Okay, I decided to give full-blown stories another shot. This story is still in the making, I'm working on chapter four, so suggestions are welcome. This chapter is a bit of a prologue, if you will, setting up the rest of the story. I'll try to update fairly regularly, but can't really make any promises. Then again, if people hate it, I'll just straight up delete it because I'll probably hate it, too.

PS- this chapter mainly just sets the story up, like I said, so as it goes it'll get better. At least I think it does.

Okay, deep breath. This will not be the end of the world. The possible end has come and gone, and it went rather quietly. Ginny Weasley assured herself as she stared in the mirror in her small bedroom of the Burrow. She had done something…impulsive. And she had a feeling that her mum wasn't going to take it all that well.

Although, you're not fooling me, Ginny Weasley. You are insane and not going to get away with this. And stop thinking at yourself! It's creepy! her thoughts beleaguered, making her frown.

"Ginny! Hurry up! Breakfast is getting cold!" her mother's voice called from downstairs in the kitchen. It was the beginning of summer, Ginny had just graduated from Hogwarts, and Harry, Ron and Hermione were already, Ron's idea for them to get free breakfast, before the lunch that would be held in the backyard that afternoon, all family invited to celebrate Ginny's graduation.

The night before was what had gone so wrong. Having gone out with a few fellow graduates, she made a rather impulsive decision. She knew she was in trouble, but even through she knew it, Ginny Weasley realized that she could get through this, she just had to stand her ground.

"Coming!" she called, giving herself a reassuring nod via her reflection and started down the stairs.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and her dad were already eating, and none really looked up at her as she came in, her mother still frying away at the stove, seeming in good spirits.

"Morning all, by no means, don't get up." Ginny waved, sitting down at her place right across from Harry. She tried not to look at him, which was easy when she was eating. She didn't know what they were. Right after the war, they were definitely together, and then Ginny went back to school and they didn't see each other as much, and even though they never said anything, they didn't seem to be together.

"Want some bacon, Gin?"

"Please, Mum."

"Alright, here you--what is that?!"


"Is it what I think it is?!"


"Is that what you and your little friends did to celebrate last night?! Oh, you are in so much trouble!"

"What?! How is that fair?! Look at what Bill has!"

"That doesn't mean anything! YOU are in trouble!"

Not even Ron was eating at this point, all eyes were on the two Weasley women, staring each other down, the bacon still hovering between the two as the serving spell had not been completed. Hermione turned a distinct shade of pink as she was not quite sure what to do, Harry just looked away, Ron didn't seem to know that his mouth was open as he watched, and Arthur just let his head rest in his hands as he saw a meltdown on its way.

"Take it out." Molly stated, going back to her cooking, letting the bacon just hover.

"No." Ginny responded, not sure if she was being brave or completely idiotic.


"I'm 18, beyond being of age, I've graduated, I'm looking for my own flat soon, I will not take it out."

All eyes, minus Ginnys, slid over to her nose and stared at the little shiny thing resting in her nostril that was causing this. A small, red stone, just a colored rhinestone, actually, was in there, watching the chaos it had created.

"Ginevra Molly Weasley! I will not tolerate this! TAKE THAT THING OUT!"



Ginny looked around the kitchen, looking for some support. No one would make eye contact with her.

"So that's how it is? I get a little nose ring and suddenly I'm not part of this family?" Ginny questioned, still looking at the people around her.

"Basically." Molly bluntly stated, crossing her arms.

"Well, that's just too bad, because the stud stays."

"Then I'm afraid you don't." Mrs. Weasley stated, very simple, very matter-of-fact.

"You mean I have to leave? I haven't found a flat yet!" Ginny gaped.

"Consider this a chance to go on a bit of a holiday."

"A forced holiday!"

"A holiday that gives you a chance to grow up."

"When can I come back?" Ginny whimpered, suddenly feeling the weight of the situation.

"When you've grown up!"

There was a very thick silence in the room at that moment. Mr. Weasley had his hands cupping his face as his elbows resting on the table, Hermione was staring at her toast, Harry watched as his thumbs were moving, twiddling, if you will, and Ron just watched, his mouth still open.

Molly continued to cook.

I don't know what to do, I don't know what to do! Ginny's mind was screaming, but she was determined to stay calm on the outside.

"Well, fine then. I guess I'll just go." Ginny stood up, stepped around the bacon that remained levitating, and headed for the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Molly questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"I--I'm going to get some of my stuff."

"Your stuff? No, no, my house, my stuff."

"So I just have to go with the clothes on my back?"



Ginny turned from the stairs and went to the front door, trying extremely hard to be angry more than frightened, but she didn't exactly know what was happening, much less what she was going to do.

She made it to the door.

"Isn't anyone going to stop me?" Ginny called out, in a panic at this point.

"No," Molly stated, staring down the people in the kitchen, now perched in her seat, holding a steaming cup of coffee that was too burning to be drank, but did add to the drama of the moment.

"Good, then! I'll just be going! And I won't be back until I'm an adult!"

"Have fun, dear. Have yourself a bit of a holiday, then."

Six Hours Later

"Why isn't she back yet?!" Molly wailed, sitting at the table in her backyard, her husband trying to console her.

All around, her sons and their partners, and her granddaughter Victoire, along with Harry and Hermione looked quite uncomfortable. They had all expected Ginny to be back by now, have a bit of a tantrum for about thirty minutes, come back in, and act like nothing had happened, minus the nose ring. The only problem was she still wasn't there.

"She's missing her own party!" Molly continued to wail.

"Dis iz a bit rude, Victoire had better not 'ave in'erited dis." Fleur testily commented as she looked around the defunct party.

"The public wailings or the missing of the own party?" Percy mumbled back, hoping that no one would hear him but his sister-in-law.

"Both." Fleur stated, daintily sipping her butterbeer.

Luna Lovegood's oversized eyes watched as her friend continued to weigh her options at the Lovegoods kitchen table, as she had for the past two hours.

"I can't go back, Luna, I just can't. I spent four bloody hours just walking around, and now I'm somewhere, I know I need to go somewhere else, but I can't go there. Y'know?" Ginny asked, her hair stuck to her face with tears.

"Actually, I have no clue what you're saying, but I'm sorry you're so upset about it." Luna stated affectionately.

"I saw them and I just knew that I couldn't stay there, and I'm so far from finding a flat! I don't know, the way my mum just let me leave, and no one, and I do mean NO ONE would stand up for me! I was alone and all over this stupid nose stud!"

"Are you going to take it out?"

"Of course not, I like it."

"I'm pretty sure I'm missing the point, Gin."

"The point? The point is I have no place to live, no money. No clothes, even. No chance. What am I going to do, Luna? WHAT?"

Luna paused to think, the Ravenclaw in her showing why she was sorted where she was.

"Well, Daddy and I are about to go to Glasgow, you can come with us. And we'll go from there."

"Glasgow? Scotland? Yeah, that works. Thanks, Lu." Ginny looked up from the crook of her arm where her face had been hiding as she dealt with the reality of what was happening to her.

Glasgow, Scotland. With the Lovegoods. Kinda like a holiday. Well, it was a start.