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Chapter 69: Beds and Roses

"You said I…well, your Shadow…saved this world? Twice?"

"Ah. Yeah, he did," Sonic threw a glance toward the other Shadow. The evening was approaching and they had decided to run back to Tails' place instead of Chaos Controlling there – at a tempo that the prince could easily keep up with, anyway, which amounted to the equivalent of light ambling for Sonic. But the orange light of the setting sun was beautiful at this time of day, so for once he didn't mind, instead keeping up the conversation easily.

"The first time he thought it was his dead sister's wish that he should destroy the world, but when he remembered it wasn't, he didn't. Helped me save it instead. The next time, it was when our Black Doom attacked our planet. In this world he was a very…hands-off parent. Uh." Sonic made a vague hand gesture at the surprised prince's glance. "Anyway, he was an even bigger jerk than your Black Doom and screwed with Shadow's head when he did, trying to get him to destroy the world again. I did what I could, tagging along with him, trying to get him to see reason...we all did," Sonic shrugged. "Not sure what it was in the end, but he decided to kick Black Doom's butt eventually and saved everyone. He is powerful. Very powerful. Like I said, one of the few who can match me – now just don't tell him I said that," Sonic said, throwing another cocky grin toward the prince. "Impressed with your alter ego?"

"I…suppose," the other Shadow conceded, tilting his head a little. "He seems a brave warrior. And an intelligent strategist, which is just as important. I concede that he demands respect."

"Yeah. I guess he does have this knack of coming across all aloof and powerf-"

"-Control! Sonic! Help me!"

Which was the exact moment the aloof and powerful Ultimate Lifeform materialized in front of them and immediately grasped Sonic by the shoulders.

"Everything went wrong!"

"What – Shadow?" Sonic frowned. "Wait, where's – where's the other me?"

"I, uh, lost him."

"You did what?!"

"Easy there, your Highness," Sonic held up a hand toward the prince, who had managed to turn impressively pale for a black hedgehog. "Let's hear your double out. Where did you lose him, Shads?"

"Well," Shadow looked like he had a toothache, "I didn't technically lose him-"

"There. See? No reason to freak out," Sonic raised an eye ridge at the royal Shadow who seemed to oscillate between panic and murderous intent, red eyes fixed on his doppelganger. "I'm sure your Sonic is absolutely-"

"-he was just admitted to the hospital."


The next thing that happened was an outraged but muffled "umpf!" as the charging prince's face hit Shadow's calmly outstretched hand. Shadow threw his (obviously ineffective, but still struggling) attacker an irritated glance.

"Yeah, kid, that's gonna take a while before you can try that. Now stand down and let me explain."

"There IS nothing to explain, you were supposed to guard him and you didn't-!" The prince wrenched himself loose from Shadow's grip on his face, teeth bared as he snarled. Sonic had to admit that at least when it came to self-confidence in taking on enemies way above his power level the prince had learned excessively well.

"He's not in the hospital because he was hurt," Shadow said, scowling. "It was more like…well." He looked over at Sonic with a wince. "We ran into Amy."

Sonic returned the look. "Oh. Oh no."

"Yeah, 'oh no'."

"Lady Amy?" the prince asked with narrowed eyes. "I'm not too surprised she exists in this world too, but what does this have to do with my sl- Sonic being in the hospital?" He turned to Sonic. "Would she hurt him badly enough that he required medical attention?"

"I'm almost a hundred percent certain that she wouldn't," Sonic replied carefully. "Not when she's having a good day, anyway. I'm joking! I'm joking, sheesh," he added quickly when the prince already seemed to be ready again to become a one-man suicide squad, "No, Amy wouldn't hurt anyone innocent badly enough that they'd have to go to the hospital. Shads, what did actually happen?"



"No, Amy, I'm telling you, we're fine-"

"Yeah, we can let the medical professionals decide that. Come along, Sonic."

"Yes, myl- Amy."

"No! Oh for-!"

Shadow was currently hurrying after Amy Rose, who was leading a docilely following Sonic by the hand, making her way swiftly through the gates of Station Square Teaching Hospital. Right at the moment he would have dearly wished that he had taken the royal Sonic out with a leash, just so that horrible things like this didn't happen.

