Title: Expectations
Series: Digimon 01/02
Word Count: 658
Summary: Drabble for articulation lj.

She had impeccable timing in certain cases, though she was constantly missing appointments and running late to meetings. It was more that she always showed up when he needed her. Not that he thought of it as such; it was more her opinion than anything else. But Mimi's opinion was normally the one that won out, because she wouldn't give up until he gave in.

Whenever he was neck deep in textbooks and stressing over a test, she'd just show up at his dorm room (much to his dismay and much staring from his roomates) and drag him out. He never figured out how she knew when he got to that point, but since coming back to Japan she'd never failed to pop up and take him for dinner or ice cream or lead him to a karaoke bar or whatever she happened to fancy at the moment. It was useless to argue, though he tried.

Sometimes she didn't take him anywhere in particular at all, but just dragged him through the city, finding the places with trees and shaded benches and children playing, walking beside him to make certain he didn't make any escape attempts, all while updating him on the lives of all the other Chosen children.

It was too easy to slip into listening to her talk, and watching her move, because Mimi was always moving. She gestured as she spoke and turned to face him as she walked, sometimes stopping to look at this or that but always doing something else. She called it multitasking and he called it being easily distracted.

But then, was he any different? It was too easy to slip into expectations. Expecting her to throw open his door and haul him out whenever he started to get a migraine. Expected her smile and speech and cheer that calmed him just as easily as it irritated him.

Expectations, those were dangerous things. Because with expectations could come disappointments.

So he didn't let himself fall into that pattern. Couldn't. After all, she was just a distraction, another friend who thought he needed more fun in his life. Tai had tried to drag him from his books more times than he could count. No need to let her be any different.

Then why, Joe asked himself, sliding his glasses off his face to rub his temples, unable to concentrate on the page in front of him, can't you think today?

It'd been two weeks since he'd last seen the holder of the crest of Purity, and it'd been a week since he'd reverted to his old habits. He'd...expected her.

That was the trouble.



Expectations that he shouldn't have let grow. He'd been trying not too. Where had that gone wrong?


Probably, he had to admit, the moment Mimi had first set herself to the task of getting him out of his dorm, his campus.

Probably since the first time she'd smiled and started to talk, confiding anything and everything without any worries at all.


His stack of textbooks toppled off his desk as Joe caught at them to stop from falling out of his chair, turning to scold the offender before coming face to face with a peeved-looking Mimi.

"You should pay more attention," Was all she said, though she looked around the room, wrinkling her nose at the lack of light. "It's not as though I was being quiet."

"M-mimi? You nearly gave me a heartattack! What are you--"

But of course, she didn't let him answer, instead grabbing his arm and pulling. In a few seconds he was on his feet and heading towards the door.

"I can't leave you alone for one minute, can I? I know I'm a little late, but you might have /tried/--"

Mimi continued to speak as they walked, but Joe wasn't listening.

Instead, he was, with some resignation, accepting the fact that, like it or not...he had expectations.