Yes, it was a sight to behold.

Near, in all his glory tied to a bed with golden rope. His normally pale face a deep shade of pink, eyes half lidded and glazed over.

Mello, with a satanic smile wearing nothing but his leather pants, strataling the pale boy.

I stood in the doorway unable to move, or think about anything else besides how utterly delicious they both looked. Mello leaned forward pressing their groins together making Near moan quite loudly.

"Mello..." he said in a needy tone.

"What is it Near?" Mello said, his grin growing bigger.

It was unusual for Near to say Mello's name this soon into the game. This happened almost every Saturday when everyone was outside playing, Mello would sneak back in with Near slung over his shoulder, I only started to fallow them a few weeks ago. They never went very far, just enough for Mello to make Near scream his name and then he would untie him and walk out. Near never seemed to mind, but it was like that for most things. Once Mello was gone he would get up, put his clothes on and go outside as if nothing had happened. But this time was different, Near just came out and said it. But for some reason I don't think he wanted Mello to stop.


"Am I scaring you? Near?" Mello was now inches away from Nears face.

" the only thing that scares me is knowing in a few minutes you will leave." Near said giving Mello an ashamed look.

Mello sat straight up and gave Near a puzzled look. "W-what do you...mean?" He said obviously nervus by the situation.

"Isn't it obvious Mello? You always thought you were number two, and for one day a week you can be number one..."

"Were are you going with this?" Mello said angrily. He didn't like to be reminded that he was not as good as Near.

"But you never realized... you were always number one to me." Near said lifting his eyes to meat Mello's. who flinched back and had to force his mouth shut.

Mello still sat stiff ly on Near and stared of into space with wide eyes while Near bowed his head and waited for the heartbreaking moment when Mello left. They stayed like that until Mello loosened up and looked down at Near.

"Do you really mean that?" Mello almost had tears in his eyes.

"Yes. I do. More than I could ever tell you...I love you Mello." A single tear fell from the corner of Mello's eye and landed on Nears chest making him shiver. Mello placed his hand on Nears cheek and mouthed the words "I love you too" but I think he was too happy to speak. He leaned down to give Near a loving, passionate kiss that turned into a battle between tongues that neither boy cared who won.

Near bucked his hips making his arousal known again, Mello grinded down on Near making him gasp and writhe beneath him. The feel of leather on his bare skin was almost enough to push him over the edge.

"Mello..." moaned against Mello's swollen lips making him break the kiss. "...please" Mello, being the twisted bastard that he is, moved his lips away from Nears face and started to suck and nibble on his neck before biting on his ear. Near gasped and moaned Mello's name a little louder than before.

"Yes Near?" Mello's said in an incredibly sexy voice. Near closed his eyes and tried to put together coherent sentences.

"Mello, take me... now...please" he said in a shaky voice. Mello didn't need to be told twice, he placed a quick kiss on Near's quivering lips and got off the bed.

Near watched in awe as Mello untied the laces on the crotch of his leather pants. Nears erection twitched as he watched Mello peel his tight pants off and throw them to the corner of the room.

Mello crawled between Nears leg and licked his cock from bass to tip making Near gasp at the sensation. Mello crawled up further and placed three fingers at Near's mouth.

"Suck." he commanded and Near eagerly took his fingers into his mouth and coated them with a considerable amount of saliva. Mello took is fingers out of Near's mouth and placed them at his tiny entrance. " Are you sure about this? This is going to hurt quite a bit." Mello said circling Near's entrance with one finger. Near moaned and gave a nod of approval.

Mello pushed one finger all the way in and Near made a face at the new feeling. Mello looked up from his work to get permission to insert another finger. He got a nod from the pale boy who was having second thoughts considering as all he felt was awkward. Mello took his finger out and pushed back in with two. Neat made a small cry of pain and flinched away from the feeling. Mello ignored him and began making scissoring motion with his fingers stretching Near and used his other hand to rub up and down Nears leg trying to make him relax. Mello then hit something that made Near scream

"GAH! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" Mello stopped his action to look at Near trying to process that. The blond chuckled under his breath and thrust his fingers full force into that special spot inside the pale boy.

"GOOD LORD!" Near screamed and pushed down on Mello's fingers. He hit that spot several more times until he stoped to get permission to add another finger. Near gave his a frantic look and nodded his head violently in approval. Mello pushed the last one in making Near cringe a little. As soon as Near was relaxed Mello took his fingers out causing Near to whimper.

The blond place his length at Near's stretched entrance and placed his had on either side of Nears face.

"This is going to be painful." Mello said warning his new found uke. Near frowned a little and wrapped his legs around Mello's waist and pulled him closer causing the head of Mello's length to be forced inside Nears virgin entrance.

The pale boy hissed in pain as Mello pushed himself fully into him and stopped moving. He looked down at Nears twisted face and whispered in his ear " I told you so." Near, feeling slightly competitive looked The blond in the eyes and ordered


Mello pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in unbearably slow for his liking but he didn't want to render Near a cripple. He continued at that pace until Nears moaning started to get louder and he stared barking out commands like "faster" and "harder". Mello did as he was told grunting every time he slammed into his uke.

Near was a totally different person in this ecstasy. Cursing like a sailor and actually showing emotion. And even being impulsive. He flipped himself over onto his hands and knees never breaking the connection between him and Mello.

"Ahhhhh..." Mello moaned at the sensation. He grabbed hold of Near's hips and slammed mercilessly into him.

The room was filled with moans and the sound of skin on skin. Near pushed backward meeting Mello's thrusts. They were in ecstasy until the feeling in their stomached took them over and sent them falling to the bed in a sweaty mess of body parts. Mello pulled out and lazily fell to Near's side and draped an arm over him.

"You're amazing." Mello mumbled into white hair. Near rolled over to come face to face with Mello. He smiled and said,

"Yes... And im still number one." He said tauntingly. Mello almost pushed the pale bastard off the bed but something came over him and he couldn't force himself to do it.

"My number one" He said and pulled Near closer to him as they dozed off .


So, if the Lemony good-ness distracted you, let me remind you that there was a third person in this fic.

Well, when the two love bird awoke and when to clean up Near tripped over something, it ended up being Matt, who was unconscious with a blood drenched shirt. The blood seemed to have came from his nose. Near and Mello then decided that they could possibly add another to their Saturday activities next time.

Hoped you liked it next chapter to be added sooner or later.