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Chapter One

As she looked down at the battered body of this man whom some considered the most feared and hated person in Domino she couldn't imagine what hell he must of endured as he was beaten so severely that he nearly died. His face looked like ground beef and his body was broken so badly that it was all she could do to keep him breathing, then there was his eyes. She didn't know if he would ever regain his sight again and as tears ran down her face Ishizu started the complex job of trying to save the life of Bakura.

Marik and Yami were standing beside her and they were there to help keep him from moving so that she could set each broken bone and put casts on each of his limbs. Then as she wiped the blood from his badly beaten face she gasped as she saw the condition of his eyes and she whispered "I don't know if I can save his sight."

Marik gently touched her shoulder and he said "Please just do the best you can."

Yami then softly said "Please, try to save him. He might be a pain in the ass but he is our friend and neither of us can't imagine Bakura not being in our lives, and then there is Ryou. So please try."

Ishizu closed her eyes and then she said "I'll try, but it will eventually be up to Bakura if he wants to live."

As she worked on him, she thought back to when she first met Bakura and how she hated him for being such an asshole but then she had to admire him for taking care of his younger brother when their parents died. He might be what some say a monster but right now he's just a man who is trying to live and with all her medical expertise she was going to do all she could to save him.

Just then they heard a commotion outside the room and then they heard Odeon say "Ryou you can't go in there right now."

"Get the hell out of my way, my brother is in there and I want to see him so move!!" Ryou shouted.

"I'll go see if I can calm him down" Yami said. He opened the door to find Odeon physically holding Ryou on the floor and when they saw Yami come from the room covered with blood Ryou screamed "No, what's happened to my brother?" Then he passed out.

Odeon picked up his body and he said to Yami "Go back and help, I'll take care of the little one."

Yami went back into the room he heard the beeping of the heart monitor and then nothing but the sound beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Ishizu yelled "Get me the paddles" and as she instructed Marik and Yami to begin CPR she put gel on the paddles and turned on the power and then she said Clear" as she placed the paddles on Bakura's chest and as she hit the buttons his body flinched and then they heard his heart start to beat again.

Ishizu then picked up a syringe filled with medicine and she injected it into the IV line and then she went back to cleaning up his worse wounds. "We have to work fast and pray that he'll keep breathing" she said.

When she was finally done, she said "Now comes the hard part, waiting to see if he wants to fight to live or not." Both Marik and Yami stood looking down at their friend and tears ran down their faces and then Yami whispered "Dear Ra, please look down on this man and give him your strength to want to live."

Ishizu started cleaning off the instruments that she used just to keep busy so that she wouldn't fall apart. For some reason seeing this man lying there was so hard for her. She then said "I'll stay here with him for tonight, you both need to get cleaned up and go see how Ryou and Malik are doing."

Marik walked over to his sister and he put his arm around her and she laid her head against his chest and she fell apart. "How could anyone do this to another human being?" She cried.

Marik looked at Yami and they knew that this beautiful lady was falling for Bakura and it kind of worried them but neither of them said anything to her. Yami then said "That's something we are going to try to find out."

Then he walked out of the room and he took out his phone and called the Game Shop and when Solomon answered Yami said "Grandpa, please tell Yugi that I'll be home soon. Tonight Marik and I found Bakura beaten nearly to death and Ishizu has been trying to save him. She doesn't know if he'll make it or not, and grandpa, she's afraid that he might be blind."

Solomon closed his eyes and then he said "I'll let Yugi know, Yami how is Ryou doing?"

"He's a mess, Odeon, Marik and I are going to stay with him and hopefully we won't have to tell him that his brother has died." Yami told him.

Solomon then said "I'll say a prayer for him tonight and I'll ask God to let him live and to give him the strength to live."

As she sat beside the bed watching the monitors she began to pray that he would make it through the night and that if he was blind he would find the strength from inside to be able to deal with it. She reached out and touched the side of his face and as a single tear ran down her face she whispered "Bakura please get better." Then she leaned back in the chair and she started reading the book she loved and soon she had fallen asleep.

Sometime in the night Bakura started thrashing about on the bed and the monitor rang and she woke up and she stood up beside the bed and she started to talk to him and he immediately calmed down and as she stood there looking down on his body the hand she was holding tightened around hers as if he was telling her that he was scared or hurting and she reached out and touched his face and she started singing the same lullaby that she use to sing to her brothers and it helped him go back to sleep and as she looked down at him she saw a single tear run down his face and it nearly tore her heart out of her chest and she then made a promise to not only him but to herself that she wouldn't let him give up but help him fight to live.

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