Author's Note: Hey, there, welcome to this fic! And yup, Sonadow, guyxguy relationship. HOWEVER, I will try to make this a good story and not some teenage angst/plotless ramble. Inspired by The Sound of Silence by Chaos Flower and In My Arms by Terra's Wrath. Ever wondered: What would happen if you dumped canon Sonic and Shadow into your typical sonadow slave fic? :D Also, please read the whole chappie before hitting that back button - the introductory section is somewhat...not where this fic is gonna go. Please enjoy!

Chiisai Kitsune presents:

He Is My Master

Chapter 1: Chaos Control Freaks!

The blue body wreathed, its back arching in pain, but still his captor would grant him no release. Shadow, black-furred son of the King, brought his crop down hard. The slave cried out.

But while the other three attending anthropomorphic Sapients were either wearing expressions of boredom or smug satisfaction as they watched the punishment carried out in this dungeon, neither slave nor master seemed to be enjoying it much.

Shadow lashed out at the unprotected back once more, the whimpering of the other not able to sway him. His slave was trapped in a sort of pillory, which left him standing on the ground, bent forward with both his hands and neck locked in the wooden contraption at chest height, behind exposed in this humiliating position.

Not broken. Already obedient most of the time, but still not completely broken.

"Master…please…" he begged, squirming in the tight hold of the wood, anything to get away from the beating.

Shadow scowled before hitting the slave again, impassive against the yelp this pulled forth. It went against his grain to hurt something so pretty, but unfortunately, it just couldn't be helped…

"Please! No more!"

The other attendants sighed to each other. It had been months since this slave had been brought into the castle. The King had bought it for Shadow, who had been trying to break the blue hedgehog down to his father's standards ever since. In this realm, slaves were not just obedient, but utterly broken. It was fairly easy to accomplish that with newborns, who had never known anything else, but Wilds, like this one, were harder.

Shadow was still laying into the blue hedgehog, his strokes calm, clean and with pauses in between. The slave was openly crying now and the atmosphere between the grey cat servant and bulldog dungeon master who were leaning against the wall became vaguely hopeful. Perhaps they would be out of here soon?

The purple lizard who held the whips, bandages and collar next to Prince Shadow just looked on impassively as reptiles are prone to do. He didn't notice the mixture of anger and pity in Shadow's eyes, and neither did anyone else as the black hedgehog raised his hand for the final lash above the trembling, tied body.


Meanwhile, in a strange foreign land called "canon", into which sonadow writers hardly ever set foot in (because neither is Shadow a kinky vampire, nor is Sonic willing to carry his baby) things were entirely different, however.

"Heya, Shadow! What's up with your speed? Guarantee on your skates run out?"

The addressed black hedgehog only snarled viciously in response, annoyed beyond measure by the carefree, laughing blue prankster. He forced his body to work harder and pour out the Chaos Energy into his shoes, which blazed brightly and propelled him forward to draw level with Sonic again, who grinned.

"Thought you'd never catch up. Enjoying the race so far?" the blue hedgehog asked flippantly, yet Shadow was satisfied to hear that even underneath the cocky speech the breathing of the blue hedgehog was becoming slightly more laboured.

"Shut it, faker. I want my Emerald back."

"I know. That's why I borrowed it, after all." Sonic laughed and jumped across a log that was barring their way in the dry, grassy landscape they were dashing through and Shadow followed just a split-second after.

"I know. And that's also why I'll kill you as soon as I have my hands on it," the black hedgehog shot back, trying to impale Sonic in front of him with a death glare instead of a Chaos Spear.

Sadly, it wasn't quite as effective.

And again, the movement of Sonic as he watched him run entranced him, threatening to make him lose his focus and…

"Goddammit!" Shadow cursed as he nearly tripped over a root, which could break bones at the speeds they were going.

This is all that blue idiot's fault.

Sonic had been the one who wanted a race. Shadow had been the one who threatened to tie his tail to his snout if he asked one more time.

And then Sonic had had the bright idea to steal Shadow's Chaos Emerald, because there's nothing like a little blackmail to get others to go along with your plans...

"What's the matter, Shads? Need a hand?" his rival called over his shoulder, not slowing down.

"You'll need a blood transfusion soon…" the black hedgehog grumbled under his breath, concentrating on skating.

