Well kiddos it looks like we came to the end of our Journey. Albus has finally accepted that maybe he wont be the normal one. Scorpius is at peace with his place in his family and the world in general. Rose has discovered that she might not be the smartest in her year, but she could very well be the most vicious! Cormac made some friends and stood up to his mother on their behalf and Gas learned how to be in the same room as Harry Potter without hitting the floor unconscious! Freya Bast got her wish and is now the Hufflepuff Head of House. Lowly Hufflepuff took BOTH the Qudditch Cup and the House Cup back home to The Cellar. What might happen next? I guess you'll have to return won't you...Bwahahahhhahah! I got you hooked, you are all in my evil clutches now! Whoops, gotta git that interior monologue fixed!

I didn't recieve the questions I thought I might, which either means everybody has already moved on or I explained things so well there is no need. Since I am an ego maniac I'll believe the latter. So since there was not many questions asked I'll answer some that I think might be interesting to you guys.

Where did I get the idea for putting all three of these kids in Hufflepuff? The answer is simple, have you seen other fictions that put them there? Slytherin...yes, Ravenclaw...yes, Gryffindor...yep, I really looked around and didn't see any. So that got me to thinking. The story came pretty quickly after that, when I started thinking of the Hufflepuff characteristics, and coupled them with the upbringing these kids would have and the story just flowed.

What separates my Trio from other Trio versions in Fanfiction? I'd like to think my kids are well rounded in that they compliment each other very well. Albus is the least confident, but is simply amazing under duress. Scorpius is the cool one, smart and fearless, and follows instructions well with confidence, but he is still trying to figure out who he is. Rose is firery with the least amount of tact, but she is an amazing resource of information and never freezes up when things are at their worst. This Tenacious Trio seems, on the surface, to be ordinary kids, but level when threatened they find another level. I haven't seen this kind of dimension to a lot of the fictions I have read.

How do you write dialogue? I never write dialogue that I can't hear my characters say in my head. It's weird, I know, but my characters talk to me, I feel like I am dictating rather than creating.

What is my favorite book on writing? Stephen King's On Writing is the best book I have ever read on the subject. Yes he does get a little profane at times (it's Stephen King duh!) but the book has vital information in it. It is a biography, a first-hand account of where his most influential work came from, a how-to tutorial with extremely valuable advice, and it also gives a lesson he learned from the car accident that nearly took his life a few years back. Here are three of the most valuable bits of information I gleaned from that book.

First: A story is a pre-existent artifact. It is a buried dinosaur bone that has to be excavated with skill and care. When you begin the story you start with a vague idea of how big the monster is, but as you dig and clean it up your view improves. If it starts to take you in a different direction than you anticipated, let it, a paleontologist doesn't shape the bones, he digs them out.

Second: Writing is a form of telepathy. Read this sentence.

There is a cottony white bunny rabbit, sitting in a wire cage on a round red velvet covered table. This white bunny has the number 8 on his soft white side.

Did you see it in your head? I'm sending you that image but I am translating from my brain into words and down on the page and finally into your mind. The specific details might be the different, but there is a good chance you saw the white bunny rabbit with the number eight on his side in your head. Telepathy doesn't get much better than that!

Third: Read all the time. Everything you can get your hands on. You want to know where all of these little details I came up with came from? I read all the time. Rarely does a week go by that I haven't read a few chapters of a book. The best writing inspires, it also causes you to aspire. Harry Potter book series matches this perfectly. It inspired us all to put pen to paper even now that it is finished. (Stephen King calls JK Rowling's work the "best example of pure story we've seen this century!)

Some of my favorite authors are:

Jim Butcher: Dresden Files nuff said!

Neil Gaiman: Anything!

Robert McCammon: Anything! (he humbles me!)

Kim Harrison: The Hollows Series (she IS what Laurell K. Hamilton used to be before she degenerated into writing porn SIGH)

Stephen King: Different Seasons some of the best writing he has ever done! Shawshank Redemption and Stand By Me were based on two stories out of that book and if I haven't mentioned it get On Writing ASAP.

Oh and someone called JK Rowling but you wouldn't be interested in her :)

There are some people I want to thank.

Kerichi who helped detour me when I listened to her. Her collaboration and belief caused me to write some of my best chapters! Miss ya babe!

respitechristopher whose story "Albus Potter and the Mispent Youth" opened my mind to new possibilities in Next Gen fic.

Cassandra's Cross whose story "Great Expectations" really helped me crystallize in my head who Albus is slated to be. It is a brilliant read.

hondagirl who did some Beta work for me and has the BEST C2 around, there is a link on her profile. Be sure to check out The Reviews Lounge and the SU (sober universe) forum while you are clicking links on her profile I guarantee you'll be glad you did.

All of my constant and consistent reviewers, you kept me going! Especially when I hit the wall around Chapter 18!

I'm still looking for an artist to do some illustration for me, but that hasn't happened yet.

Thank you guys for your interest and help! I hope to be back on your screens soon. I plan on re-writing AfterMagic but that might take me a while. I have two one shots and a character study done if you want to peruse them, they might tide you over. Authors you MUST read are as follows...

AmyScissors who really knows how to KISS (Keep it simple stupid)

respitechristopher who writes the best British dialogue I have ever seen, don't read unless you want to bust a gut!

hondagirl not only does she know a good tale when she sees it but she can write one as well!

Cassandra's Cross who is so good she makes me despair sometimes LOL!

Kerichi brilliant...just everything she writes! It will do you good!

That's your homework! Tell them I said hi!

See ya soon!