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"So, Angelica," Chris said from across the booth as he looked at me intently.

"So, Chris," I shot right back.

"I still don't understand why you like Shawn the most," Chris scoffed.

He still doesn't understand to this day.

I rolled my eyes at Chris and then looked at Shawn, who was smirking at Jericho and drinking his Pepsi. I looked back at Jericho and tilted my head to the side a little bit with a smile slipping its way onto my face and I twirled my little black straw around my glass.

"Chris, he's just better than you, period," I told him straightforward before lifting my glass up to my lips and taking a drink.

"But Angelica," Chris whined.

"But Chris," I mocked him.

He was getting on my nerves that night but it's no different from now either.

"Angelica, you wanna dance?" Triple H piped up all of the sudden.

I looked at him and a small smile spread across my face and I nodded my head. He held his hand out to me as he slid out from the booth. I placed my small hand into his and slid out of the booth as well and he led me out onto the dance floor for a dance.

The start of my plan went into action during that dance; a little bumping and grinding almost always turned a guy on and in this case, I wasn't wrong.

We danced to whatever song that the DJ was currently playing and then he led me back over to the table where his friends were sitting. Shawn placed his arm around my neck with a grin on his face then wiggled his eyebrows in Chris' direction to irritate him some more. Chris just glared at Shawn then grabbed an ice cube and tossed it at the wrestling veteran.

"Chris, grow up," Randy growled from where he was sitting.

"Randy don't be such a grump," John chided, shoving his best friend with his shoulder.

"Yeah, Randy," I giggled as I grabbed my drink and downed it from the tiring dance.

I had the feeling right then and there that Randy wasn't grumpy because of Chris' immature actions but because of the lack of attention he was getting from me.

A few hours later and several drinks and shots downed, Triple H and I were in the process of getting into his hotel room while continuing to make out. It was a difficult task but Triple H finally just lifted me up so that my legs wrapped around his waist as he unlocked the door as my lips placed hot kisses around his neck. He kicked the door shut with his foot and slammed me against the wall in the midst of the passion as his hands roamed my body then slipped up the bottom of my dress. My lips finally found the spot I was looking for on his neck: his weak spot and I grinned in satisfaction when he let out a moan.

"Oh, Angelica," he moaned as he arched his head back a little and to the side to allow my lips better access.

I grinned again as my lips continued to work his neck as he was making thrusts with his hips against my own which pushed my back further into the wall. He moaned again as my lips tightened around his neck as I began to suck on his weak spot. He made sure he had me securely in his arms before he walked over to the bed and dropped my on top of it where he disposed of his shirt and then dropped his pants to the floor and stepped out of them, leaving him in only his boxers.

I told you my plan was going to be put into action.

I licked my lips as I noticed the bulge in his boxers and then saw how hard he exactly was as he slid his boxers off and he slid his hands up the skirt of my dress and pulled my boyshorts off then quickly disposed of my dress next. He ran his hands over my strapless bra before tugging it down then spinning it around to un-hook the clasp then tossed it onto the ground as he ran his hands over my breasts as he positioned himself on top of me and his dick between my legs.

"You ready, Angelica?" he slurred a bit.

"I've been ready," I moaned as I felt the tip of his dick push against my opening.

He slid into me softly but didn't even let me adjust to his size as he pushed it all in and then began to move in and out. He grabbed my breasts as he moved up onto his knees and he gave my breasts a rough squeeze before sliding one hand down to my hips then lifted my hips off of the bed and into the air as he began to thrust wildly inside of me. He moved his free hand down to my pussy where he began to rub his thumb over my clit, eliciting a moan from myself. He continued to thrust in out of my pussy until I felt his dick throb from inside of me and he pushed himself as deep as he could as he shot his cum into me.

"Oh god, Angel, you're so tight," he moaned as he thrusted slowly from exhaustion. "Think you could suck me off, babe?"

I nodded my head and he pulled out of me and sat on the edge of the bed. I crawled down to the edge of the bed and got onto the floor and on my knees, between his legs before I grabbed ahold of his dick and licked the tip of it with my tongue before taking it into my mouth and I slid my mouth all the way down his dick to the base before sliding my head back up and then back down as I got into a rhythmic motion of the process. He let a moan of satisfaction a couple minutes later and I grinned and I quickened the pace, bobbing my head up and down with his dick in my mouth. I continued at the quickened pace before I tasted his hot, sticky cum shoot into my mouth. Like a good little girl, I swallowed every drop before pulling my mouth away from his dick.

"You are so good with your mouth," he panted.