and Kasumi is a non-combatant." Replied Ranma.

"So what's happening here in Meridian?" asked Bloom.

"Nerissa is happening in Meridian…" replied Irma.

Elyon explained to the newcomers about Nerissa and the suffering she caused in her mad quest to attain power. How she manipulated others, manipulated emotions, even treated her own allies like expendables in order to get what she wants. Elyon and the former Guardians managed to trick the witch into getting herself sealed in the Heart of Meridian since they anticipated she would backstab them like the treacherous bitch she is. Now she was freed from her prison and running wild.

"Power-hungry maniac. Sounds like a certain someone we know…" deadpanned Stella.

In some unknown place, Shadow Valtor sneezed.(2)

"We're in a constant war with her since her escape and she's been relentless." Said Will. "She almost succeeded until you people came along."

"It's what we're trained to do." Said Flora.

"That may be true, but now I'm guessing Nerissa's on to you guys and what you can do." Said Cornelia.

"Blondie's got a point. Nerissa craves power like a hyperactive toddler craves candy. You're probably on her hit list right now." Said Irma.

"Trust me, it's not the first time." Said Ranma as he thought back to his time at Nerima.

"We just have to remain vigilant." Said Musa.

Castle courtyard…

Ranma had accepted a few sparring sessions with the soldiers for a bit of practice. Among the audience were Aldarn, Drake, Valthek, Tynar, Blunk, and Raythor.


Ranma had just floored another soldier. Despite being bigger and armed with an axe, he was no match for the pigtailed boy. This marked his twentieth win.

"Braid boy really know how to fight!" said Blunk.

"No kidding. And he's doing it completely unarmed, too." Said Matt. He's seen a lot of martial arts films, and none of them could compare to what Ranma was doing now.

Ranma kept on racking up the wins. He even allowed for some soldiers to fight him in groups which didn't make much of a difference as he easily beat them all the same. Drake, Aldarn, Velthek, and Raythor also were taken care of in short order. Caleb managed to last longer against Ranma than all of them, but was also taken down. Fortunately, all who have been injured were quickly healed back up by Stella, so it wasn't a total loss.

"Oooh… Caleb lost…" moaned Cornelia.

"You're not bad. No wonder you were a rebel leader." Said Ranma as he helped Caleb to his feet.

"Thanks. I still can't believe how fast you are." Said Caleb.

"It's something literally beaten into me. Don't worry. Stella will fix you up."

"Suppose I can look forward to that." Caleb said that bit quietly so as not to be heard by Cornelia.

"Now it's my turn…" said Matt as he transformed into his Shagon form. He became taller and muscular, dressed in a black and green outfit. On his back were black feathery wings and what looked like a dragon tail from the small of his back. The most distinguishing part was on his face was a gold mask wearing a neutral expression.

"This could be interesting." Said Ranma as he took a stance.

"Game on!"

Matt rushed in with a punch, which Ranma parried. He threw more but the pigtailed boy kept parrying them all then jumped over a tail sweep. Ranma then caught both Matt's fists in his hands and engaged in a game of mercy. Despite Matt's enhanced strength as Shagon, he was unable to push Ranma back. He was caught off guard when Ranma suddenly flip-kicked him back. Rolling back onto his feet, he looked up to see Ranma rushing at him with a flying kick then quickly took to the air straight up to dodge. He hovered forty feet in the air as he looked down at Ranma.

"Ha! You can't hit me when I'm up…" Matt was taken by surprise when Ranma was suddenly in his face at eye level after doing a high jump. "… here…?"

Ranma immediately rained a barrage of punches on the transformed human before sending him back down with an axe kick. Matt crashed painfully to the ground as Ranma landed a short distance away. Matt struggled to get up, but he plopped back down before reverting.

"Matt!" Will cried out as she rushed up to her boyfriend.

"I'm okay… but can you make the courtyard stop spinning…? I'd like to get off now…" said Matt.

"Oh Matt…"

Matt was suddenly levitated towards Stella. "Don't worry, I'll patch him up."

"He really is something else." Said Elyon as she came down.

"Martial arts is something my son's been into for years." Said Nodoka.

"And it definitely shows." Said Taranee.

Ranma had agreed to help better train the soldiers in Anything-Goes. Assisting were Shampoo, Ukyou, and Mousse. Some have gotten the hang of it while others not so much. Among the ones adcancing were Caleb and Matt. Ranma felt a sense of pride that there are now students learning the Anything-Goes style. Something Soun and Genma could never do. Genma was just too lazy to train students while Soun was too emotional to train students. It is no wonder those two wanted to join the schools, just so they could live off of Ranma's hard work.

Eventually they along with the Guardians had to return back to Heatherfield. The Guardians were a bit envious of the newcomers. They didn't have to worry about curfew, keeping secrets from family, or school as that always interfered with their Guardian duties.

Meridian Castle throne room next day…

Elyon sat on her throne looking bored out of her mind as she was once again subjected to the royal duties of hearing out trivial land disputes from citizens. Nearby, Caleb and Blunk stood trying hard to not yawn at the constant talking of a Meridian who kept going on and on about political jargon. The former rebel leader would much rather spend time training under Ranma than stand here listening to this boring talk. This was one of the things Elyon hated about being a ruler and wondered how her birthparents did this. Political science was never her strong point.

"Yes yes, I'll give your concerns some thought." Said Elyon.

"Thank you, Your Highness." Said the Meridian before leaving.

"Man, I thought that guy would never stop talking…" said Caleb.

"You and me both." Said Elyon. "How can they think about sewage planning while Nerissa is out there?"

"Probably their way to keep their minds off of her."

