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Nodoka had entered the main quarters of the house after picking up the mail. One envelope in particular glowed as soon as she held it, realizing its origin. Opening it up, she read the letter and her eyes widened.

"Everyone! Come down to the main hall!"

Soon, all the house inhabitants were gathered around Nodoka.

"What's going on, Mom?" asked Ranma.

"It's a letter from Headmistress Faragonda." Replied Nodoka as she held the glowing letter.

This got the Faeries' attention.

"What? What did she say?" asked Flora.

Nodoka reads the letter. "My dear Faeries, new and returning students, I am pleased to announce that after the ordeal with the Crystal Demon Army that had wrecked the three schools of Magix, including our own Alfea, the damage has all been fixed and the schools are as good as new. Just in time for the new semester as well. I welcome you all back to Alfea and continue to unlock your full potentials not as just Faeries, but as people as well. Classes will resume in a week. Here's to looking forward to a great year! Sincerely, Headmistress Faragonda."

Ranma, Shampoo, Ukyou, and the Winx cringed at the memory of the Crystal Demon Army, which had been unleashed upon the schools by Valtor and the Trix. Then the part about Alfea being repaired got to them.

"Alfea is back up? That's certainly great news!" said Tecna.

"I hate to admit it, but I almost forgot about it." Said Stella. "We've been in Nerima for so long."

"We have, haven't we?" added Layla. "Still, it was quite enjoyable."

"Even the jumps between dimensions?" asked Lockette.

"Yeah, even those."

"It was good workout!" said Shampoo.

"There was danger, action, and glory around every corner!" added Chatta.

"And don't forget character building, too!" Tune commented.

"Yeah, whatever."

The Pixie of Manners huffed in indignation at her comrade's blow-off.

"And love was rediscovered…" said Amore, causing Ukyou and Shampoo to blush, followed by Ranma.

"Ahem, let's not get into that right now, okay?" said Ranma.

"Excuse me, but what is this about?" asked Kasumi.

"I'd like to know, too, if you don't mind…" added Sasuke.

Mousse also showed his curiosity about the meaning of the letter.

Nodoka nodded in understanding as the three in question have not gone to Magix yet. "Magix exists in a separate magical dimension, which is the home of all magical beings, like the Winx here. It is also where the college of Faeries, Alfea, resides. Faragonda is the headmistress of the college, and she had sent us news that it is now reconstructed and ready to take back the students."

"Reconstructed? What happened to it before?" asked Kasumi.

"It got wrecked by an army of demons." Stella replied bluntly.

Kasumi and Sasuke were a bit perturbed at this.

"This is Magix." Said Nodoka as she materialized an orb of light in her hands. The light orb expanded to produce a scene of the magical dimension. Kasumi, Mousse, and Sasuke marveled at the scene before them. It displayed the cities of the Magix Dimension, then the schools of Cloud Tower, Red Fountain, and finally Alfea College.

"It looks wonderful…" said Kasumi.

"Indeed! Like out of a fairy tale! Pardon the pun." Added Sasuke.

"This is where you all come from?" asked Kasumi.

"Well, we go to school there, but we each come from different planets in that same dimension." Replied Flora.

"It must be an amazing place…"

"Oh it is, Kasumi." Ranma affirmed.

"And We're finally going to go back." Said Bloom. "So in a week, we'll be back at Alfea."

"From one school to another…" said Stella.

"Oh come on, Stella, it wasn't all that bad." Said Musa. "Well aside from that idiot with the stick."

"Heh, you may have a point."

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