This story is totally, completely, and absolutely AU! It is a Jackie/Hyde story and is based on and takes it title from the Steve Miller Band song "Take the Money and Run" and sort of has a True Romance-y feel to it.

I've had this idea floating around in my head for almost a year and I have finally decided to get it written. There is very little to absolutely no attention paid to any of the other characters we all know and love. I'm sorry, there's just not. This story is completely finished but I will only be putting out one or two chapter every four days or so in order to give people a chance to review and to build any necessary suspense.

The content may be too fantastical or unconvincing for some but like I said I've been thinking about this for a long time and have known all along how I wanted to write it. I'll try extremely hard not to let too much OOC-ness creep in either but once you get the feel of the story you'll see why our favourite couple may sometimes act differently than they usually would have. Besides, as with many other fanfics the fan writer is writing from a future perspective where we must assume that adulthood has changed some things.

I do not pay any mind to Season 8 and the story begins with a prologue which includes dialogue from, and my version of, the end of the episode "Till The Next Goodbye" just to bring everyone up to speed. This whole story is really only an excuse to write a fabulous, felonious, full-on Jackie/Hyde smut fest! If you don't like, don't read. If you do, happy reading!! (And please review :D)



Disclaimer: I do not own That 70's Show or the Steve Miller Band. Boo.


Take The Money And Run!



Hyde stood outside Jackie's hotel room debating whether or not he had the guts to knock.

He was mad. No. He was pissed. She left without giving him a chance to answer. It was like she didn't even care what he had to say. Then again, he'd hadn't exactly given her reason to think he'd ask her to stay. That much was true.

But now there was a much more at stake here than trying to salvage his stupid pride.

What had it ever gotten him anyway? He couldn't think what it had really done for him except earn him his "too cool" reputation with his friends. But what did that matter anymore, all his friends were leaving and living their own lives.

The last straw was when his pride had effectively sent the only person he ever truly loved away from him.

He stared at the brass number on the door. He knew he was risking a lot. Much more than he ever risked before… and considering his extensive juvenile record that was saying something.

The funny thing was the realization he had come to on the two hour car ride.

It occurred to him that it already didn't matter to him what else got messed up because of this. Even if his life was never the same… it didn't matter.

Only one thing did.

Breathe, man.

He knocked.

"Come in," she called.

One last deep breath and he pushed the door open.

She was laying on the bed in a silk nightgown, flipping through a magazine.


Her head shot up and she pushed the magazine away as she rose from the bed.

"Steven! What, um, what are you doing here?" she asked, standing in front of him with her arms crossed, looking surprised.

His mind felt suddenly blank.

What am I doing here?…oh, yeah… Do it, man. Just do it! his mind screamed.

He stared into her eyes. Her beautiful eyes and prepared to tell her.

But he faltered.

"Uh, nothing. Had some free time, thought I'd check out Chicago. How's it going?"

He said the words automatically. The true reason he had come and what he had wanted to say got stuck in this throat.

Jackie looked slightly crestfallen but nodded, "Um, good. Hey, do you want to go take a walk, maybe get something to eat?"

Before he could answer the door burst open.

It was Kelso… and he was naked except for a towel.

"Jackie, I checked. No one can see us doing it from the parking lo-aaaah!!"

Kelso dumped the bucket of ice he had been carrying and stared at Hyde with a mixture of horror and fear.

For his part, Hyde felt his heart stop in his chest and judging from the sweat that suddenly broke out above his brow he was sure he had gone red with anger.

It didn't take but a split second before he lunged.

"You're dead!"

But Kelso anticipated him and moved away before Hyde could do more than pull his towel away.

Hyde shifted back into the room, the towel in his hand.

He barely heard Kelso's declaration of "I'm nude!" from outside. He was too focused on the girl before him.

She was stock still, her face was white, and she looked both terrified and sick.


"Shut up," it came out as a quiet hiss.

"But, I-"

"I said shut up, Jackie!" he growled at her, his voice rising.

There was only one way to handle this. Only one more chance.

Jackie's mouth snapped shut and tears began to pool in her eyes. Hyde ignored this for the moment. He turned to the door.

Jackie was sure he was going to walk out.

But he didn't.

He shut the door and locked it. When he turned back to face her. He looked to be trying to even out his breathing.

"Sit down," he commanded, pointing to the bed.

Knowing better than to argue, Jackie scurried back to the bed and sat down on the edge. She gripped the bedspread tightly as she nervously watched him standing in front of her.

He stepped closer until she had to lean back to look at him.

"I don't want any bullshit explanations from you about any of this, Jackie. Right now, all I want for you to do is answer every question I ask you so honestly, so truthfully that you would be prepared to swear on everything you have ever cared about or loved in order to make me believe it. Do you understand?" He said all of this deadly quiet, through clenched teeth.

"Yes," Jackie squeaked.

"Did you sleep with him?"


"Were you going to?"

She shook her head so hard that her tears flew from her eyes, "No!"

Hyde visibly relaxed. He moved from in front of her and sank down on the edge of the bed next to her.

He made no move to touch her or even to look at her. He just sat for several long, silent minutes. Jackie wisely kept her mouth shut and her hands to herself.

Finally, he spoke again.

"Do you love me?" He couldn't meet her eyes, he was afraid that the hope building in his chest would be crushed. He never had reason to doubt her before but now he needed to hear it again.

Jackie let out a choked sob and whispered, "Yes! Yes, Steven. I love you more than anything!"

He paused again.

"Is this job really important to you?"

"Yes, but-"

"No!" he said severely, "No 'buts', is this job really important to you?"

Jackie felt more tears fall, "Yes."

He nodded.

Jackie was shaking from head to foot. But something happened next that she never would have expected in a million years.

He turned towards her and pulled her fiercely to him. Crushing her body against his in a tight embrace.

"I love you," he said, his voice hoarse but soft.

Jackie cried out from relief and began to sob harder than ever.

Hyde did not protest. He just held onto her like she would slip away and rocked her, making soft "shh-ing" sounds as he rubbed circles on her back.

It was almost ten minutes before Jackie got a hold of herself.

When she had quieted to hiccupping, Hyde pulled back a little to see her face. It was tear-stained and her eyes were red but it did nothing to humble her beauty. He studied her a moment longer before he brought his lips to hers. He watched as her breath hitched and her eyelids fluttered closed.

The kiss was softer than either had ever experienced and finally seemed to be filled with the one thing that had been missing from their relationship.


Hyde stroked her soft, raven-wing hair and focused all his attention on the sensations simply kissing her caused.

When they parted they locked eyes and did not break that contact.

"Okay. Jackie…" he was finally ready to say what he had come here to say, "I'm going to move here to Chicago with you."

Jackie's eyes widened.

"But I have two conditions."

She nodded.

"Number one, you wait- silently- to talk about getting married until we are financially stable enough to pay for everything ourselves. That includes paying for our own wedding, a house, all of it. I'm not asking anyone for help and neither will you. And two… never, and I mean never, are you to be alone with Kelso ever again, under any circumstance. If you do,… this," he motioned between them, "is over for good. Do you agree?"

Jackie responded by wrapping her arms around him and squeezing tightly.

"Yes, Steven. Yes."


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