Day of the Dead

Summary: A Babylon 5 legend into Naruto. The title speaks for itself; set a few years before Naruto is genin. So. Who would they see?
Author's Note: Kurégakuré, or the village hidden in darkness is of my own device; I'll write for it sporadically. (I don't watch the filler, so if something like that was already conceived…I'm sorry, and call this my own spin on it.)
Dedication: Babylon 5: JMS! (Yay, go Lost Tales!)
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto (or anything in B5), probably because I am so un-cool! (But I guess I do own Kurégakuré. So yay.)
Genre: Um, General—and a little back-from-the-dead humor. : )



1. Dear Konoha



It was a perfectly perfect, great, ordinary day in Konoha. Naruto was off being a trouble-making idiot, Sakura was doing what her parents told her, Sasuke was sulking, and Kakashi was being Kakashi lazily under a tree, for once, not really doing much of anything at all. Everything for the day was normal and great, really really spectaculary fine and dandy… And yet…something extraordinary was taking place.

Sandaimé thought it a most unusual request, perhaps the most unusual of his entire time as hokagé. His first question was immediately why these people didn't contact the real ruling forces of the land of fire. Surely the daimyo-ra, nobles, and lords had the entire ruling rights of this…request as the strange and quite insane one that it was.

However, still bowed in respect, the man said he had already tried and failed.

Sandaimé blinked, puffing out hazy smoke. "Such an…unusual request, I do not think I blame them."

The man gulped and raised his head. He pushed dark sunglasses up his nose, covering grey, curious eyes. "Please, Hokagé-sama, if I may…?"

The hokagé nodded calmly, feeling stares from two jounin positioned on either side of him. They probably thought he'd gone as crazy as the request for not simply dismissing the man.

The man cleared his throat. Between the lines he showed a jittery haste to the old hokagé, as if his life depended upon the deal. "Yes, I do know there are not many of us passing through Konoha," he began. "But we only wish to buy…Konoha for just tonight until sunrise." The man paused, probably expecting the Sandaimé to start the rejection. When the old hokagé did not, the man took the smallest step forward. The bright sun through the windows made his skin look perfectly white, yet did not do much for his sandy-frizzed hair underneath a dark blue bandana bearing a plate with a symbol of darkness.

The jounin on Sandaimé's right could have sworn he was looking at an indoor version of Ebisu-sensei.

"As you know, our visitation ends in a few days, and on behalf of Kurégakuré, the fellow nobles and myself have enjoyed this…experience and of course the new treatise, but this festival is simply something that cannot be missed."

He's a weird lap-dog, throw him out!

Sandaimé felt the looks were probably saying that right about now. So, he shrugged smally, "Suppose I agree in letting you buy this district only, would you and your nobles consent to that?"

The man nearly stopped breathing in sheer delight. "Oh—yes! That would be considered satisfactory!"

"Hokagé-sama…" the left jounin muttered.

Well the funny hokagé hat was down, so they couldn't very well see him faintly smiling, "Please reminded me again of this…festival, and why you chose not to disclose this information earlier."

The Kuré ninja bowed, apologizing. "We are very sorry, Hokagé-sama, but we were insisted by your lords themselves of prolonging our stay this long. As for our festival…" The man raised his head, with it, his blackglasses. "We call it the Day of the Dead. Once every few hundred years, a certain comet passes our sky and falls across our land. It is the Kurénai comet, or so we call it. Our day—your night—which is normally dark, is brightened by her light. It is a sacred time to pray to our ancestors and perform certain rituals and prayers. It only happens in our land of darkness—so you see we must buy Konoha so then it is ours, and then it is the land of darkness, so then we will not miss the scared day," He seemed finally breathe. "It is our most sacred day!"

And now they were in unison…: "Hokagé-sama…"

The Kuré nin blinked, suddenly sagging. He raised his eyebrows, inwardly 'eep-ing'. Sandaimé did not speak, the two jounin thinking it not too utterly impossible he may have fallen asleep. So, the Kuré ninja drew himself in like a shy little Hyuuga the Sandaimé knew. The ninja spoke, "Your nobles did offer to rent land, but then it would not be ours. We must buy…" Yeah, stressing the 'buy' part.

Finally, a small puffy cloud blew out from somewhere under the hat. Sandaimé looked up. "When would you need this?"

"Um, tonight."

The pipe nearly dropped. The Sandaimé recovered sooner than the jounin beside him. "Tonight?"

"Yes, your night will begin our day—by sunrise it is all yours again."

"That's insane!"


Sandaimé waved them off, his gaze fixed on the ninja—apparently the best negotiator Kurégakuré had to offer. "In this deal I would have to surrender all my ruling rights…?"

"Hokagé-sama, you can't be serious!"

The Kuré ninja spoke honestly. "Hokagé-sama, if anything…militarily dire should happen, I, Sakaki Tohinaké, promise you personally, along with the nobles I serve that your normal jurisdiction will be returned to you."

The jounin were in disbelief, mortally anguished over such sheer, unfiltered insanity.

Sandaimé agreed.

You should have seen the two jounin. Oh and after their shift ended, soon every jounin and even quite a few chuunin knew of the backhand deal with the land of darkness.

The district that had been decided upon did not include Naruto's apartment or even Sasuke's, or Sakura's house, or even most of Konoha-everyday. It did include Kakashi's place and Asuma's, wherever the hell Genma lived, and the bar Ibiki and Gai would be at that night—because some things are just funny like that. The people from the land of darkness were staying at the heart of it all, aptly enough. Together they bought out some special-looking flowers from the Yamanaka Flower Shop, very bright yellow ones, and soon they had they looking like they were fished out of a week-old trash can. One had to wonder why they didn't go ahead and say "Boo" when they offered you one…at least that's what Shiranui Genma wondered.

The people, a group of about twenty, including ninja, also bought out some bright-looking, colorful candies which they decorated with a unique baking juutsu—yes you read that right—and painted tiny skulls on them. Genma also wondered aloud, with colorful metaphors—

Sarutobi Asuma elbowed him and said a thank you as he accepted a particularly grotesque-looking one. They walked away dazed and confused. Then Genma said, "You know this is kinda funny…"

"Genma, stop looking at me. I had absolutely nothing to do with this."

"Suuuuuure you didn't," Genma grinned, the senbon off to one side. "'Next thing you'll be tellin' me is that it doesn't run in the family."

"And that's when I stabbed him, your Honor…" muttered Asuma.

"You know in retrospect," started Genma again. "This could be a really interesting thing."

Asuma said nothing—he wondered if it really would be.