Chapter 1

New Beginnings

The wind whips at my face, the sun beating down on me. We have been driving for 26 hours total, not counting our stops. We recently entered Ithaca, New York, only at least twenty more minutes to go until we reached our bright future. I stare out at the window as we pass down a narrow street, green wrapped around the car on either side. I soon realize my head was sticking out like a dog, and I withdraw myself. Stan is concentrating on the road, his eyes a bit heavy from lack of sleep. I have to say I'm a bit tired myself, but I feel bad. He's been driving the entire time. I told him plenty of times that I'd go ahead and take the wheel, but no. He insisted on driving the car. "This is my car, Kyle. I saved up for it, I bought it and I'll be the one to drive it." So I told him that's fine. I'll have the last laugh when he either happens to get us killed, or nearly does when he passes out on the steering wheel.

I stare at the lush forests that pass us, my chin resting against the rim of the car door. I begin playing with the lock, pushing it up and down. I hear Stan murmur something to me about breaking it, so I soon stop and rest my hand against the seat. I inhale the air, watching as the woods begin to fade away into buildings. I watch a few people pass on the streets. Behind the buildings is the lake, the water expanding out in a deep blue abyss, sparkling madly against the suns beam. "It's pretty here," I compliment.

"I thought you'd like it." Stan says to me. I remove myself from the window, staring forward at the street. "We're almost there."

"Finally." I breath, straightening myself in my seat. I admit, I'm quite agitated. I had been planned for college probably all my life, and ever since freshman year I've been sort of excited about it. Everyone thought I was stupid to look forward to it, but I see it as a start of my life. A new beginning. Not only that, but I won't be alone. I won't need to worry; I'm with Stan, and that's all that I need to be happy. I was really excited when I found out Stan got accepted to Cornell as well. He was just as pleased.

As we turn a corner, I read Tioga St. I look down at the directions we have. The last step. I smile, looking up eagerly. There it stands, Cornell. Holy shit, it's huge! It definitely doesn't look like a college at all. More like the Notre Dame. I stare in awe at the large structure. Stan allows a chuckle. "Expected a little less?"

"Dude.. It looks like a god damn castle!" I practically yell. Stan laughs at me, pulling up to the school. I can't help but continue to stare at the building, the large tower like structures. It's beautiful. People are passing as and chatting to each other as we step out. A few females throw us glances. Stan gestures a wave, the girls irrupting in giggle fits as they look away and titter to each other. I look at Stan. "Flirtatious?"

Stan looks at me, pulling out one of the bags. "What do you mean?"

"You're so oblivious, dude."

He snorts. "I guess so." Stan begins pulling more baggage from the car. We decided to pack somewhat light. We had earned enough money through jobs that we figured we'd just buy some clothes while we're here. We were in need of a new closet anyway. Lucky for us, we're use to wearing warm clothes; Ithaca isn't the warmest place either. But lucky us, the sky is clear enough to satisfy us, the sun still shining brightly. I love these kinds of days.

I hear a bang, as if someone had hit the chords of a guitar violently. I whip around, watching as Stan cussed to himself. He opened the case slightly, checking on the fragile instrument inside. I didn't know he brought his guitar. I repeated my thought out loud.

"Well," he answers. "I've been kind of into it lately."

"Really?" I say, arms folding. "Who would have known." I still clearly remember that day when I woke up in Stan's bed after crashing against the hard, icy side walk. I remember seeing his guitar placed carefully next to his night stand, a crumpled up paper on it. I never did tell him about that. "Do you know any songs?"

I can tell he's a bit embarrassed, his cheeks flushing. I really don't understand why. "Some."

"Do you write your own songs?"

He glances at me. "Uh.. Maybe."

I smile, revealing my teeth. "Really, now?"

Stan shuts the trunk, locking the door and taking hold of a few baggage. I give him a hand and pick some up myself, both of us walking. "I said maybe."

"Maybe usually means yes."

"Well, you're wrong then." he mutters. "Or at least the time."

I chuckle at him, shaking my head and looking forward. "Sure, whatever, Stan." I say. "But I'll force it out of you one of these days."

"Maybe, when you're dead." he glances at me, flashing his own rows of teeth. "And this time, 'maybe' is a yes."

I purse my lips. "Retard."