"Understandable. Wish I had that luxury…"

An old Meridian woman walks into the throne room. She was quite short with her grey hair tied up in a bun and wearing a drab-looking dress. "Excuse me, Your Highness?"

Elyon, Caleb, and Blunk turned towards the old woman. "Yes? What can I do for you?"

"You look a little stressed, Your Highness. I can understand that the attack from yesterday may have shaken you, so I wanted to present a gift to ease your tension. It's also a token of our gratitude for your just rule and we continue it will remain that way for years to come." The old woman takes out a small glowing crystal box.

"Ooooh… pretty box…" said Blunk as his scavenging instincts kicked in.

"What is it?" asked Elyon as she marveled at the box.

"It's a magical enhancer. Having this box in your possession will increase the strength of your powers. The kingdom will be better protected from future threats this way."

"Really? That does sound useful and something we sorely need."

"It's something Meridian needs, and I can't think of anyone better to give this to."

The old woman walked forth to give the box to Elyon when the doors opened to reveal Ranma, Bloom, and Tecna entering.

"Oh hi, Elyon. Sorry for barging in like this…" Bloom started when she stopped and noticed something wrong.

"Bloom? What is it?" asked Ranma as he and Tecna looked at the redhead.

Bloom said nothing as she looked at the old woman from behind. Her aura sight kicked in to show the old woman's aura-self hovering above. However, the aura-self looked nothing like its host. Rather, it took the form of a malevolent-looking younger woman with an evil glint in her eyes. Bloom immediately knew the old woman was trouble.

"Guys… that's no ordinary old lady…" whispered Bloom to Ranma and Tecna.

Tecna looked at the crystal box in the old woman's hands and quickly took out her PDA to scan it. Her eyes widened when she found out what it was. She quickly whispered to Ranma. "It's a mana bomb!"

Ranma quickly rushed forward and kicked the crystal box out of the old woman's hands into the air with a ki-powered kick, the force causing it to break a hole into the ceiling.

"Ranma? What are you-" Elyon started before she was cut off by a loud noise and a slight rumbling of the castle. She and everyone looked up through the hole to see the crystal box high in the sky exploding in a huge energy shockwave.

"Damn, that was too close…" said Ranma.

"What was that! ?" said Elyon in shock.

The Guardians and Matt in Shagon mode immediately flew in after hearing the explosion.

"What's going on! ?" asked Will.

"Elyon! That was a mana bomb!" said Tecna. "It absorbs magic and uses its stored power to trigger an explosion!"

The ki from Ranma's kick was enough to set off the mana bomb's detonation sequence.

"And she's no ordinary old woman!" said Bloom.

Everyone glared at the old woman and immediately got into defensive stances. They knew exactly who it was.

"Nerissa!" shouted Cornelia.

The old woman dropped her glamour and reverted to Nerissa. She was dressed similarly to the Guardians with ankle-length raven hair and a gnarled staff in her hand. "How unfortunate. I never thought I'd be found out so quickly. All because of that girl…" she shoots a glare at Bloom.

"How dare you show your face here again, you hag!" shouted Elyon.

"You've got serious nerve, lady…" said Matt as he and the Guardians powered up.

"I WILL take back the power that is rightfully mine!" said Nerissa as she suddenly lets off a flash of lightning, blowing back the Guardians, Caleb, Matt, Elyon, and Blunk, taking them by surprise. Ranma, Bloom, and Tecna, since they were further away, managed to stand their ground but had to shield their eyes momentarily. Once Bloom's vision cleared, she saw Nerissa charging towards her. "I'll enjoy extracting your power from you!"

Before Nerissa could touch Bloom, the witch was suddenly punched in the face from the side by Platinum Sky's fist before quickly fusing back into Ranma. Nerissa was slammed into the wall, cracking it considerably. She drew blood from her mouth due to the punch and glared at Ranma who met it with one of his own.

"How dare you hit me, you insect!" said Nerissa. Ranma was disgusted as the tone reminded him of Kuno's rants.

"Don't you touch her, you wrinkle bitch…" said Ranma coldly.


"Hmph. Didn't know you were senile and deaf, too. Now do us a favor and shut the hell up."

"YOU SHALL PAY FOR YOUR INSO-" Nerissa was cut off of her tirade when a shot rang out near her head.

Ranma held up Timmy's gun, aiming it at Nerissa.

"I. Said. Shut. The. Hell. Up. Or the next shot, I won't aim to MISS."

Nerissa gritted her teeth. She had made a grave miscalculation by underestimating the otherworldly visitors. She saw that the Guardians recovered and were advancing towards her. Seeing that she was in a bind, she makes a hasty retreat by opening a fold and disappearing into it.

"HOLD IT!" shouted Irma as she let loose a torrent of water where Nerissa once stood but was too late as the fold vanished.

"Whoa!" shouted Ranma, Bloom, and Tecna as they all got splashed by the water backlash.

"Irma stop!" said Taranee.

"Whoops… sorry." Said Irma as she halted her water attack.

"Nice going, Irma. You just drenched-" Cornelia started then trailed off as she saw the three dripping wet girls.

Wait… three girls?

Stella, Flora, Musa, and Layla quickly enter along with Shampoo, Ukyou, Mousse, and Nodoka.

"Hey! What happened… here?" said Stella as she and the others saw the scene before them. They saw that the inhabitants of Heatherfield and Meridian were shocked. Before them was a wet Bloom and Tecna, but also there was a wet Ranma-chan.

"Huh? Who are you? What happened to Ranma?" asked Hay Lin.

"Well, it was bound to happen soon, Ranma." Said Musa.

This caught everyone but Ranma's group by surprise.

"Ranma! ?"

"Braid girl is braid boy?" asked Blunk.

