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Bella POV

Despite all the evil she's done to me, I couldn't help but feel bad for her. Watching her writhe on the floor in pain was actually bittersweet. She hadn't cared about my feeling when she took Edward from me or when she was invading my dreams, so why should I care now? But at the same time she was still a person. But, I guess her in pain was what I wanted.

"What do I do now?" I asked Kane.

"You've been imagining this for a while and you don't know what you want to do to her?" he asked back.

"Why do I have to? I mean I know it's my dream and my "battle"," I rolled my eyes at Francesca and continued, "but why do I have to do it?"

"IT! IT! You mean kill her. You don't have to do anything," Francesca crouched down and I could tell she was about to lunge at Angelina's screaming body.

"Wait!" I shouted, "What if Edward doesn't change back after we kill her, what if he's the same guy."

"Guess we'll find out soon." Kane whispered, "Just go to sleep. Remember this is your dream, you have home field advantage. "

"Okay," I said. I sat down beside Angelina, but far enough away to not touch her. She had stopped screaming and had settled into a quiet calm. I wondered what she was dreaming.

Kane POV

The second Bella laid her head down I knew she had gone to sleep and I hoped she could handle Angelina.

"Don't you think we should tell her "you-know-who" is going to be here soon, or is that part of your plan?" Francesca asked obnoxiously.

"It would be better if she knew, but I can tell it'll just make her more nervous.

Angelina POV

Well I haven't been asleep for a long time, this is interesting. I always hated dreaming it was stupid. The best part of becoming a vampire was the ability not to do all the tedious human acts, eating, sleeping, and dreaming. The ability to give vampires back their dreams could have been an amazing commodity, but I used to hurt them if only I could have let that stupid little human dream herself into a coma when I had the chance. Now she was a vampire and it would be harder. Hopefully Edward would come and take care of her.

It only took me about a second to realize she had appeared beside me, another for me to lunge at her throat, but she was fast, faster then I realized.

"Just let Edward go and maybe I won't kill you," she whispered. I laughed.

"It would be much easier to just kill you." I crouched down right when she began talking again.

"Actually it would be easier to kill you," she had a point, "This is my dream. One thought and you're 30 billion little pieces of bitch."

I straightened up, "Go ahead kill me then," her eyes bugged out of her head and she couldn't believe I actually said it.

"Exactly, you don't have the strength or the ability to kill me. Dreams, nightmares, it doesn't matter, you're still weak and if I killed you right now you'd be 30 billion pieces of pathetic." I saw her resolve weaken.

"And I don't need to let Edward "go". He'll still be mine, because I rather die than see you with him. He's too good for you."

She looked down for a second and I smiled.

I turned around to see the trees. The dream version of the driveway was exactly the same only quiet. All I could hear was the unnecessary breaths of the inferior being behind me.

"So you can just let me go and-," In a sense the breath was knocked out of me. She slammed me into the gravel and my face hit the stone like to rocks being slammed together.

I felt her tiny hand bunch up my hair and she lifted my head up and slammed it into the ground.

"Do you even feel bad at all?" she asked me. I would have answered with a smart remark if she hadn't been slamming my face into the ground, but I figured the question was rhetorical.

I tried hard to throw her off of me, but she wouldn't budge. Just when I thought she would stop I felt her grab hold of my arm, tightly. I screamed when I felt the searing pain of my ring finger being ripped out, followed by my slender arm.

Bella POV

I tried hard to keep my cool; Francesca told me numerous times that was the key to having power. Just act calm, cool, and collected, but the way she talked to me drove me crazy.

I slammed my self into her, and viciously banged her head into the white gravel. If she had been human her face would be permanently disfigured. I kind of hoped she was so could destroy her beautiful face, the same face Edward had probably been kissing hours before.

It was a petty move, but I had to rip that ring off of her body, the finger had to go with it, a little humor for myself.

It would have taken any normal vampire milliseconds to destroy her; I took minutes, maybe hours, at least that's how it felt. Here in the nightmare she had created I was finally getting justice.

I dreamed of the tiny little pieces burning and disappearing, along with every memory Angelina left on this Earth. But, I knew the last part would take time.

I slowly stood up and watched took in what I had done only to feel myself being thrown into a tree and I knew as everything brightened automatically everything had changed. My nightmare was over or just beginning.

"Edward stop it," I heard someone scream.

"Open your eyes and face me. You killed Angelina," I opened my eyes slowly and saw Edward running toward me. I slowly moved to me feet, but he kicked my in my ribs. I was amazed at how badly it hurt. My eyes moved to where I had been laying only minutes before.

"What would possess you to kill the one person I've ever loved," he didn't even need to hit me. That stung hard enough. But, he still hit me; twice.

I tried yet again to gain my strength and get to Kane and Francesca. I knew there was no calming him down. I wish someone had told me Edward was going to be here, I could have at least prepared myself.

He grabbed my hair and pulled me down to the ground, only to be pushed by a fast Francesca.

"Better late than never," I choked.

"Thought you could handle it, sorry," she helped me up. Edward was up on his feet in seconds and walking over to us.

"Edward just listen to me, please," I backed away slowly toward Kane.

"I'm not listening to a god damn thing you have to say, ever. You disgusting piece of-,"

"Edward!" Jasper stopped him.

I turned and saw Alice and Jasper standing beside Kane.

"I'm so sorry Bella," she whispered and ran to hug me.

"Alice," I heard Edward yell, "Why the hell are you hugging her?" Alice turned and stood in front of me.

"Because I love her and so do you," he scoffed, "Edward Angelina lied she always lied to you. The only person you've ever truly loved is Bella."

Jasper then walked toward him, "We tried to tell you every day, but you wouldn't listen. You don't belong with that girl, she's dead now. If you look deep down you'll see Bella is the only one you've ever loved and the only one you belong with."

Edward stood there for a second and I saw the confusion in his eyes.

"I don't believe you, any of you. I could never love her, I hate her," he sneered. I stepped around Alice and Jasper.

"She made you hate me; the real Edward doesn't hate me. Hit meā€¦kill me, if it makes you happy. I just want you to be happy," I said. I looked down and saw his pale white hand clenching and un-clenching, but back in his eyes was confusion.

"Just let me prove to you, it's us and always has been," I pleaded.

He took a single step closer to me that put him directly in front of me. He reached under my chin and roughly brought my face up to meet his. I felt everyone tense behind us, ready to stop him if he decided to kill me then and there.

"Fine, but one mistake, or if I even think something's wrong and I will avenge my Angelina."

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