An: Well everyone, the long awaited TAGS have arrived. What a fun ep eh? I just love a yelling Gibbs :) ... There will be shots of TIVA, some Angst, Humor and oodles of the Duck man. And maybe just maybe, if you ask nicely a GABBY. Enjoy!

AN...PS... I know we are all waiting patiently for the season finale. And I would just like to say, hang in there! I know it's hard to think someone will be leaving, and it may never be the same...but whatever happens. This will still be the world where Tony and Ziva are together...Jenny and GIbbs are in love and anything can happen. So that said...hang tough :) Now on with the TAGS...


Tony- You suck the fun out of everything McCheat…


"Give it up Tony…" McGee couldn't resist as he watched Ziva at the verge of yet another victory.

"Never say die Probie…it aint over till…

"Gibbs comes back." Ziva finished the phrase for him. "Do not be ashamed Tony, I am a fast learner..."

"Yeah? Well I don't care how fast you are…I was raised in the finest schools money can buy. And there is no way I am losing…"

Ziva cracked her knuckles as she waited patiently for his final move. "Tick tock Tony…"

He put his hand up to silence her. "So we're clear…what do I need to win?"

"A miracle." McGee added with a smile.

"No one asked you McQi…come on…what do I need?"

Ziva looked down at the score. Forty Seven points to tie…"

"That means 48 to win Tony."

"McGee, shut your yapper before I stuff it full with the alphabet." He turned back to the game and a smile slowly made its way across his face. He reached for his final two letters and placed them on the board. "So what do you say to that?"

Ziva leaned back in her chair and put her hand out. "You win…"

Tony leaped out of his chair and gave his best attempt at victory dance until a hand made contact with the back of his head. Ziva quickly put the game away and sat quietly while McGee played the innocent bystander card.

"Will never happen again boss…"

"Damn right it won't…next time I see someone playing that game they're gonna be writing their name over and over on the chalkboard in detention."

After a few minutes of silence, it was time to head home and McGee couldn't resist asking Tony how he did it. "What word did you win with?"

"Nothing a graduate of MIT would understand…"

"Come on Tony…out with it…"

He tossed his arm around his shoulder and smiled. "The word doesn't matter; it's the answer that counts."


"See what I mean, you wouldn't understand…"

Ziva had been meticulous in her score keeping and McGee was able to retrieve her notes out of the trash after they'd left for the night. As he read the final words, his mouth hung open for what seemed like hours…and he finally understood.

L-O-V-E- Y-O-U