Helena sat on her bed in gray sweatpants, flipping through a book about psychology she had found downstairs. Her hair was thrown up in a bun, and she looked as if she had no intention of going anywhere that Saturday afternoon. Which, she didn't. A knock on the door startled her out of her studying, and she looked up to see Mr. Wammy walking in with a smile on his face.

"Hey grandpa, what's up?" she asked, smiling at her guardian. She had been staying here for five months, and she was used to random visits from the older gentleman.

"Hello, Helena. I was just wanting to inquire about your future career choices?"

"I was thinking maybe a psychologist, or a dectective's assistant. I mean, the first one is probably going to be what happens, as I don't know any detective's personally."

"And why would you only strive to be a detective's assitant?"

"Because I wouldn't want to make all the decisions. I just want to help, you know?"

"Are you sure you don't know any detective's, dear?"

His question caught her off guard. What was he hinting at? She was fairly sure she didn't.

Her confusion must have shown on her face.

"Ryuzaki wants to be a detective, that's why I was asking. Mello and Near are also wondering about that career, but they are going to go to college to get their education. Ryuzaki is planning on being trained by myself, starting next year. Would you be interested in being his assistant and training underneath he and I?"

"Of course, grandpa!" Her face lit up. "Are we going to be attending school on the side?"

"No, Helena. This will be your last year of schooling. But I'm sure if that concerns you, with prom and such, that I can arrange something with the school."

"Thank you!" She jumped up and hugged the older man.

"Do you happen to know where Ryuzaki is, by any chance? I was going to talk to him, but I can't find him," Mr. Wammy stated as the hug was ended.

"Honestly, I have no idea. He, Matt and Mello might be out causing trouble," she replied jokingly.

"Thank you, dear. By the way, I noticed you didn't have any lunch, and it's nearly three. Would you like me to fix you something?"

She hadn't even realized she was hungry until he mentioned it. The book that was now on her floor had been her focus all morning.

"That's fine, I'll just ask Bella if she wants to go get something."

"Alright, good day, Helena. I'll see you at dinner," he bowed like a bulter as he left the room.

She looked in the mirror, fixing her hair to look at least slightly presentable. Her cell phone slid into her pocket, along with her keys and wallet.

"Bella, food run!"


"Mello, what are you doing here?" the blonde girl asked, confused in her pink apron.

"Can't a guy visit his best friend on her first day at work, princess?" he answered, smiling innocently as he jumped onto a stool.

"Not if said best friend is a chocolate-loving blonde named Mello. What would you like, dear?"

"Whatever has the most chocolate in it."

She scooped the icecream into a cone as she laughed at him. Her silver ring, a present from Ryuzaki for their six month anniversary, shined in the light of the Baskin Robbins where she had been hired for a summer job.

"Why do you and Panda-boy get to stay at home while we go to school for the next two years? Totally not fair," the blonde male whined, licking at the brown sweet.

"It's not like we're going to be sleeping, Mells. Plus we'll have alot more work than you. By the way, where is everyone else? I figured they would want to harrass me too."

"Eh, I left them at home. I didn't feel like dealing with Matt and Bella's non-relationship today."

This caused them both to laugh. Everyone knew the two had feelings for each other. Except the two included. Of course, Bella wasn't the dating type, and Matt figured he'd get rejected as quickly as half the school had that year. And then everything would be awkward.

Mello stayed until the crowd was more frequent and larger, then ran off to leave Helena with her costomers.