(A/N: This chapter is Ianto's and Jack's relationship from other people's points of view. Just a short bit of fun. Thanks to all of my reviewers. Enjoy the final chapter!)

Martha Jones had thought it was adorable. She didn't kid herself to think that they actually might get married or something, she knew Jack better than that- she was fairly certain it was all just sex. But there was something about the whole situation that she thought was so cute. It probably had to do with the way Ianto had blushed when she had told him about Jack's request for a UNIT cap. He'd busied himself with other things to try and hide it, but she noticed it all the same. And that distant look he'd gotten on his face when she'd asked him how it was? That boy was definitley stuck on Jack, even if he was trying to keep it a secret. So her question was, how could a secret romance not be endearing? Though, of course, she assumed with Jack in the picture, a secret romance was never exactly a secret. She wondered briefly how Ianto really felt about their situation. He was obviously very taken with Jack. But she didn't know him well enough yet to discern if he was in love with him or not. All she hoped was that Jack was being…sensitive. Martha knew how it could be when you fell for someone who you knew would never be able to stay with you, and it hurt all the more when you knew they did care for you. Yes, she had been in Ianto's situation once upon a time. The same sad, sad situation. And she knew that if it was true, Ianto would do the same thing she had. Never saying anything about it, continuing on with daily life. Because it was so easy that way. Emotions were never simple, and when dealing with these strange immortal time traveling types, everything got even more complicated.

Owen Harper did not like to think about it. He wasn't homophobic or anything. He had no problem with what other people did in the privacy of their own homes. It was just very uncomfortable to remember that the Hub was Jack's home. And if Gwen was to be believed, neither Jack nor Ianto were very shy about doing…things. Even when other people may or may not be in the building. That was not a comforting thought. Owen was of the opinion that if you were going to do things like that, you should at least have the decency to wait until everyone else has gone home. It was just plain rude. And, he told himself often, he would feel the exact same way even if they were a man and a woman instead of two men. He never thought he'd be the one to say it, but the workplace should be for, well...work. But he also knew, or at least assumed from Jack's constant flirting and the alarming increase in Ianto partaking in that flirting as well, that neither one of them believed that. He would never say anything directly to them, of course. He'd tried rolling his eyes and complaining loudly when ever they started hitting on each other, but it had never brought upon any positive results, so he eventually had just shut his mouth (as Gwen had less than politely suggested he do quite a few times) and given up the hope that they would ever stop. Therefore Owen much rather preferred to pretend that Jack and Ianto did nothing at all, ever. He ignored their flirting, a task that was particularily hard when their were slow days at the Hub. And he continued to live in self inflicted ignorance, pretending that Jack and Ianto were never in a room alone together and if they were, never did anything but work related things. Because it was so much easier to get through the day in this manner than being perpetually paranoid about if and where Jack and Ianto had done…the aforementioned things.

Gwen Cooper wasn't quite sure how she felt about the whole situation. On the one hand, she was usually very against such an unprofessional relationship. It created unnecessary complicated and awkward situations for everyone. And it almost always ended badly, creating friction and tension everywhere. And with Torchwood Three being such a small team, it would be almost immpossible to avoid one another. On the other, it wasn't like she'd never kissed Jack herself. Although, she reminded herself, she had only kissed Jack, nothing more. Though there had been Owen...but, she rationalized to herself again, that really had been just sex. Both Jack and Ianto put on a little show for everyone that there was nothing more than that between them, but she wasn't so sure. She had always liked to think of herself as deeply intuitive, and she had seen how Ianto stared at Jack sometimes. And, much more rarely, she occasionally thought she saw a glimpse of that same look on Jack's face. Every now and again, she just assumed that she had imagined that look on his face. But then she would catch it again, when Jack though no one was looking. She was sure it was there, and she was even more sure that he was pushing those feelings down for some reason. Typical Jack. She was completely disgusted with him sometimes. The man was too macho to show a little feeling once in a while. Maybe it was easier to get along that way. But it was still wrong, she thought. If Jack loved him, he should say so. And she would be very happy for the both of them, she had decided. So she was a quite a bit surprised when she realized that she was just a little jealous of Ianto. Jack had always been a bit of a fantasy for her, and she was envious of someone else getting a taste of her dreams. She had only just gotten a hint of what he was like. His kiss and his smell and his...but she always reasoned it out in her head, shaking herself back into reality. She loved Rhys, and he loved her. And Rhys (unlike some others she could mention) would always be there for her. What more could a girl possibly want?