We shortly received our dorm keys. We managed to get a room together, but we also hard to share it with one other guy. I was hoping it'd be just Stan and I, but I guess that's pretty much impossible for us. Anyhow, we find ourselves traveling through the hallway of the dorm. A few people are talking to each other, one sitting at the end of the hallway studying. Other than that, it's pretty quiet. What a surprise. I watch as the room numbers grow as we pass. Finally, we reach ours; Room 137. Stan places the keys into the door knob, twisting it open and pushing it. We glance around inside before entering, the lights off. As Stan switches the light on, I shuffle to one of the uncovered beds, placing the luggage at the foot of it. Stands places the rest at one of the other beds. "I wonder how this kid got so lucky and had a room to himself." I say.

Stan shrugs, staring around our new surroundings. The room is simple. Dark blue walling, white carpeting. Only one of the beds is covered by a black comforter, simply thrown on the bed with out care. A desk is placed near it. A bunch of papers are stacked, a couple books, office supplies and that's really it. I look around some more before Stan takes hold of me, wrapping his arms around my waist. His eyes are narrowed in a seductive glare, causing me to blush. "Good thing we're alone, huh?" he coos.

I blink at him, before letting out a low chuckle and placing my hands around him as well. "Doubtfully for very long."

Stan rolls his eyes. "Silly, naive, Kyle Broflowski. I think we have enough time."

I gulp. "Shut up, Stan. I don't-"

He stares at me, his expression turning into a confused look. "Did you think I meant-..." then he roars into laughter, taking me into a hug. I'm still confused by now.

"You didn't?"

"Of course not!" he pulls away from the hug to watch me, remaining close in my arms, as I in his. "I'm not ready for uh... that." I feel my face warm, yet a sigh of relief escapes my mouth, looking away. Stan removes one of his hands and places my chin underneath his thumb and causes me to look back at him. "I meant kissing."

"Oh." I say. "Heh, I'm up for that."

Stan presses our foreheads together, closing his eyes and giving a polite smile to me. I love when he does that. "Good." he whispers. "Because I wouldn't have given you a choice."

I grin. "What does that mean?"

"Oh, nothing." he presses our lips. The kiss begins simple, slow, but filled with so much love. Slowly, it turns more passionate, causing my shoulders to lift in surprise as it hardens. My hands lift to the back of his neck, my fingers tangling in his pitch black hair. He sits me down, leaning over as I shift myself on the bed higher, allowing us to lie down, Stan hovering over me. He keeps one hand on my hip, the other placed against my jaw line as he continues to eagerly kiss me. My eyes narrow.

"Why so eager?" I manage to whisper.

"I don't know," Stan says. He pulls his face away, still close though. We both breath deeply. He pushes his lips out, giving me a funny look. I chuckle at him. "What? You don't like it?"

I snort, smiling at him, placing my hand against his cheek. "Nawh," I supply. "I like it. I just didn't expect... so much."

He bites his lip. "And why not?" he pouts. "I guess you'll just have to get use to me wanting you so badly."

I jerk my head back slightly, giggling at him. "Really?" I say. "I guess I'll have to, won't I?" he beams with me. "I'm just not use to this. You and me."

He strokes the side of my face with the back of his hand, caressing it gently. He has a nice look on his face, smiling with his eyes. "Well, you'll have to get use to that as well." he says. Stan now leans in, kissing the top of my forehead before pulling away again and looking back to me. "Because I don't plan on making it change."

I can't help but smile like an idiot at that. "Stanley Marsh, do you realize how amazing you are?"

He lowers himself, eyes narrowing as he scrunches up his face. "Back 'atcha."

I chuckle, leaning in for another kiss. This time, he makes sure to keep it gentle, moving his lips slowly, just the way I like it.

Once the door slams open, we both jump. I hear Stan yelp, slipping off the bed and landing with a thud on the ground. I gasp, sitting up and looking down. "Are you okay?"

He nods, rubbing the back of his neck.

"What the hell?" a voice says. A hear something drop on the desk, and I bend back around. An average height boy stands at the foot of the bed, arms folded. He wears a shirt, titled "Abercrombie & Fitch", with simple jeans covering his legs. His brown hair is messy, slightly wavy, reminding me of Kenny's hair. I let out a sigh. Kenny.. I jump when the boy speaks again. "What the fuck do you think you two are doing? This is my room!"