"Hello. I'm Amy Rose. I'm here to let my boyfriend, Sonic the Hedgehog, get checked out - I think he has had a concussion or a sunstroke…?"

"Oh. Uh-huh," the human receptionist at the front desk of the hospital blinked for a moment at the collection of the three hedgehogs. "Can he tell me that himself? Sir?" she asked, addressing Sonic directly.

"I…I'm so sorry, but I don't know what a 'concussion' is. Or where we are. Is this a temple of some sort?"

"See?!" Amy pointed at him.

"No!" Shadow also came up to the front desk. "I'm telling you, this is all a misunderstanding, he doesn't have any condition, he-"

"I'm sorry, who are you?"

"I'm Shadow the Hedgehog," Shadow stated, before adding, with a side glare at Amy, "Also, I'm his boyfriend."

"Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Shadow also has had a concussion. Or maybe it's amnesia again," Amy said, suddenly seeming a bit worried as she looked up at the receptionist. "He tends to have these…episodes, you know?"

The blonde-haired girl at the front desk looked like she didn't know, and also thought she wasn't getting paid nearly enough for this. "Um…" she tried, "so how about I just enter your details and you can see a doctor to sort this out?"

"Thank you," Amy said, also looking at Shadow with a look of satisfaction. Shadow considered running off and simply scooping Sonic up and bringing him here, but figured the other likely wouldn't thank him for the commotion that would cause.

"So, uh, Sonic the Hedgehog, yeah?" the receptionist asked as she typed the name into the computer. Then her eyes bugged out a little. "According to this you're…here a lot?"

"I, uhm, I wouldn't know," Sonic looked at Shadow, a little desperately, "am I?"


"Stop. Laughing," Shadow managed to pronounce the words without actually separating his teeth, while Sonic was desperately trying to hide his expression behind his hands, but failing miserably.

"I'm sorry. But it is kind of hilarious."

Shadow pinched the skin above his snout. "I am suddenly regretting not to have brought any implements from the other dimension. No, that was not a question on how to discipline Sonic without them, thank you," Shadow cut the other Shadow off as he had raised his hand. "The gods know it wouldn't help anyway."

The prince merely scoffed (and mumbled something under his breath that sounded suspiciously like "amateur") but the other two hedgehogs ignored it. Sonic tried to get his face under control again.

"So then what happened?"


"Okay, if you could take a seat over there, someone should be able to see you in the next two hours," the receptionist nodded at them, before focusing on Sonic again. "If you could just tell me your address again to confirm the info I have here, Mr. Hedgehog…?"

"Oh, uh. Um. Well, I actually was living in my mother's castle, but then I lived in King Black Doom's one…but I'm not sure where I live in this dimension, I'm really sorry. My owner's…I mean, Shadow's doppelganger can probably help with that?" he asked, pointing at the black hedgehog.

There was a short moment of silence, with the only indicators of time passing the receptionist's rising eye brows and, in the background, Shadow's silent suffering.


"….I think a spot just opened up in the schedule. Mr. Hedgehog, if you'd just like to step into room number 2, a doctor will be along very shortly."

"Oh, thank you so much," Amy said, looking visibly relieved, while Sonic was already turning to walk toward the door, apparently still very much not used to not obeying any order.

"Not a problem," the receptionist nodded, before glancing at Shadow, "And are you here with him, or…?"

"I am currently contemplating my life choices," Shadow muttered under his breath, before looking up and adding "And I think this current situation could only get worse if-"

"Oh WOW! Is that Sonic the Hedgehog?!"

"Wha-? You idiot, who cares about Sonic?! THAT IS SHADOW! Shadow the Hedgehog, in real life! Oh gods, I'm gonna die!"

"-exactly this happens. I hate everything." Shadow gazed with mounting dread at the two people who had shouted. The pair in question consisted of a young panda cub in a wheelchair and his leg in a cast, still clutching his blue-white-red skateboard, and his teenage, presumably-sister, impressively wearing enough mascara and black make-up for it to be visible despite her species. She was also clad in a red-and-black pseudo-victorian dress, therefore also leaving little up to wondering just who was excited about whom here. As a third member, the group featured a very exhausted-looking mother panda, who was now regarding the hedgehogs with a sort of thousand-yard-stare.