Toshiko Sato envied Ianto as well, but not for the same reason as Gwen. Tosh just wanted love, in whatever form she could possibly get it. Gwen had Rhys, Ianto had Jack. All she had was a hopeless crush on Owen. And he was so incredibly oblivious. Maybe it was better; relationships at work were always a bad idea, right? Well, that what she had thought until she had found out about Ianto and Jack. If they could manage to have what she was sure was hot raging sex one night, and the next day be completely professional with each other, wasn't it possible for her and Owen? Except...it was different somehow. She wasn't sure how to explain it, but mostly it had to do with the fact that Ianto and Jack had a thing together. They both knew the other's feelings for each other, whereas her thing with Owen was rather one sided. With her having been completely in love with him since the first moment she met him and Owen shagging more women than Tosh thought the city of Cardiff could possibly hold, it didn't exactly seem like the ideal relationship, and certainly not a healthy one. Then again, at least she knew when she was in love, unlike Ianto who seemed to be in denial about it and push it down out of the way so he didn't have to think about it. She thought then that perhaps Ianto felt guilty. He seemed like he would be the guilt ridden type. She hoped that at some point he would let himself love again. She had seen a piece of his mind once, and caught the briefest glimpse of his pain. It sounded corny (maybe she was just a sucker for corny romantics) but love heals. Though she thought Ianto could have had a bit more luck when it came to who he had fallen in love with (Jack couldn't be the easiest person to have a relationship with), she truly believed that if Ianto let it, his love for Jack would help him heal the wounds that had been inflicted upon him by the whole incident with Lisa. She wondered if Jack saw it the way everyone else did, Ianto so much in love with him and so much in denial. She supposed it was just much easier not to say anything at all, just like her and Owen.

Captain John Hart was not jealous. At all. Ever. As if. Revolted, maybe. Absolutely disgusted, of course. But jealous? Ha! John had moved on to bigger and better things. If Jack wanted to waste his time with Eye Candy, that was his problem. Stupid Eye Candy. He could make a good cup of coffee, but that was about all there was decent about him. And maybe a nice ass. Hey, John might not like him, but he could admire a cute butt when it walked by. And Jack had obviously been hit over the head or something, because there was really no excuse for his behavior. John sighed as he thought that Jack had...yuck, reformed himself. Another amazing con artist lost to that abominable thing called the conscience. He blamed Torchwood. The whole team with all their...ethics and...morals. It was disgusting. And they had all rubbed off on Jack (Eye Candy maybe a bit more literally than the others). Though, all joking aside, John did feel a certain amount of pity for Eye Candy. Jack never stayed with anyone long. It was only a matter of time before he left and broke Eye Candy's heart just like he had broken…er, other people's hearts. Not John's though. Never John's. He didn't miss him. Alright, maybe it was a little sad that they'd never go off adventuring again, but that didn't mean he was still in love with him, right? Of course not. And it was so easy to say that. Much less easy making it true. But still, Jack and his silly Eye Candy aside, there was so much more to see out there. He could find someone to replace Jack, just as Jack had found someone to replace him, even if it would never be quite the same. He wasn't sure if he'd ever meet another man that he'd want to kill and fuck at the same time again (with the added excitement of never knowing which side would win out). Jack was one of a kind, and not just in the obvious sense that he was immortal. Every minute with him was a complete and total thrill, a high that John wouldn't dare admit out loud he had been addicted to at one time in the past. But Jack was going to stay in boring Cardiff. Who cares if there is a rift there if you never go through it to see what's on the other side? Jack could have his little joyrides with Eye Candy, and Cardiff sporadically got an exciting monster or two (ones who had obviously gotten lost in the rift and accidentally ended up on the most boring planet in the universe), but John would be out there, traveling the stars and galaxies until it killed him, because nowhere in all of creation was there a bigger high than that.