Sonic had hidden the damn Emerald somewhere in near-wilderness, then come back and challenged Shadow to a race. If he wanted his gem stone back, the Ultimate Lifeform had no other choice but to beat Sonic to it, which was exactly what the blue hedgehog had been after in the first place.

Well, at least his rival had had the decency to mark the racetrack, so Shadow would know where to run even if he overtook Sonic.

Which still won't save him from a serious thrashing as soon as I got my property back, Shadow thought grimly.

All the black hedgehog had wanted was a quiet existence as a wanderer in between Club Rouge or the ARK. He had no desire to be anywhere near Sonic.

Because…that blue hedgehog lately had made him feel rather…odd…

Shadow furiously shook his head as he could sense a heat creeping up in his face and, with a final burst of speed, dashed past Sonic, shoving the hedgehog in the process, who yelped, but caught himself in time.

"Hey! No fair!"

"Life isn't fair. Get used to it!" Shadow called back, which only elicited an excited grin from Sonic, who could feel some banter coming up.

What is wrong with me? wondered the black hedgehog, irritated by both his body's irrational behaviour and Sonic's oblivious attitude.

"Final stretch of the road! Here goes nothing!" suddenly came the shout from behind, and Sonic, with gritted teeth but shining eyes, pulled even. In the distance, carefully positioned on a rock in the middle of the barren plain, lay the transparent Chaos Emerald.

Now the race was truly on. Blue legs were a blur. Skates scorched the ground, aflame.

Shadow spin-dashed, Sonic dodged, laughed, and still nobody was in the lead. The Emerald was drawing ever closer, the ground eaten up beneath their feet. Shadow's attack could have easily sliced Sonic in half, but it took more than that to intimidate the blue hero. He loved the challenge. And besides, that spin-dash had been shoddily aimed, anyway…

Shadow was scowling at himself. Why hadn't he attacked Sonic for real? He was angry at him, he yearned to lay hand on that blue body, but somehow…he hadn't been able to truly…

Forget about it. As soon as I touch that Emerald, I'll Chaos Control out of here and to the ARK. Having to run all the way home when he's already tired should be punishment enough for the faker.

As it was, while both hedgehogs were similarly exhausted, only when looking at Sonic it was obvious. His fur was starting to mat with the sweat, and his quills were rumpled and tossed about by the winds.

Which was exactly how Sonic liked it. He pushed his body to the limit, running alongside Shadow towards the stone. His plan was simple. As soon as his fingertips were brushing against the Emerald, he'd Chaos Control away, hiding it yet somewhere else and challenge Shadow to another race. (Granted, it would probably end up being a brawl instead of a race because the other would be positively livid, but that was fine with Sonic). He just liked matching himself against his rival in speed.

Both hedgehogs accelerated, their breathing fast, their eyes trained on the gem. Two gloved hands stretched forward, nearly touching…

"Chaos Control!"


Something, somewhere, had went terribly wrong.

Sonic knew it as soon as Chaos Control had activated, because it at once drained him of nearly all of his power. He gasped as his breath was driven out of his lungs, struggling against the urge to faint. He dimly thought he sensed Shadow next to him doing the same, but couldn't see a thing as they were encased by light so bright it was blinding.

What was happening? The last thing Sonic remembered was grasping the Emerald, at the same time as Shadow, and both of them had yelled the command to teleport….

Yeah. Trying to warp to two different places at once with the same Emerald probably was a really bad idea, shot through the blue hedgehog's head. He had wanted to Chaos Control to Tails' workshop, but had no idea what place Shadow had had in mind.

Usually he could tell the distance of a teleport, judging by the amount of effort it required, and right now it felt as if he was trying to jump to the other side of the galaxy. Sonic was growing dizzy, disoriented and faint, and just wished for the whole rainbow ride around him to stop so he could get off – when suddenly the world reappeared.

But, as said before, it reappeared somehow, somewhere, terribly wrong.

For the blue hedgehog it was as if a sensation of movement had suddenly stopped and he was slumped against something – something that settled as an uncomfortable, ensnaring thing around his wrists and neck. Sonic's legs nearly buckled underneath him as they were suddenly forced to hold his body up again, and the blue hero managed to catch himself just in time. But he now noticed that he couldn't upright himself since he was bent forward and somehow encased in…?

A sharp pain exploded on his backside.

