Author: Jacob M. Bosch


DISCLAIMER: I don't own Dragonball-Z, not really sure who does either. It'd be a shame if people I don't know sued me. J v

SUMMARY: Dende makes a wish and Bulma, Krillin, Vegita, and Gohan learn why Saiyans and Nameks should never attain immortality.

NOTES: Sorry this is chapter is so short, considering the all the time it took to get it out, but I'm trying to pour myself into my other stories. But the good thing is that I do have the next chapter of Reasonable Wish half-written, and the whole thing plotted out to the end.


Bulma huffed and grunted trying to lift the rock.

"Okay. Not super strong. And that was almost as embarrassing as the Kamehameha experiment," Bulma mumbled to herself as she straightened up. She winced at the sharp pain pinching her lower back while she wiped away the sweat dampening her forehead. "Then what the hell was the light show all about?"

Feeling like she'd made enough of a fool of herself, Bulma pulled out a Capsule depressed its activation button and tossed the small white caplet to the ground. A few seconds later an air-cycle appeared in front of Bulma amidst a shot-lived puff of purple smoke.

Bulma walked up to the cycle and moved to go on. Her eyebrows arched when she discovered she felt absolutely no discomfort when she straddled the cycle's seat. Her back felt the way it had before she aggravated it trying to pick up the boulder.

Must not have been as bad as I thought.

Soon Bulma was speeding along the patchwork plains of Namek at two hundred miles per hour. The hydrofoils kicking up dust and flattened green grass as the cycle passed by. Bulma leaned into the cycle, protecting her face with the windshield.

It's time to find Goku and the others. They'd know what's going on. Everything strange that happens to me is always their fault somehow.

Freeza turned to find a man standing behind him dressed in red and blue clothing, smiling broadly. As Freeza eyed the man, the newcomer's smile grew. He flicked out his tongue and licked his top lip, in what appeared to be anticipation.

"What's this?"



"Father? Goku? What kind of stupid name is Goku?" Freeza asked as he focused on the readings his scouter displayed. The man had a power level of 1,000.

However, the Nameks had the ability to suppress their initial ki readings, so there may be more to this man then meets the eye. Still, I am Freeza. No matter what strength he hides from me it cannot match my limitless power.

"Right on time, Kakarott," Vegita said as he hovered high above the ground.

Freeza's eyes widened. Kakarott! That's a Saiyan moniker!

"I live to please you, my liege," the newcomer replied, his smile going crooked.

Freeza turned back to Vegita. "You depend upon one of your lowly subjects to save you, Vegita? What has happened to your pride?"

Freeza felt a light tapping on his left shoulder guard, and before he could turn around fully, a powerful punch smashed into the side of his face. He went hurdling towards the two Earthlings and the Namek boy. The trio hastily scattered; the bald man grabbed the Namek boy and jumped to one side, and the Earthling boy leaped in the opposite direction.

Freeza could not believe the strength behind the newcomer's blow. The Changeling's head was ringing, and his teeth felt ready to dislodge from his gums. A thunderclap filled the air when Freeza exerted his ki and stopped his flight through the air and righted himself.

Freeza raised his hand to the corner of his mouth to wipe away blood, then froze in mid-motion. The man was floating right there in front of him. Close enough that Freeza didn't need to extend his arm all the way to touch him.

"Lowly subject," the man gave a brief bark of laughter, "I would never serve Vegita. He is not my prince."

Another fist drilled into Freeza's midsection.

"He's meat. You're meat. And he will follow you to Hell."

Freeza vomited blood onto the man's arm. Outwardly, his body appeared intact; not even his armor was cracked. But internally, the kinetic force of the man's blow had exploded his organs.

As his life force began to drain away, Freeza looked at his killer. Freeza shook his head in disbelief… his killer. He couldn't believe such a person could exist.

"Who are you?"

The man, Kakarott, a Saiyan, yes, Freeza was sure of it, smiled.

Freeza saw no more.

Krillin pick Dende and himself off the ground. Dende was giggling softly to himself. Krillin shook his head and then looked around to find Goku and Freeza.