"MOM! Push me! I have to get his autograph on the skateboard! NOW!"

"Oh gods, he looked! Shadow the Hedgehog looked! At ME! Quit embarrassing me! Mom, tell him to stop!"

"But mom, it's SONIC!"

"Wait, what? Sonic? The Sonic the Hedgehog?"


"Sir, I think you should head inside," the receptionist had also stood up as more and more people in the waiting area were starting to look up from their magazines and following the gazes of the two panda kids currently having their respective melt-downs. Shadow briefly thought he had heard an irritated nurse mutter "The same thing every Chaos-damned time he's here" as she rushed past him, but then Amy was already standing in front of him, shouting,

"Hey! Sonic's here because he's sick and he needs to see a doctor, leave him alone!"

…but only receiving a squeal of "We're not here for Sonic, we want Shadow-sama, our Lord of Darkness-!" as a response, this now from an entire group of teenage goths (with some actually worrying-looking burn-injuries) excitedly scrambling forward.


"…he is disrespecting your authority. That, or he is possessed by spirits."

"Yes. Possibly both," Shadow replied. They were both regarding Sonic, who at this point had grabbed a nearby tree to keep himself upright while laughing.

"This isn't funny."

"Hell yeah, it is. Oh come on, at least a little," Sonic had quieted down again and was now regarding them both quizzically. "Then what did you do, 'Shadow-sama', Lord of the Grouch?"

"I used the fake Emerald Tails made and Chaos-Controlled the hell out of there," Shadow growled, "What else would you have done?"

"Fair point."

"Then my Sonic is still there, at this hospital of yours?"

"Should be. We can get him out later, when he'll be alone in his room. It'll be easiest if we just Chaos Control in there, switch him and me, and then I'll just check myself out, probably." Sonic tapped his nose in contemplation.

Shadow raised an eye ridge. "That sounds…surprisingly clever."

"Thank you."

"It also sounds like you really don't want to confront Amy."

"Crazy talk. Also, what's so bad about waiting a few days…maybe letting Rouge talk to her first…maybe being in a different country when she does…"

"I don't like this." The prince scowled at them, interrupting Sonic's increasingly wishful monologue. "What if something happens to him until then?"

Sonic snorted. "Believe me, the worst thing they do at this hospital is feed you the horrible food they serve. Your dude will be fine."

"Won't they put him into a room with someone else, though? We can't switch the two of you without causing a commotion when someone's in there," Shadow asked as Sonic had started walking toward Tails' place again, the two black hedgehogs falling into step beside him.

"Have you seen the amount they charge me for health insurance? I practically have a private suite there by now," Sonic replied dryly. "Nope, soon as the doctors' rounds are over, we can get him."

"What about this Lady Amy, though?" the prince remarked. "By the words of your Shadow it sounded like she was set on guarding him." His brows drew together. "I'm not sure I like her."

Sonic shook his head. "They have visiting hours. Even Amy will have to leave."

Shadow raised an eye ridge, looking doubtful. "It's Amy. You think visiting hours will deter her?"

Sonic threw him a look. "Actually, they have these visiting hours because of Amy."


"I think they started implementing them about my third stay there," Sonic gave Shadow a lop-sided grin. "Musta been straight after I became a living pinball in Robotnik's fortress way back when. Good times."

"Clearly, if you ended up in a hospital afterwards."

"You said it," Sonic nodded sagely. "Anyway, let's head back, see how far Tails is along with the transdimensional portal machine and then have dinner before we collect His Royal Highness. We got all the time in the world."


"King…king Scourge?" Silver asked, his mouth abruptly turning dry. Next to him, Manic was now as white as a sheet.

"That's what he calls himself," Sir Connery, the panting horse knight in the doorway to the throne room nodded, looking from Silver to the Chaotix, to Queen Aleena and the King Max. "My liege, shall I rally-?"

That was as far as he got before there was a distinct whooshing sound and then the deafening clang of one of the ornamental wall shields hitting the back of his head. Sir Connery folded like a cardboard soldier. A boot came down on top of the shield now covering his torso.

