McGee- Wait, what happened at camp Winimaka?


"No matter what you do to me, I'm not telling."

Abby and McGee sat on the autopsy tables with their hands folded. "Come on Jimmy…we spent all that time helping you. Least you can do is give us a hint."

"And here I thought you were doing that cuz you wanted to help…"

Tim sat up. "Oh we did…but we're a tit for tat kind of family Palmer."

"You're not gonna leave this alone are you?"

Abby shook her head first. "Save yourself the pain of me finding out the hard way."

"You wouldn't?"

"Oh I would." She smiled at him.

"She definitely would." Tim added with a nod. "You're better off just telling us now…"

Jimmy paced around for a few minutes before facing them again. "Okay, but it stays in this room."

Abby and McGee exchanged glances and agreed.

"It all started when I lost my glasses the first day I got there…then before I knew it I was sleeping outside naked."

Abby let her mouth hang open. "And what exactly happened in between?"

"To be honest…I've blocked it out."

McGee sighed and stood up. "Abby…grab the lighter. I'll get the candles."