Stan gets to his feet, looking to the boy, still rubbing his neck. "Not just yours, anymore." he says. "We're your new room mates."

The boy looks a bit appalled. "Really?" he sighs. "Fuck dude, I liked it here myself."

"Like it or not." I inhale.

The boy looks at me. "Right." he mutters. "I'm Peter."

"Kyle Broflowski."

"Stan Marsh."

Peter is giving me an odd look, an oddly familiar look that is.. I look to Stan. "I guess we should start unpacking and go get our schedules."

Stan nods in agreement.

"If you want.." Peter is putting his own things away, placing his laptop on the desk and dropping his books on it as well. "I can show you around the school so you guys don't get lost."

Stan and I look to each other. "Sure."

Stan and I remain close to each other as we walk. His arm is around my shoulders, which makes me very happy. It's good to know Stan doesn't care about being in public with each other anymore. He use to be so anal about it. Now he could care less. My own arm is wrapped around his waist, both of us staring around as Peter discusses things to his about Cornell. He tells us about some of the teachers, the people, and so on and so forth. We stop walking, my hand slipping back to my side. Peter is messing with his shoe, now glancing up at me then straightening myself. I hear Stan exhale, as if angry. I glance at him before looking back to our room mate.

"That's really all." he says.

Stan gnaws on his bottom lip. "Is there anything to do around here?"

Peter shrugs. "I guess so. Most of us really just hang around the lake." Stan glances at me, giving a nudge at my waist. I smile, still looking at Peter. He rubs at the bridge of his nose. "We're all going down tomorrow night before we have to go back on Monday. Maybe you guys can come a long, get settled into our group."

I glance up at Stan. "Sounds good to me."

Stan nods. "Sure." he withdraws his arm from around me, stuffing his hands in his pockets. "Sounds pretty good."

Stan is lying on his freshly made bed, flipping lazily through a magazine, Funeral For A Friend blasting through his head phones. I'm writing things down all over a paper to my family, telling them about Ithaca, Cornell and my new room mate. Speaking of Peter, he walks in, changed into simple white pajama pants. He leaps on his bed, burring his head into his pillow. He looks a bit stressed. I sit up, looking at him with pitying eyes. "What's wrong?" Peter muffles something into the pillow. Lucky for him, I'm use to this kind of speak. "You're girlfriend broke up with you?"

"No." he snaps, lifting his head from the pillow and staring at me. "My boyfriend."

I feel a hard lump in my throat, throwing a glance to Stan. Great. Another person that will probably grow attracted to Stan. I look back at Peter in a second, though. "You're, uh.. gay?"

Peter doesn't reply, throwing himself back into the pillow. I frown, picking myself up and sitting down next to him on the edge of the bed. I hesitate before placing my hand against his back bone, stroking it with my thumb. "It'll be all right, Peter." I hear the music in the back ground stop. I turn my head, seeing Stan as he watches me. Carefully. I give him a confused look, causing him to look back down to the magazine, but his music remains off.

To be continued..

Summary: Now that Stan and Kyle are finally together, what will happen to them once college is their future? Will the couple remain in love, or break up through time?

Disclaimer: I only wish I owned South Park D: Blame the awesome Matt and Trey for this fic. Cornell is a real college in Ithaca, New York. I obviously have no relation to it what so ever. I had to do some research for this fanfic in order to get my details straight (: I seriously even map quested directions from South Park, CO to Ithaca, NY ROFL! And fuck yes, it's take 26 hours and 27 minutes D:

Additional Comments: Once again, Matured for strong language, perversion, makinz out and possible violence. I don't plan, and never will plan, for there to be sex scenes. So if you have virgin oiz, I guarantee you won't need to worry about becoming totally corrupted.

I remember saying I might make a new sequal. And Stan is right, maybe usually does mean yes. Because I said "Maybe I'll write a sequal." and wah lah, here it is. The sequal to Goodbye Waves & Driveways. So yeah, here we go. I had a massive giggle fit when I was writing the whole "I'm not ready, lawl" part. And as I said, nothing will happen. Stephanie Meyer may blame not putting sex in Twilight because of her religion, but I blame it on my large immaturity and the fact I wouldn't be able to write it and actually have the confidence to actually post it. Fuck dude, I don't want to imagine.

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