"The hell you gonna rally, stud." Scourge the Hedgehog casually let his sword drop onto his shoulder as he stood on the fallen knight, grinning at the people in the room like a shark.

"Greetings, your Highnesses. Ready to capitulate?"


"Can we get going now?"

"Yeah, yeah. Sheesh, you're about as impatient as your double. Okay," Sonic said, glancing at the wall clock in Tails' kitchen. The sun was now already setting behind the horizon, bathing the domestic scenery inside in the last threads of golden light. "Like I said, we have all the time in the world. No rush."

"I have a feeling things somehow always turn more terrible when you speak."

"Like I said, you are getting more similar to Shads," Sonic poked his tongue out at the prince as he pulled out the Chaos Emerald from his quills. "Ready to go? Grab a hold of me. Shads, you wanna come along, too?"

"No. The less commotion the better. Plus, one of the nurses said I was 'fritzing the Chaos equipment' whenever I was there, so I'm not too fond of the place." The Ultimate Lifeform looked just the tiniest bit insulted.

"Gotcha. Alright then, I'll send the two of them ahead and run back here soon as I've checked myself out. And then…" Sonic let his voice drop to a just ever so slightly lower register, "I already told Tails I'm gonna spend the night at my place tonight. Looking forward to carry you over the threshold there later…"

"Hnh," Shadow snorted, but there was definite amusement (and eagerness) underneath that. "Let's see who will carry whom there. Don't dawdle." So saying, he reached out just ever so casually, brushing underneath Sonic's chin to tilt the other's face toward his for a small, fleeting kiss. The blue hedgehog actually looked just slightly dazed for a moment, but then already broke out into a renewed, enthusiastic grin at the prospect.

"Wouldn't dream of it. You ready, your Highness? Chaos….!"





Sonic couldn't help but allow himself a small smile at the way his doppelganger lit up as the other Shadow appeared next to him in the hospital room (which was, as predicted, empty but for the three of them) and also a feeling of approval as the other Shadow immediately rushed to his partner's side at the hospital bed.

"Did…did they treat you well?" he asked, breathlessly.

"Yes, Shadow. They were very thorough, friendly and careful." The other Sonic smiled at him, before suddenly flinching as if remembering something. "Oh, I'm sorry, let me get out to greet you properly-" he said, already sitting up and swinging his legs over the bedside, socked feet hitting the floor only for blue legs to automatically fold, the entire hedgehog about to sink to his knees at the prince's feet-

"Wait!" the other Shadow had grasped his Sonic around his shoulders, stopping him from prostrating himself. "Don't…here, that's better," he said, pulling him back to his feet gently. Sonic was also pleased to notice that the royal Shadow didn't even surreptitiously glance back at him to somehow earn some approval for this, but it seemed like a much more natural gesture.

The other Sonic tilted his head as he stood, a small smile tugging at his features. "You…don't want me to kneel for you?"

Shadow swallowed. "I think…I think today I saw how standing may suit you better after all." (At this he did finally throw a glance backwards at Sonic, but it seemed filled more with a trace of genuine gratefulness than resentment or bitterness. Sonic nodded quietly, but then turned away and looked out the window, figuring that a bit of space may be what was needed here. The next thing that happened seemed to be a kiss between the two, anyway, so that was probably spot-on.)

"Did you come to get me or is this just a visit?" the other Sonic asked, more loudly, maybe to indicate to Sonic that the conversation was including him again.

"No, I have come to get you. I have failed you for two years. I won't ever fail you again," Shadow was currently saying, red eyes blazing as he held the other's face in his hands, and Sonic was once again slightly torn between laughing at this Shadow-typical drama-ness and the genuine sweetness of the gesture.

"Yup, your Shadow's here to heroically rescue you from the hospital. We had to actually wrestle him down so that he wouldn't come in here with guns blazing during the day, you know?" he asked instead, walking back to them and letting a hand fall onto the black hedgehog's shoulder which (of course) earned him a small death glare.

"Oh, really? Wow…" the other Sonic replied, eyes just a little too glazed and dreamy for Sonic's liking, but, he figured, you couldn't have it all.

"Eyup. So, if you just slip off that plastic wristband they gave you and toss it to me, your Shadow's gonna Chaos Control the two of you back to Tails' place. I'll wrap things up here."