Ranma-chan sighed. "Yes… I'm Ranma. Sorry about this."


It took a while for Ranma-chan to explain about her Jusenkyo curse. Shampoo, Ukyou, and Mousse also had to reveal their own curses as well. The Guardians and their friends were shocked to see shapeshifting being triggered by mere water. Hay Lin couldn't help but squee at how cute Shampoo, Ukyou, and Mousse looked in their animal forms.

"I've never seen a curse like that before." Said Taranee. "And your own father made the both of you SWIM to China from Japan! ?"

"He made the excuse that it was for training, but he's just too cheap to buy plane tickets…" muttered Ranma-chan.

"And he went to a place with the word 'cursed' in it, and without even knowing anything about Chinese?"

"He's just an idiot."

"My husband is beyond stupid." Said Nodoka. "I'm not even sure why I married him. Still, Ranma was the only thing good that came out of it."

"I've had quite a hellish life living with Pop. I'm just glad Mom found me again." He turned to Caleb. "You're lucky. Your mother may be an evil witch, but at least you didn't grow up under her."

Caleb had to agree with that. He was raised by his father Julian. It came as a shock to him when he found out Nerissa is his mother. The son of Meridian's greatest threat. It filled him with shame and he thought it would have been better if he didn't know that fact. Caleb had to admit Ranma-chan was right, he was lucky. What Ranma went through under his father and his stay in Nerima, it made his time leading the rebellion against Phobos look like a walk in the park.

"So that woman was Nerissa?" asked Tecna.

"The same." Replied Elyon. "I have to thank you all again. If you hadn't come in at that moment and found out what that crystal really was, the castle would have been destroyed."

"I admit, it was pretty close." Said Bloom.

"We'd better be more careful than before…" said Flora.

The next few days, Meridian had been under attack by Nerissa's forces, but would get repelled by W.I.T.C.H. with help from the Winx and the NWC. The soldiers were also able to hold their own against the monsters thanks to their training sessions with the NWC. Unknown to them, Nerissa had been using the skirmishes to do a bit of Earth reconnaissance. She had found out that these newcomers had been staying in Heatherfield. Along with that, she had also discovered where they temporarily stayed at. Nerissa grinned when she saw two people who stayed with them. She doesn't remember ever seeing them come to Meridian with the others yet they know about it. That could only mean one thing. A devious idea formed in the witch's head.

"A rather simple and primitive tactic, but it just might be the thing I need."

Nerissa knew that direct confrontation wouldn't work. Like a typical bully, she'd only pick fights with those weaker than herself and if she's guaranteed she'd win. She needed a weak spot to exploit.

Heatherfield Hotel…

Kasumi and Sasuke just left their hotel room to head down to the lobby. Minutes before, their family and friends left for Meridian to assist in fighting against Nerissa. Being the only two non-combatants (well Sasuke wasn't up to the NWC's level), they had to stay put.

"Is something wrong, Mistress Kasumi?" asked Sasuke.

"I just can't help but worry about the others." Replied Kasumi. "It could be my maternal instinct. They constantly put their lives on the line."

"There's nothing to worry about. They have faced worse."

"I suppose you're right. Still, I can't help but worry."

"It's only natural. Once this is over, we'll all be back home."

"I don't think so…" said a new voice.

Kasumi and Sasuke whipped around after hearing the third voice. They were certain the hotel hall was empty.

"Who's there?" asked Kasumi.

"Mistress Kasumi, get behind me!" said Sasuke as he got in front of the eldest Tendo girl.

Before their shocked eyes, a dark mist formed and dissipated to reveal Nerissa smiling evilly.

"W-who are you?" asked Kasumi fearfully.

"That's not important. What is is that I've got a use for you two." Said Nerissa.

"Get back!" shouted Sasuke as he thrust out his hand, firing off his hidden strings.

Nerissa simply waved her hand, causing the strings to freeze in mid-air before firing them back at Sasuke, tangling him up.

"Hmph. Pathetic." Said Nerissa. Before the two could react, Nerissa zaps the both of them with Quintessence lightning, rendering them unconscious. "You two should feel honored. You're about to help me gain extraordinary power. Ha ha ha ha ha…"

The witch tele-transports herself and her two prisoners away.


W.I.T.C.H. and the Winx were hovering about at the front of the kingdom's town area while Caleb, Matt, and the NWC were on the ground. On Matt's shoulders were Mr. Huggles and Napolean, whom he borrowed from Cornelia's sister, Lillian, on the excuse he offered to walk him. The Nerima residents didn't seem at all surprised to see the talking cat since they've seen Luna and Artemis before back in Juban. Some time before, Napolean tried flirting with Neko-Shampoo, which earned him a scratch down the face. He thought she was quite feisty.

It seemed a little too quiet for their tastes, and they didn't like it.

Flora suddenly had a pain in her head, which caught the attention of her friends.

"Flora? What's wrong?" asked Layla.

"I'm not sure… I feel as if something has happened…" replied Flora.

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…"

Everyone looked about at the sound of the sinister laughing. Suddenly, the sky darkened and before them formed a huge viewing portal of Nerissa.

"It's her!" said Napolean.

"Nerissa!" said Will.

"Just what are you planning now! ?" demanded Hay Lin.

"I've no business with you for now, feeble Guardians. My purpose for this meeting is with your new friends there." Nerissa's image looked towards the NWC and the Winx.

"What you want, crazy hag?" said Shampoo.

"Ignoring that little insult, I come with an offer you can't refuse."

"I highly doubt that. We're not interested!" said Stella defiantly.

"I couldn't care less about what you have to offer, so you can just take it and shove it up your-" Ranma started.