He spotted them floating stationary several hundred yards away.

I didn't think it was possible, but Goku is even faster then when he took on Team Ginyu!

Goku and Freeza floated together in front of each other for a few moments then Goku's fist shot out and hit Freeza's mid-section. If Krillin had gone by appearance alone, Goku's blow seemed to have no strength behind it. Because Freeza didn't budge an inch or react in any way to Goku's fist.

But Krillin could rely upon more than his eyes. Krillin sensed the wild ki Goku delivered with the punch. So much power that it seemed like there should have been some kind of explosion afterwards…

Krillin's eyes became wide as saucers when he understood the attack Goku used.


Gohan came and stood beside Krillin. Gohan probably sensed his father's ki spike, but Krillin doubted the young boy understood exactly what had happened. Piccolo was a pretty harsh guy, but he wouldn't have taught Gohan such a vicious attack.

Another moment passed before Freeza's ki began to fade away, the warlord was dying and Krillin felt some satisfaction at that. The memory of Freeza ordering the deaths of the Nameks from Dende's village was still fresh in his mind. But he still couldn't believe Goku killed Freeza like that.

It was unusually cruel for Goku.

"Oh… No! Goku!" Krillin screamed in horror as Goku raised his right arm as if he were about to punch Freeza, only to straighten his hand out when he punched. Ramming his fingertips right through Freeza's face.


Goku's removed his forearm from the hole that had become Freeza's skull. As the Changeling fell to the ground, Goku raised his arm and moved his face back and forth over it. Krillin was unable to tell what Goku was doing from his vantage point. Goku might have been sampling the blood or just smelling the dark fluid. Either way, Krillin felt ill.

"I don't understand. What's wrong with my Dad, Krillin? I know it was Freeza… but Father wouldn't kill anyone like that… would he?"

Krillin didn't have an answer for Gohan.

Krillin remembered a time back when he and Goku were kids and Goku killed opponents with little or no mercy shown to them. But those had been barbarous times, and Goku learned to show more compassion since then. He accepted the ways of peace over mindless violence.

Even so, Goku never seemed so bloodthirsty. And to kill Freezer like that in front of Gohan…

"Where are you going, Vegita?" Goku called out.

Krillin and Gohan turned and saw that Vegita was discreetly flying away from them. The Saiya-jin prince halted in mid air and rotated slowly to face Goku.

Goku finally turned around as well. He lowered his arm to his side with Freeza's blood rolling down it, dripping off his fingertips. Krillin's felt his own blood run cold at the sight of Goku's expression.

Goku smiled a smile at the Saiya-jin Prince that was dangerous, and tight, and wrong.

"I asked you where do you think you're going, Vegita? Don't you wanna fight?"

Vegita's stared back at Goku, his own expression betraying nothing. "Not today Kakarott."

"I thought you wanted to know who is the strongest Saiya-jin in the universe?"

"Immortality would pollute the contest, don't you think?"

Goku's smile disappeared for a moment then came back much larger then before, "You aren't immortal, it's true, I can tell." Goku began laughing. "Oh, how it must irk you that I am?"

Without his lips parting, Vegita's mouth twisted upwards into a sneer but said nothing.

"Poor Vegita, I seemed to have beaten you to all your goals in life. I attained immortality before you and obliterated Freeza before you. I wonder… what do you have left to live for?"

Vegita's smiled faded away at the thinly veiled threat.

Goku waved dismissive hand at Vegita. "Ah, go ahead and leave. I understand your fear."

"You--" Vegita started then stopped and crossed his arms over his chest, smiling wickedly. "Has immortality somehow made you smarter, Kakarott? I never would have guessed manipulation was one of your talents before today."

Goku smiled back, "You act as though it would take an intelligent mind to provoke your temper, my liege."

"You mock me," Vegita stated thoughtfully. "You've changed, Kakarott."

"I haven't changed. I am free. There is a difference."

Goku put his hand out and beckoned Vegita forward.

"Come Vegita, I want to see just how far my new immortality goes."