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An alarm clock woke the two girls out of their slumber. One went down the stairs to wake her brother; her friend started to get ready. As Helena woke Kale, Bella tried to decide what to wear to her first day at Trinity High. She and Lena shared a closet, so she has many items to choose from. As her best friend got out of the shower, she finally decided on a green Hollister polo under a 'Medic Droid' tee, paired with skinny jeans and green flipflops. She went to do her makeup and straighten her long, dark brown hair as her friend needed the closet. Helena took slightly less time, deciding on a purple, lacey tank top, skinny jeans, and her high top chucks. She dried her long, blonde, layered hair, which she had put dyed pink horizontal stripes in a few days before. Her makeup was dark eyeliner and gray shadow, a great contrast to Bella's light eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Kale waited downstairs, in regular jeans and a shirt from PacSun. The three walked to their car, a yellow porsche that would be Helena's at the end of the month; a gift from her mom. But for now, Kale drove the car to their new school. It was the middle of October; the girls would be sophomores, while Kale was a senior.

Helena played with the beads on her long, black necklace, wondering what the students would think of them. From what she had seen, they were quite different from the many teens in the area. Not that she cared, though; she just had the tendency to think too much. Bella, on the other hand, practically jumped up and down with excitement. Both girls loved meeting new people, but the brunette was slightly more outgoing.

The school was pretty big, and many students had already arrived. Most stared at the new students and their car. Trying to ignore the looks, the three silently walked off to the school office to get their schedules. Kale, being the quiet guy he was, left the two without a word, leaving them to compare their schedules.

"Hmm, we've got first, third, lunch, and seventh periods together. Not too bad,'' the blonde girl said, finding her locker.

"Yeah, I guess. I'm off to my locker and homeroom!'' Bella said, slightly disappointed that she didn't have every class with Lena.


As her friend walked away, Helena fumbled with her lock. Holding a few books in one hand and her schedule and combination in the other, she tried to memorize the numbers and open the lock. Her left hand slipped, causing her books to drop. As the girl cursed and bent down, she saw a hand already working on stacking them neatly. The face she looked at next would be engraved into her memories forever. His dark-rimmed eyes met hers, locked into a stare. She broke the eye contact first, reaching for his finished stack.

"Thank you. My name is Helena Hadows, but my friends call me Lena," she smiled, looking once again at his face.

"My name is Ryuzaki Lawliet. It's a pleasure to meet you, Lena," he said, smiling back. They stood similtaneously, Ryuzaki handing her her books.

"Do you need help with anything? I'll be glad to help," he offered, watching the girl open her locker and stuff her belongings inside.

"Hmm," she said, biting her thumb in a way that stunned L. He had often done it himself when he was thinking. "I don't really know where I'm going and such,'' she replied, handing him her schedule. He quickly scanned the paper, eyes lighting up.

"Well, you're in luck, since me escorting you won't be a difficult task. We have every class together," he winked at the girl, causing her to giggle her signature laugh.

She grabbed her books and walked with her new friend to homeroom, chatting, giggling, and flirting the entire way.


Bella's flipflops softly hit the hallway tile with every step. After attempting to find and open her locker (opening turned out to be a much harder task for the girl), she grabbed her things and started to walk around, using the numbered doors to find her homeroom.

Since the three had been slightly early to school, there was only one boy in the room, and no teacher. His red hair was straight, with the exeption of the areas where goggles sat atop his head. His eyes were hidden, his head down, looking at his PSP. A striped shirt, dark jeans, and converse completed his appearance. Bella walked in happily, sitting backwards in the desk in front of him.

"Hi, I'm Bella!" she greeted enthusiastically, causing the boy to pause his game and look up. Pairs of green eyes met. She smiled.

"I'm Matt Jeevas," he replied, returning the smile. He glanced at the girl's appearance; well, he intended to glance, but his eyes lingered a little longer than expected. Thankfully, she had been paying attention to the game in his hands rather than where he was looking.

"Whatcha playing?" the girl asked, attempting to take the PSP.

"Final Fantasy," he replied, taking his eyes off the brunette to keep the game away from her.

"Aww, let me play!" Bella said as she reached once again for the game, only to have it pulled out of reach by the ginger. After a few more tries, she gave up. Or at least that's what Matt thought.

But, she was determined.

She put on her saddest face, and sat, looking at the boy. He looked up after feeling her gaze, which he quickly regretted and gave up the PSP. She smiled happily, playing the game.

"Hey Matt, just one sad look and you hand over your prize possesion to a girl? I thought better of you."

A boy with shoulder length blonde hair walked into the room. Tight, dark jeans, converse, and a vest showed off his skinny figure. Bella decided she didn't like his as soon as she saw him. He sat next to Matt, winking at the girl.

"Hey Matt, who's the babe?" he said, eyes scanning her figure.

Yep, she hated him.

"Mello, I honestly didn't think any better of you, being so rude to a girl. This is Bella, she's new," the gamer stated, rolling his eyes.

"What Matty? She's a pretty girl. You probably just don't want me flirting with her, cause you want her." He watched his friend's cheeks flush slightly, grinning to himself.

More students walked in, and the sound of a bell officially started Bella and Lena's first day of Japanese schooling.