"OW! What the…?"

Things that are in motion tend to stay in motion. Important for Science classes, and also if you have just arrived in some odd, medieval dungeon you had never intended to go.

Shadow blinked.

Then he stared at his hand that was for some reason holding something resembling a riding crop. And stared at the blue behind he had just struck.


"Thisss sshould be enough for today, my Prince. You do not look very well, if I may sssay ssso," a purple lizard addressed Shadow, who stared at him, clueless. Realizing he was talking to him, Shadow slowly nodded. He wasn't feeling very well. Was he hallucinating?

"Hey, you! Get me out of here!"

Okay. Scratch that. There was no way in hell a hallucination could sound that realistic. In front of him, the tailed behind that seemed to belong to Sonic was now wriggling. The blue hedgehog appeared to be trapped in some kind of pillory.

"Excussse me, my Prince," the lizard lisped once again, taking the crop out of Shadow's unresisting hand and lashed out at the blue hedgehog's back, adding a second bruise.

"You do not ssspeak unlesss sspoken to, sslave!"

Sonic yelped as he was struck, probably more from surprise than pain, and abruptly fell silent. A sigh came from the right, and Shadow's head turned, seeing a grey cat in a light blue tunic dislodge himself from the dungeon wall, striding over to the lizard and taking a red collar from his hands. The black hedgehog was still trying to understand the whole situation and just watched as the cat walked around to Sonic's head, unfastening the choker and then snapping it shut around the blue hedgehog's neck. A leash followed suit and the bulldog, fifth and last Mobian (was this still Mobius?) took a key from his pocket, opening the pillory so Sonic could stand up properly.

The blue hedgehog thought he couldn't believe this.

Had they just addressed him as 'slave'? And…he pushed himself upright with one hand braced against the wood, then, disbelievingly, grabbed at the leash the grey cat was patiently holding him on with the other hand. Another sharp pain quickly discouraged this, as the lizard had lashed out with the crop again, but this time, it wasn't as bad since his glove took the worst of the hit. Nevertheless, Sonic immediately snarled at the purple creature, who looked ever so smug and sharp with his thin black moustache and yellow, slit-pupil eyes.

The other gave him a stare of distaste.

"Glovess? You have already fitted him with clothing, my Prince?"

Shadow spun round. The sight of Sonic on a leash had been so odd, he had been just staring for the past few moments. Then, regaining his usual scowl as a sort of protective all-purpose mask, he quickly nodded.

"Yes. Yes, I did." And hoped to everyone who was listening that this was the right answer.

The lizard wrinkled his snout a little, but didn't comment.

"Very well. I think we should take your ssslave to your father for now, perhapss we have made a little progresss today. Though I perssonally doubt it."

The purple reptile started to lead the way to a door, and the cat made to follow. In the process, he yanked at Sonic's leash, who hadn't reacted immediately, never having been collared before.

Sonic's first reaction was to shoot some angry comment, but just checked himself. He had been lashed for talking and for just touching the leash in the last ten minutes. As long as he had no idea what was going on, starting a fight might not be that smart. Especially since he was still feeling weak from that freaky Chaos Control. Where had it taken him? Some weird alternate dimension? At least it seemed that way.

He took a forced step forward as the pull on the leash grew stronger, then for the first time looked at Shadow and stared.

The black hedgehog seemed just as confused as him. Was he, too…?

"Wouldn't you like to accompany uss, my Prince?" the nasal voice of the lizard came again, and Shadow's first reaction was to follow the small procession.

"Shadow?" Sonic mouthed the name instead of saying it out loud, but stared at the black hedgehog intently, searching his red eyes for any hint that this was the same Shadow he had just raced for the white Emerald. The tugging of the leash was a constant annoyance, so he would have to break eye-contact soon.

Then, slowly, almost imperceptibly, the Ultimate Lifeform gave the tiniest of nods.

"Sonic," he mouthed back.

The blue hero felt a wave of relief. Wherever that Chaos Control gone haywire had sent him, at least Shadow had come with him. The bulldog jailer opened the door and all four of them strode out, Sonic feeling completely absurd with the leash around his neck.

A line from an old human movie played in his head, and had the lizard not glanced at him venomously this very moment, Sonic probably would have said it, just as a joke to lighten the tension.

Shadow, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore…

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