"Are you sure about that?" Nerissa cut him off. The viewing portal zoomed out, and to the Winx's and NWC's horror, they saw Kasumi and Sasuke unconscious and contained in an energy sphere.

"KASUMI! SASUKE!" shouted Flora.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO THEM! ?" Musa demanded.

"I simply invited them over to Meridian, that's all. They just needed to get out more." Nerissa answered mockingly.

"Let them go! They've nothing to do with this!" said Ukyou.

"Oh, but they do. Simply for knowing you. I'm offering you their lives. I just want a little something in return, that's all." Said Nerissa snidely.

"And what's that?" asked Mousse.

Nerissa's image points to Bloom. "You, the one called Bloom. I want you to come to Mount Thanos at the outskirts of the city. Come alone, or you will never see your friends alive again."

"You… you rotten coward…" said Cornelia.

"What do you want with me anyway?" asked Bloom.

"That isn't important. Now come unless you don't care about what happens to these two."

"You better not hurt them…" said Bloom darkly.

"You're in no position to make demands of me, little girl. You'd better make your decision fast. I can't guarantee how long these two people will hold on. Ha ha ha ha ha…"

The viewing portal vanished.

"That BITCH!" shouted Ranma.

"So she's resorted to randsom. How typical of her." Said Taranee.

"Now what do we do?" asked Matt.

"There's no other choice… I have to go." Said Bloom.

Everyone turned to Bloom in shock.

"Bloom? No you can't!" said Hay Lin.

"No kidding! Nerissa doesn't exactly have a good track record of keeping promises!" added Irma.

"She's right. There's no way that witch will honor her part of the bargain. You'll just be walking into a trap!" said Will.

"But if I don't do something, Kasumi and Sasuke will be done for." Said Bloom. "I can't risk taking any of you with me. She'll most likely kill them if I do."

"No, you won't be alone, Bloom…" said Tecna.

Mount Thanos…

After getting directions, Bloom flies over to Mount Thanos where Nerissa was hiding with her two prisoners. She finds a cave opening at the side and enters. The caverns were dark and cold, but it meant nothing to Bloom despite her manner of dress at the moment. After a few minutes of wandering, she came across a shaded figure.

"So you came."

Bloom glared at the figure revealed to be Nerissa. "Where are Kasumi and Sasuke?"

"Right here." Nerissa waved a hand to reveal the energy sphere containing Kasumi and Sasuke.

"Let them go now!"

"Power down."

"I came alone, so you need to release them now!"

"Power down now or I will kill them right this moment." Nerissa points her hand at the sphere, causing it to intensify.

Bloom gritted her teeth. She had no choice but to revert as she couldn't risk their lives. "Fine…" Bloom powered down to her normal mode.

Nerissa smirked as she levitated down to Bloom. "Good girl. Time to go to sleep." The corrupted former Guardian held out a hand and shocked Bloom with some Quintessence lightning, making the redheaded Faerie fall unconscious. "Your power shall become mine. Ha ha ha ha ha…"

Nerissa teleported the unconscious Bloom and her two prisoners away. Unknown to the power-hungry witch, she failed to realize that Bloom had one of Tecna's tracker bugs in her pocket. Everyone saw and heard everything.

Meridian outskirts…

Everyone was gathered around Tecna as she had played the surveillance portal in front of her. They were not happy with what they had witnessed.

"I knew it! I should have known we couldn't trust that two-faced hag!" said Will.

"It's a lucky thing I gave Bloom that tracker bug just in case this happened." Said Tecna.

"She's so brave to risk herself like that." Said Hay Lin.

"So now what do we do?" asked Cornelia.

"It's simple. We follow where she went to." Replied Musa.

"I'll pull up the map of the area to see where the tracker disappeared to." Said Tecna. She forms a map of Meridian where the tracker bug's signal blipped on a certain part of the map. "What's this area here?"

Caleb took a closer look. "That's… Megenzjan Falls…"

"Then let's move." Said Nodoka. "We have to hurry."

The group stood up and prepared themselves.

Ranma's eyes narrowed. 'Sasuke, Kasumi, Bloom… hang on… we're coming for you!'

Megenzjan Falls…

In a hidden cave behind the falls, Nerissa stood before Bloom, who was lying unconscious on a stone altar. Behind them was the energy sphere with Kasumi and Sasuke. Nerissa began chanting a spell before Bloom's body, causing it to glow ominously.

"Yes… yes… I've almost got it!" said Nerissa as a flame began to rise out from Bloom's chest and hovered in place. "The power to rival the Hearts…" She held out her hand and absorbed a bit of the flame and decided to do a test drive with it. In her other hand, she formed a huge ball of fire almost effortlessly, then threw it at a nearby rock, destroying it. Next, she turned another rock into a golem that was also on fire before making it vanish. Finally, she levitated a huge rock into the air and sliced it in half with a blade of air. "Yes… I'm gaining my power again… I must have more!"

She was about to go and absorb the rest of Bloom's Dragon's Flame, when suddenly, the wall bursts open, revealing the NWC, the Winx, and their Meridian allies.

"Hold it right there, Nerissa!" shouted Will.

"How did you find me! ?" Nerissa said in shock. "It doesn't matter! You're all too late! I've acquired the power to destroy you all!"

She fired a huge bolt of lightning at the group, causing them to scatter to avoid getting struck. Suddenly, a huge amount of monsters composed of water, fire, earth, air, and lightning appeared to fight the group. The Guardians fought back with their own elemental powers. Will electrocuted the water monsters. Irma doused out the fire monsters with water torrents. Taranee burned the air monsters with oxygen-eating flame. Cornelia shorted out the lightning monsters by crushing them with boulders. Hay Lin scattered the earth monsters with strong gusts of air.

