Title: you are my homecoming
Pairing: Marche/Ritz
Fandom: FFTA
Theme: 20. the road home
Disclaimer: FFTA not mine. :D;; This is for the 30 kisses comm lj.

There are times when Ritz forgets home exists, in the days (moments, moments in that world he calls home) that she dances alongside Shara, dodging the enemy (faceless missions, little fantasies) and letting herself fall into the rules once more, listening for the judge-calls and shouting orders until her voice falls horse.

It is so easy to pretend this has always been real, because what did she have there? In that cold winter world, what did she have?

Mother, her heart whispers, but she presses it away--because this is the world she was born for.

And yet--every time she sees his face, creased with concern, determination--it becomes so perfectly clear, her memories of the falling snow, her face pressed to the glass as her mother speaks behind her, voice low and filled with laughter, the tea kettle shrilling, shrilling and then hot chocolate offered from those beloved hands--

Home is wrapped in the form of a boy with impossibly blue eyes and she tries to pretend she can't see Ivalice within him, but in the end, there's no helping it.

He will find the path home, and Ritz lets herself say goodbye to the world she's let herself love, her lips brushing the blue rose just that much before she lets it fall, and waits for the world to change.