Spreading Her Angelic Wings

Spreading Her Angelic Wings

Al, with his restored body, and Rose sat on a bench in the newly minted city of Liore. Now that placidness had reached over them, they were finally able to relax. The military had improved greatly thanks to the deftness of the new Fuhrer, Roy Mustang. Only a few slim problems had aroused such as robberies, kidnappings, terrorists, and the usual. They were easily blundered and taken care of; most cases by the famous Fullmetal Alchemist himself. Things have been more frivolous since all of the homunculus had been wiped off from the face of the planet. Since this time of peace and prosperity had occurred, Alphonse and Rose had already hit it off, pretty easily. They got along great and a few weeks after they had met, they had started dating.

A calm breeze swept across them, causing some of the cherry blossoms to gracefully ascend from the trees. They had accented Rose's red hair perfectly, flaunting her beauty even more so to Alphonse. She held a bag containing bird crumbs to feed the flying creatures that had gathered in front of them. She looked like an angel, Al thought, because of the way the sun had shone on her. Her violet eyes and her red hair were sparkling on that beautiful spring day, seeming to present her benign attitude to nature as well as all of those around her.

"It's amazing…" Rose breathed, her beautiful voice charming Alphonse.

"What is?" He asked, confused.

"The birds, one of God's creations." She replied, smiling at him. "They are living things like we are but are so different." Then she frowned as a memory hit her. "I can't believe I trusted Father Cornello all those years back. He caused you and Ed so much trouble and also took the lives of some of these harmless creatures to…" She swallowed here, fisting her hands into the bag producing a crumpling sound. "…fool me into thinking Cain was actually back."

"Rose…" Al said, frowning sadly. She responded by sighing and leaning her head against his shoulder.

"Don't worry, Al. I'm ok. It's over now." Rose assured, indolently tossing a few crumbs at the birds. "I have you now." A warm smile graced her features. "It's about time that I spread my wings, and move on."

"Yeah…" Al softly agreed, slinging his arm around her shoulder. He held her and their future closer to himself. Doing so, he secretly vowed to protect this beautiful, strong woman and be with her for the rest of his life.