Caleb fought back with his sword against the elemental monsters, but unfortunately it broke after taking down his third kill. An earth monster was about to come down on him, but was quickly dispatched by Ranma armed with Riven's scimitar.

"Better use this! Just remember it's on loan!" said Ranma as he tossed Caleb Brandon's double-ended sword before dashing off to fight others.

"Whoa…" said Caleb as it activated. A lightning monster came behind him, and he quickly turned and slashed it on reflex. He was surprised when it fell over dead and looked as the borrowed weapon. "Man, if only we had weapons like these during the rebellion…"

Matt took on his Shagon form and flew about firing green energy beams from his eyes to destroy any monsters coming his way. Mr. Huggles and Napolean took on their beastman forms to manhandle the opposition. Every now and then, they'd throw a monster into its opposing element to destroy them. They worked quite well with Were Ukyou and Were-Shampoo who proceeded to slash apart the elemental monsters with their ki-powered claws. Mousse came down upon the monsters with his Hawk Talons attack before lashing out with a sword in one hand and a spear in the other. Nodoka flew about with her magic-enhanced katana and sliced through a line of monsters at the torsos, causing them to fall in twos.

Layla trapped some monsters in a sphere of Morphix and bowled it over more, crushing them before finally crushing the ones inside. Musa backed her up by forcing another group back with a sonic wave then threw in explosive music notes, blowing them apart. Flora summoned a thorny vine and used it as a make-shift whip, lashing at her enemies with deep gashes. She then split it into nine thorny vines to spread out her attack range.

While the fighting was going on, Nerissa turned her attention back to Bloom to absorb her powers. Before she could absorb more, she saw Ranma charging towards her. Having fought through the crowd of monsters, Ranma had made a beeline towards her.

"Fool! You're right in my sights!" Nerissa shot a bolt of lightning through Ranma's head, but was surprised to see him vanish. "Wha-" Next thing she knew, she was sent flying back after Ranma sent a straight punch into her gut. He doesn't stop and pursued.

Stella quickly transported Bloom away once Ranma had gotten Nerissa away from her. Likewise, Tecna appeared to dispel the containment sphere that trapped Kasumi and Sasuke. They teleported them out of the battlefield back at the front of Meridian Castle to check on them before returning to help the others.

"Bloom? Bloom? You all right?" said Stella as she tried to arouse her friend.

Tecna checked the conditions of Kasumi and Sasuke, which she was relieved to discover they were still breathing. She did a medi-scan on them to heal their injuries. "Thank goodness, they'll be all right."

Bloom's eyes fluttered open once Stella finished her healing light spell.

"Bloom! You're awake!" said Stella as she hugged her friend.

"Ow ow! Stella! Not so hard!" said Bloom.

"Oh, sorry…"

"Are Kasumi and Sasuke all right?"

"Don't worry. They're just fine." Said Tecna. "What about you? Can you still transform?"

"I will soon enough. Thanks for the tracker bug. It really helped a lot." Bloom took out said tracker bug, which flew back to Tecna and go reabsorbed into her.

"It certainly paid off."

"We've no time to lose! We've got to help everyone!" said Stella.

Kasumi and Sasuke finally came to.

"Oh my… what happened?" said Kasumi as she and Sasuke rubbed their throbbing heads.

"Where are we?" asked Sasuke noticing their new surroundings.

"Long story short, you got ambushed by an evil witch, held hostage, now we got you out and took you to Meridian Castle." Replied Stella in a hurried voice. "You two will be safe here."

"And the others?" asked Kasumi.

"They're fighting the enemy as we speak." Replied Tecna.

"Bloom!" said Stella.


Bloom transformed into her Enchantix mode. She remembered when the Trix supposedly extracted the Dragon's Flame from her body all those years ago. Being the sole Keeper of the Dragon's Flame, it couldn't be forcefully taken from her. As Daphne had told her at Lake Rochaluce, no one in the universe can ever steal away her past, her dreams, or her powers, for they are hers to keep forever. Bloom looked inside herself and recovered the power within.

What Nerissa did to her was déjà vu. Now, it was payback time.

"Let's go." Said Bloom.

"We're with you, Bloom!" said Stella.

"Good luck, all of you." Said Kasumi. "And thank you for rescuing us."

"You can do it, mistresses!" said Sasuke.

"We'll be back before you know it!" said Tecna.

The three Faeries vanished to return to the battle zone at Megenzjan Falls.

At the fight, Nerissa fired a dark sphere at Ranma, who quickly cleaved it in two with Brandon's broadsword. She followed up with a ball of concentrated lightning, but Ranma bats it back at her with Nabu's staff, forcing her to dodge. She began to get angry at the upstart she was up against.

"Why don't you just die! ?" shouted Nerissa as she threw more spells at the pigtailed boy.

"Because I don't wanna, you wrinkle bitch!" retorted Ranma as he countered a lightning bolt with a Moko Takabisha.

"I will KILL YOU!" Nerissa raged at the insult.

"Not likely!"

Nerissa flew up and formed more elemental monsters to drop on Ranma en masse. She smirked seeing him get smothered, but was suddenly hit with a beam of flame by a recovered Bloom.

"You! I absorbed your powers!" said Nerissa.

"My powers are my own, not yours, you rotten thief!" said Bloom.


Nerissa then got shot by a beam of light followed by a stream of green numbers, making her grunt in pain.

"Please! You're nothing more than a greedy spoiled brat!" said Stella.

