Disclaimer- I don't own Twilight

Disclaimer- I don't own Twilight!

A.N. OMG! Sequel Time! Yes, Yes, Yes!


-Bella has strange dreams! (Edward attacks her, Edward cheats with a blond girl)

-The Cullens get a member of the Volturi (Francesca) who is a dream interpreter, to help her.

-Bella realizes through her subconscious, her trust in Edward was not fully restored.

-A new Vampire family of five comes, including the girl from Bella's dream (Angelina).

-Bella realizes Angelina is evil, and runs to find Francesca and get her help.

-Edward is pissed, dismisses Angelina's flirting, and goes to find Bella.

-He does!

-While Bella is sleeping in his arms, Angelina twists Edward's thoughts about Bella. She makes him think Bella is sick and disgusting.

-Basically Edward is Angelina's dream Edward-he loves her.

-Bella goes after him, he hates her, and she makes a pact to get Eddie back.

Chapter 1

"This isn't over Angelina. You won't win," I snarled.

She then wrapped her arm around Edward's neck.

"It looks to me like I already have," she laughed. I ran out of the house and toward my truck, when all of the Cullens and Garrets followed. I couldn't talk to them; it would remind me to much of him. I also didn't want their pity or sympathy for something that was out of my control.

I waved at them and gave a small smile to Alice. I turned the key and gutted out of the driveway.

Mark my words someway; somehow I'll get Edward back, because some dreams don't come true.

Bella POV

4 Months Later. . . .

"Elise did you happen to go grocery shopping today?" I asked to the human cook. She was employed to the Volturi almost as long a Gianna, but was older, almost pushing 42.

"Uhm, no. Sorry Bella, I was going to go today. I think we have something, "She started looking through the cupboards, "Sometimes I wish you could hunt like everyone else," she became more rushed.

"It's fine Elise," I grabbed an apple, "I just wanted some fiber. I'm heading down to the library."

"Again, Bella. I hate to sound pessimistic, but you've been researching for months, and-,"

"I'm not giving up, Elise. So try, just try to be optimistic." I smiled and walked toward the staircase to the library.

"Bella!" I turned toward the voice.

"Oh, Hey Francesca," I called. She noticed the direction I was going and the rather large book in my hand.

"Please, don't tell me you're going to the library again. Oh I know! Come hunting with me," she insisted.

"Fran, Remember I can't hunt and even if I did I wouldn't be hunting that way."

"Oh yeah. You'd prefer the puppies and kittens," she laughed. I rolled my eyes and walked down the steps. Francesca followed me, "I think Dante is outside," she trailed of suggestively, "I think he's trying to hunt animals."

We turned the corner and I sat the book I was holding down, gently on a large old desk. All of the furniture, bookshelves, and most of the books were probably from the 1800's. Francesca sat on the edge and folded her arms.

"Not that I'm complaining, but why would he do that?" I asked.

"He knows you like that. He gets all up in that dear, then all up in that Bella," her accent slipped a little as she started laughing.

"That's so not funny. You know me and Dante will never be together," I said as I started looking for a certain book.

"But why," she whined, "You guys are too cute, Bella. Troppo sveglio."

"Well, for one I have a true love," I found the section, "Of course the only thing he wants from me is my head on a stake," I pulled the book out, "Yet, he's to busy with his one and only, dream manipulating, girlfriend." I picked up the book and walked back to Francesca.

"Have you heard from any of the Cullens lately," she said seriously.

"Nope, Last I heard from Alice about two months ago. She wanted to keep our exchanges inconspicuous, so Angelina wouldn't control them all the same way, but I have a feeling she's getting to them, too."


I gave her an incredulous look.

"I doubt they just wouldn't call, write, text, even fax, for no reason, especially Alice."

I sat down in one of the old chairs, and opened the book.

"Well, I'm going hunting," I tried not to wince, "I'll be back later to help you research." She walked over to me.

"Bells, it will get better. You and him are meant to be and no one can change that," she chuckled, "Besides, there at least 7,500 books in this place. There's bound to be at least 1 useful thing." She kissed my forehead and walked toward the staircase.

"Thanks," I called. I looked after her for a second then turned back to the book. Every page had even more, endless words and sentences.

7,500, ugh!

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P.S. Dante is pronounced (Don-Tay)