"Thank you!" There was another hug (which, privately, Sonic still found just a tad weird to receive from what was basically his clone) the other Sonic grabbed his shoes and then the two doppelgangers vanished, the other Shadow almost with an adorable look of intense concentration on the Emerald.

"Right," Sonic muttered to himself, shaking his head a little. They should have ended up where they needed to go, if not, Tails would likely be able to find out where they were and Shadow could retrieve them. He slipped the plastic wristband on, stepped out of the room and walked out to the night nurse's station.


"Huh – oh!" The night nurse looked up from his forms, surprised. "Can I help you-?"

"Yeah, I'd like to check out. I think I was here for a sunstroke or a concussion and memory loss, but I'm all better now."

"Um…" the young man looked a bit overtaxed, but at least typed in the information on the wristband and looked at the file appearing on screen. "I'm sorry, but I don't know if-"

"Oh gods, it's him," an elderly lioness in scrubs was just walking past the filing cabinets in the nurse's station, only assuming a long-suffering look at the sight of Sonic. "Seriously, honey, just check him out. He does this about every other month or so, you don't want him on your station when he's well enough to walk around."

"Always lovely to see you, Sierra," Sonic replied pleasantly, fingers tapping on the desk of the station. "Now, if it's alright, I'll be-"

"Uh…but…there's this notification…" the night nurse was tapping on the monitor. "What does that mean?"

"Let me see – oh. Oh." The lioness suddenly looked a whole lot more serious and…stricken? as she turned to Sonic. "I'm sorry, but you can't leave yet. You are still a minor so there are a few people you will have to talk to."

Sonic swallowed. "Um. What people…?"



This word of greeting was accompanied by a very worn-out hedgehog colliding straight up with Shadow's chest the moment he had opened the door to Tails' house at the knocking. Shadow raised an eye ridge at the armful of blue quills.

"Long night at the hospital, I take it?"

"Shads, it was awful." Sonic, still apparently not very much inclined to move from his position of halfway draped around Shadow's neck, face buried somewhere between his shoulder and patch of chest fluff, moaned into the white fur. "It took forever."

"Checking out not as simple as you thought it would be?" Shadow asked, at the same time gently prying the arms of the groggy hero away from himself and then instead bending down a moment to slide an arm behind his knees, effortlessly lifting Sonic up. It said something for his state that Sonic didn't even complain at the treatment, but only let his head dangle backwards off Shadow's arm, looking up at the black hedgehog mournfully.

"Nooo," he whined. Then his hands came up to cover his face. "Shads, I had to go to trauma counselling."

"Ah." Shadow pulled a grimace.

"They had an effing hedgehog doll in the room."

"Considerate of them."

"Do you know how long it took me to explain to them that I was totally fine, despite the…injuries…my other self had, and not the victim of some sort of crime?" Sonic groaned. "Plus, after the stuff I had to come up with as an explanation, now I never want to show my face at this hospital again," he mumbled, now pointedly looking anywhere but at Shadow.

"Then don't get injured?"

"Yeah, 'cause that's likely to happen." Sonic favoured Shadow with a wry smile. "But still...I had to listen to every single injury they'd found on the other me. Apparently they did a full check-up and of course he didn't stop them." Sonic let his head slump against Shadow's chest for a moment. "After hearing all of what they apparently did to him there, I kinda wanna go back and destroy everything there again," he mumbled into the fluff.

Shadow tilted his head. "If you want to, we can. Only one botched Chaos-Control away, after all, let's do it right now."

This, at least, let Sonic chuckle. "Yeah, maybe not." He looked up again, quirking one eye ridge. "Aren't partners supposed to stop you from making stupid decisions at insane o'clock in the morning?"

"You might have picked the wrong partner there," Shadow conceded, deadpan. "As it stands, I'm usually in favour of murderous revenge."

"Evidently. Why do I have to be the sane one," Sonic sighed, but it was already a much more contend stretching of his body that followed, and he still made no effort to get down, settling again in the embrace before folding his arms, head tilted back with a lazy smile.

"Right. You gonna run and carry me over my own threshold now or what?"