"YOU ALL SHALL PAY FOR THIS INSULT!" Nerissa let loose a huge lightning dragon that shot out and flew about rampant, shocking anything it passed or ran into. The Winx Faeries were forced back as they blocked errant lightning from the dragon with shield spells. The Guardians and their allies were also forced to duck and dodge the strikes as the dragon and its attacks fried some of Nerissa's own creations.

Underneath her, the mound of elemental monsters that buried Ranma suddenly burst outward as Faerie-Ranma-chan emerged to uppercut Nerissa, stopping her wide-range attack-all lightning dragon, which then dissipated due to her loss of concentration. She had gotten drenched by the water monsters and turned to her Faerie mode to blast them all away. Bloom, Stella, and Tecna became preoccupied with fighting some elemental monsters that tried to blinside them.

Nerissa was surprised at the newcomer. "Who are you! ?"

"That doesn't matter. What does matter is me kicking your arrogant witchy ass!" Ranma-chan kicked upward at Nerissa's chin with a light-powered foot, then nailed her in the face with a stream of water.

"I WILL-!"

Nerissa was cut off as she was punched in the face by Onyx Riven, breaking her nose.

"Save it for someone who cares!" said Ranma-chan. She fired a horizontal tornado at Nerissa, engulfing the both of them. Ranma-chan then shot herself through the tornado, nailing Nerissa in the gut with a flaming fist.

The pigtailed girl had been running on a full head of steam because of Nerissa's actions. She made the mistake of kidnapping Kasumi and Sasuke for her sick blackmail. Ranma-chan especially wouldn't tolerate involving non-combatants in a fight. Then Nerissa made the mistake of trying to steal Bloom's powers then dispose of her later. Not on Ranma-chan's watch. The witch also made the mistake of not honoring her part of the bargain, which had ALWAYS been a pet peeve of Ranma due to his Nerima life. Worse, she had a tone similar to the insane kendoist due to her arrogance and tendency to look down on others. Ranma-chan was going to make sure Nerissa paid for these mistakes. No one pulls any of that and gets away with it.

After Ranma-chan gut punched Nerissa, Diamond Brandon came out and axe-kicked the corrupted Guardian back down. He is replaced by Gold Helia who spun Ranma-chan around and threw her down towards Nerissa where she stomped her back, making the witch cry out in pain.

Once Nerissa was down, all the elemental monsters vanished. Everybody cheered at their victory.

"We did it! We've won!" said Hay Lin.

"Nerissa's been pwned!" said Irma.

"Where'd you learn that?" asked Cornelia.

"Hey, get with the times."

"It's a shame I'm going to have to give up this weapon." Said Caleb. The double-ended sword had proven to be quite an effective weapon.

Ranma-chan reverted back to her male form as he stepped off of Nerissa's body. Bloom approached him. "You okay?"

"I am, but I should be asking you that." Said Ranma.

"She hurt me with that absorption, but nothing a good rest can't handle."

"Well it's over now." Said Will.

"Yes. It's time that we-AAAAAAAAAH!"


Bloom was suddenly grabbed from behind by her neck and wrist by Nerissa then shot up hovering a distance in the air. She then held Bloom in a headlock with one arm while pointing her staff at her face as energy began to collect in it.

"Your power… will be… MINE!" said Nerissa.

"Let her go!" shouted Ranma.

"Silence, you lowly worm! You are all nothing but dirt to me and once I kill this wench and absorb her power, I'll kill you all and nothing will stand in my-!"

"I said, LET! HER! GO!" Ranma's body unleashed a black aura around him as his eyes became slitted. This was the last straw for him and he was beyond angry.

Before Nerissa realized it, Platinum Sky emerged from Ranma and fired a small but VERY FAST Moko Takabisha right at her face. She reeled back in pain, clutching her face, giving Bloom the opportunity to escape her grasp. Once her vision cleared, she saw an enraged Ranma jump up towards her. Nerissa countered with a huge bolt of lightning from her staff.


Ranma doesn't waver as Platinum Sky's hands curled and then proceeded to scratch apart the lightning bolt.

"NO! IMPOSSIBLE!" Nerissa couldn't believe that her Quintessence lightning got destroyed by bare hands.

Ranma was suddenly holding her from behind while Platinum Sky unloaded a Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken attack upon her, making Nerissa cough up blood. The soul fused back into Ranma, whose aura took on an odd shape around his body, especially around his hands where the aura around them looked like cat claws. He grabs Nerissa's wings together in one hand, and with his other hand slashed them off at the base. Nerissa cried out in pain as her wings were literally clipped and she plummeted to the ground. She looked up to see Ranma land a distance from her and held her staff out.


Nerissa screamed in agony when Ranma was suddenly in front of her before she could even blink and slashed her staff along with her arm to ribbons with his cat claw aura. She clutched the bloody stump that used to be her arm then attempted to fire another spell, but her outstretched arm had also gotten hacked off, making her scream even more. Ranma then spun around with a kick from his cat claw aura that chopped off Nerissa's legs causing her to fall helplessly to the ground as a limbless torso.

Ranma was like a wild animal but of a conscious mind, and the brutality he displayed shocked everyone.

"What's… happening to him?" asked Matt.

"It's impossible…" said Were-Ukyou.

"He… use Neko-Ken on conscious level…" said Were-Shampoo.

The Winx, having tended to Bloom, were also shocked. They recalled how they helped purged the Neko-Ken out of him back at Alfea (3). His ailurophobia was gone, but now Ranma somehow unleashed the Neko-Ken upon Nerissa on a savage level.

The enraged Ranma wasn't quite done yet. Nerissa looked up as best she could to glare at the pigtailed boy.


