Rin: Hello again. This is some drabble-y story I wrote during French. Yeah, I have time for that XD. Anyways, it's kind of inspired by "It's Odd." By ChildishPervert.

It's a poem fic.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gaara. I own the "you" part of it.

He carries his gourd of sand,
You're wary of your destruction at hand.

He stands, but shows no emotion,
You sigh, and then make no other motion.

Examining you, he crosses his arms,
You feel nothing, if you move he will do his harms.

He asks, "Are you not afraid?"
You reply, "Not any longer, for my debt will be paid."

His sand slithers and tightens its grip.
You flinch, but no sounds slip.

Gaara of the Sand, is his name,
You have no time for his petty game.

"Aren't you going to kill me?" you yell.
He furrows his non-existent eyebrows, you patience, he will sell.

Groaning, you feel the sand loosen,
You're free and at a conclusion.

Why is he doing this? You still wonder,
It could possibly be his blunder.

He's still frowning and crossing his arms.
His face is handsome, this thought sets off alarms.

"I thought you were going to kill me," you say with a frown,
Gaara says nothing and then looks down.

You sigh and move toward him,
Touching his arm, you see his expression is grim.

He's not completely scary, you think with a smile.
You chuckle and go for the extra mile.

His lonely face is cute, you're sure.
Somehow you know this will all be a blur.

Your feelings explode, you go for the kiss.
He flinches, but you do not miss.

Rin: So I think I have a special guest in today. Perhaps. –looks around-
Where did he go? Well, anyways, thank you to Heather who helped me rhyme a few of these. Yes, it's like a story told in couplets!
Naruto: Hey I'm here!
Rin: Oh hey!
Naruto: Did I make it in time?
Rin: No, I'm almost done. --U
Naruto: Why don't you ever write one about me?
Rin: 'Cause you're too hyperactive. Hmm..
Naruto: …
Rin: I'll try writing one about you.
Naruto: YAY! nn