"If you wish," Shadow replied equally easily, the ghost of a smile tugging at the edges of his mouth as dark red eyes gleamed. "That's what I've been waiting for for four hours, anyway."

"Aw," Sonic let see a small grin, but turned that one into a lop-sided smile right after. "Though we may hafta amend our plans for the night a bit. I'm beat and after the lecture I was given at the hospital about 'my' body, including how to apply this –" he reached into his quills and drew out an ointment tube with a grimace – "I don't exactly feel like taking another pounding right now. Not until morning, anyway."

"Well," Shadow smirked as he shifted Sonic slightly for easier take-off. "Guess we'll just have to mix plans up for the night, then…"


To be continued…in the Extras section! There is a good chunk of story to be read there, including the (technically) T-rated ending of that scene, which is also below. So, Sonadow-fans head on over to the Extras-section, chapter 4, and read the chapter ending there (and of course, if you feel like it, leave a review here first ;)) and NON-Sonadow fans, assume they had a lovely night (and morning) playing…Twister, and read the cleaned-up chapter ending down below, taking place the next morning in Sonic's kitchen (and on his kitchen counter. ).


























"That was...very satisying," Shadow mumbled, after a few moments when he felt himself capable of non-embarrassing speech again. (It had been a lesson hard learned. The first time afterwards, yesterday, he'd been babbling in a quite embarrassingly sentimental way that was not at all appropriate when execution wasn't scheduled in the morning. Sonic, for his part, had mostly stared a bit, had told Shadow that this was one of the sweetest things he'd ever heard, and then had dissolved into a total giggle fit.)

"Uh-huh. Always glad to be of service," Sonic replied light-heartedly from underneath him, twisting his head a bit to poke the other's muzzle with his nose. "Wanna tell me again how I'm the one that saved you and...I think something about being an angel? Being your angel, right? How I 'gripped you tight and raised you from perdition'?" Sonic gave him the brightest loving grin that lasted until Shadow tiredly lifted one arm and pressed Sonic's face hard into the kitchen counter they were currently sprawled on top on.

"Shut up. I hate you."

Sonic's only response was to laugh some more, and Shadow naturally groaned. He waited until the giggling had subsided and, also telling himself he would move off Sonic, right in a moment when he had his strength back, asked,

"But it was...good for you, too, right?"

Sonic snorted, again, now that Shadow's hand was gone lifting his head up to bonk it against the chin of the other with a grin. "'course it was, you dolt, I mean-" next, he shifted his voice a few octaves higher, "Of course, lucky slave me, I have a very considerate master..."

"Oh gods, be quiet," Shadow groaned. "Let's leave that stuff in the heat of the moment, okay? I would not be able to look at myself in the mirror."

"Yes, master. Ow!" Sonic called out, chuckling as another slap on his thigh promptly followed for his troubles. "Alright. Now get offa me, otherwise my hip is gonna have a bruise shaped like the edge of my kitchen island afterwards..."

"Yeah, just let me-" Shadow began, starting to push himself upwards but then, there was a very particular noise that let both hedgehogs freeze.

Namely, boots running right up the stairs to Sonic's apartment they were currently in, also accompanied by a very familiar voice.


There was the bang! of an apartment door crashing open as it was collided into by far more force than a hedgehog female should physically be able to wield. The noise of boots excitedly thundering up stairs combined with cheerfully happy monologue and the rustling of gift bags combined had risen to a crescendo for a moment more terrifying than Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries as the door had exploded inwards...and was then was replaced by a moment of complete and utter deafening silence.

The distance between the entrance to Sonic's open-plan bachelor apartment and the kitchen island facing it was maybe six metres. Right now the hero of Mobius still bent double over said kitchen island looked like he wished this distance was more comparable to that between the base of the Empire State building and, say, Alpha Centauri.

Amy stared. Sonic stared. What Shadow was doing Sonic couldn't really see.

"Uhm." Sonic said.

The muffin bag in Amy's hands fell to the floor.

"You know," Shadow behind him said, voice an utter an utter deadpan, "Maria always taught me to knock."

To be continued...

To be fair, I wanted to upload this on Halloween originally, so I thought a bit of horror was appropriate. Hope you liked anway, and if you read, please review! :D