Ranma suddenly grabbed and hoisted her up by the throat, making her gasp. He saw her trying to cast another spell, but he halted her efforts by pulling back a hand and taking a swipe at her mouth. Nerissa started to cough out blood after Ranma sliced her tongue out, falling into the stream. Everyone struggled to hold down their lunches at the display.

"What's the matter, wrinkle bitch? Cat got your tongue?" Ranma asked coldly.

At that moment, Nerissa knew true fear. She was held at the mercy of this upstart, completely powerless, a feeling completely foreign to her. It was usually her who instilled fear into others and flaunting her powers to take over worlds. Now, karma had bitten back. She was about to gain the ultimate power, about to bend the universe to her will, and now her dreams of grandeur got brutally torn away from her by the martial arts half-Faerie.

"You made the mistake of kidnapping and torturing my friends. You made the mistake of not honoring your deal. You made the mistake of trying to kill those I care about. More importantly, you made the mistake of pissing me off. You're nothing but a damn bully."

With his free hand formed into cat claws, he reared back to kill the witch once and for all. Suddenly, he stopped when he was hugged from behind by Bloom.

"Ranma, stop!"

"B… Bloom…?"

"It's okay, Ranma… I'm fine now. You don't have to keep going… Just please calm down… please…"

Ranma slowly began to calm down as the dark aura dissipated. His slit eyes returned back to normal. Nerissa fell from his now relaxed grasp. He looked down at his bloodied hands.

"I… I… I don't know what came over me… I was just so enraged when she tried to… I couldn't control myself…" said Ranma.

The rest of the Faeries along with Were-Shampoo and Were-Ukyou gathered around him for support. They assure him that he's not a monster. He acted to save someone he cares about and to make sure the perpetrator never does it to anyone else. Nodoka came up and hugged her son.

W.I.T.C.H., Caleb, Matt, Mr. Huggles, and Napolean gathered around the now crippled torso of Nerissa.

"Oh man, I think I'm going to be sick…" said Taranee. "It's hard to believe she's still even alive after all that."

"I still can't believe it… Nerissa, one of the most powerful enemies we've fought, is now defeated and helpless." Said Will in disbelief.

"She really should've quit while she was still ahead." Said Irma. "And while she had arms and legs, and a tongue…"

"Well I can't say she didn't get what she deserved." Said Cornelia.

"So now what do we do with her?" asked Hay Lin.

"Nothing we can do, except take her to prison." Said Will.

Caleb was silent as he stared at his estranged mother. He had no sympathy towards her. She had tried to enslave or kill everyone he cares about, even tried to enslave him and his father over to her side. He no longer cared what fate would befall her.

Ranma had thought about killing Nerissa, to put her out of THEIR miseries, but that would have been too kind. In the end, Ranma decided she just wasn't worth the effort anymore. Let her live true hell.

Meridian Castle…

The crippled Nerissa had been brought to face her trial for all her crimes against not only Meridian, but all other worlds she had tried to conquer. The former Guardians, Cassidy, Halinor, Kadma, Yan Lin, and Mira, were present at the hearing. They were initially shocked at Nerissa's current state, then brushed it off as it being her own fault it happened to her. Elyon was a bit disappointed she was not present to dish out her own retribution to the treacherous former Guardian as she was still angry at her for deceiving her about her birth parents and for sealing her in the Heart of Meridian, but she doubts whatever physical pain she could inflict on her now would be a moot point. It would have been too easy to just have Nerissa executed. Instead, she had Nerissa condemned to life in the dungeons. Having her live out the rest of her life as a vegetable with be the ultimate punishment. Nerissa was scoffed and spat at by the other inmates of the dungeons when she was brought in as they were also angry at her for her using them and leaving them out to dry against the Guardians. Being a self-serving witch tends to make one very unpopular especially with the ones who were backstabbed. Locked away, she's no longer a threat to anyone, not even to insects.

After Nerissa had finally been put away, the kingdom had a celebration of her ultimate defeat. Never again will she terrorize Meridian, Candracar, Earth, or anywhere else. Much partying and dancing occurred as the worlds have been liberated. Ranma and Mousse got a chance to dance with the Guardians while Caleb and Matt got a chance to dance with the Winx as well as Shampoo and Ukyou. Kasumi blushed at being asked to dance by several guys. Napolean once again tried to flirt with Shampoo, which was met with the same results as last time.

"Oooh… she's feisty…" said Napolean.

"You know, I can't help but feel like his voice sounds familiar…" said Ranma.

Somewhere in Manhattan…


"Ghesundheit, Hudson."

"Thank ye, lad."

Heatherfield park, next day…

Ranma's group stood before W.I.T.C.H. and their friends.

"You've done so much for us." Said Will.

"We just wanted to help out." Said Flora.

"More than just that, you liberated worlds!" said Hay Lin. "Not many people can claim to do that!"

The Winx girls giggled. Actually, they have done that before back in Magix.

"You're all so powerful, and stylish, too, I might add." Said Cornelia.

Stella beamed with pride. "You got a good eye, girl!"

Hay Lin began getting thoughts about fashion designs based on the Winx.

"What now? Will you all head back?" asked Taranee.

"Yeah. Once we check out from the hotel, it's back to Nerima." Replied Layla.

"You sure you don't want me to just port you back?" asked Elyon. Since Nerissa's defeat, Elyon was able to open folds anywhere on the Earth again.

"It's fine. We can do it now." Replied Nodoka. "I can open portals as well."

"As you wish. Again, thank you all for what you've done."

"Hey, should you ever find yourselves in Magix, drop us a line!" said Musa.

"It's been fun, guys!" said Matt as he held Will close.

"We won't ever forget your deeds." Said Caleb while holding Cornelia.

Ranma smiled and held out his hand with the victory sign. His souls pop out copying his action.


Unknown place…

"Well, they did it."

"I knew it was a good idea to send them there."

"Putting a fold in the house was child's play."

"Now that the threat is dealt with, they can go back and let fate take its course."

"I felt a bit guilty keeping them all contained like that."

"Same here, but it was necessary or Nerissa would've ruled the universe."

"Well then, shall we check up on our Chosen Five, Red?"

"Just what I was thinking, Blue."

Ranma Red and Ranma Blue disappeared between the dimensions.(4)

To be continued…


As the credits roll, it cuts to the Meridian Dungeons. Nerissa's cell was isolated from the other cells. The once powerful ex-Guardian of Quintessence was nothing more than a mute and limbless torso leaning against the wall. She couldn't talk. She couldn't even move. It was humiliating. Nerissa held great hate against the Guardians, the Winx, Meridian, and most importantly, Ranma. She mentally cursed his name for the state he left her in.

Suddenly, a shadow creeped up near her paralyzed form. She saw it as it got closer and took a semi-shape of a man.

'So, you made the mistake of trying to take on forces you had no idea about.' The shadow mentally spoke into Nerissa's mind, shocking her. 'Yes, I'm unaware you're not able to talk, so I'm communicating with you using my mind. I'm sure you can do that at least.'

'Who are you! ?'

'That's not important. You're quite power-hungry, aren't you? You tried to take a power you didn't fully comprehend, and you incurred the wrath of a youth. So sad.'

'Shut up! I was going to unite worlds! I would have made order of this chaotic universe! It deserves to be ruled under me! Do you know who I am! ?'

'A has-been, that's what I think of you now. '

'How dare you!'

'You're quite amusing. I could use power like yours.'

'What are you saying?'

'I'm saying we could help each other out.'

Nerissa thought about it. Her current state she was practically a vegetable. She didn't like the idea of lowering herself to join forces with someone as equals when she's so used to playing others like pawns. Still, better than rotting in a dungeon, and there's no way she can trick the jailer into releasing her again.

'Fine. I accept.' She'll follow this shadow for now, take note of his actions and weaknesses before she usurps him to gain his powers to restore her own, then she can resume trying to unite worlds under her own rule. It will take a while, but it will be worth it in the long run.

'Then your powers will serve me.' The shadow reached out and grabbed Nerissa's throat, making her choke.

'What are you doing! ?'

'I've been observing you, my dear. You are very much like myself; power-hungry, ambitious, willing to do anything to get what I want. Which is why I can't afford to have you under me. Too much risk of betrayal.'

Nerissa was stunned. How could he have known? 'W-what! ?'

'Please, you think I'd actually trust you? I don't even trust myself! Unlike you, I know a bit about power extraction.'

Nerissa began to experience extreme pain as her powers were getting drained out of her. She would have screamed in agony if she still had her tongue. 'Stop! Stop!'

'I told you before, didn't I? Your power will serve me. I've no need of the worthless vessel.'

Nerissa slowly began to age to her previous old woman form before decomposing into a very dead corpse.

"Do not worry, Nerissa. Your powers of Quintessence will help in a new purpose: the return of Valtor!"

Shadow-Valtor vanished into the darkness to where he came, leaving behind the dead Nerissa, who was now a shadow of her former self.

End ending


Nodoka had finished checking everybody out of the hotel. They were currently at the park in an isolated area where no one will witness their magical departure.

"Okay, is everybody ready?" asked Nodoka.

"As we'll ever be!" replied Bloom.

They all couldn't wait to get back to Nerima. They knew Kiko and the Pixies were probably worried sick about them.

However, just as Nodoka was about to open a portal, something happened. Another portal, this one of green energy emitting electricity suddenly opened up before them.

"Mom? Did you do that?" asked Ranma.

"That wasn't me!" said Nodoka.

"Then who-" said Layla but was cut off as she and everyone else got sucked into it before the portal vanished. Some joggers ran by seconds later, unaware of what happened beforehand.

Unknown place…

Once again, Ranma's crew were dumped out of another portal in a completely foreign place. From what they could tell, it looked to be a high-tech laboratory. Behind them was the portal being generated by a giant complex machine. Tecna couldn't help but marvel at it.

"This machine made the portal?" wondered Tecna.


Everybody looked about to see numerous ARMED robots surrounding them.

"What?" said Ukyou.

"Where is this place?" asked Flora.


The camera zooms out from the lab to show a huge futuristic city. The building they were in was one of four jointed quartet buildings which formed an 'RM'. (5)


Ranma: Just when I thought we could leave the Meridian thing behind us, this happens.

Tecna: Wow! This is my kind of place!

Stella: The future! We're actually in the distant future!

Flora: I still wish there were more plant-life around, though.

Layla: We suddenly find ourselves in a futuristic city where robotics are highly advanced.

Bloom: We get hunted down due to our time origins, maybe even use us as lab rats…

Musa: Hold up! Who's that over there?

Ranma: Next time, on Ranma Club, "Future Tense! Welcome to the Robot World!" Is this the future?

Author's notes:

Finally done. Yet another karma Houdini taken down. Don't know about you, but Nerissa got off way too lightly in the animated series. After everything she's done, she didn't deserve to live in bliss even when imprisoned. Well I fixed that. Now the cast find themselves in yet another world.

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(1)Remember that in the first episode, Hay Lin broke the 4th wall by accidentally slamming face-first into the camera.

(2)Seems like years since I mentioned him, huh? Oh wait… it was…

(3)WAAAAAAAAAAY back in chapter 14.

(4)Thanks to AnimeAddiction for the use of his versions of Ranma from his fic "Dual Destinies".

(5)You are GOOD if you know where they are now.

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