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"I hate you more than I hate me…take my words, all you need to see…Lies, a tragedy, an absolute must…All I know is in love I can't trust…" Chanted the lanky teen by the name of Bill Kaulitz. His eyes, a chocolate maze you're sure to get lost in. His make-up, leading you into false accusations. His heart, and body, lusted for by so many. I was one of them. What sets me apart from the thousands of fans who want him? Well, for one, I had always had him somehow. And two, he's my brother. Twin brother. Identical twin brother. So far, yet so close.

I heard the click of a button on a tape recorder and the sound of Bill's jewelry jingle as he paced around our room, followed by what I can not recall. I was far too lost in my own sick thoughts; all of which included me and my little brother involved in situations so forbidden to modern society.

"…Tom? Tom…" I heard his voice distantly call.

Mmm…no. Still lost in my mind. Sorry.

"TOM KAULITZ!" Yelled Bill, in my face.

Snapping out of it, I focused on the impatient, slightly altered reflection of my own face, a mere inch from my own. His face was so close to mine that I could feel his warm breath on my skin, making my stomach do loops. He was so good at torturing me, yet he was oblivious to it all.

"Sorry... Say it again. I was thinking." I let out quietly, afraid of stirring the fire-breathing demon that was too close for my own comfort, my cheeks flushing slightly at the closeness.

"Ugh, mein Gott, Tom. I hate you more than I hate me, take my words, all you need to see, Lies, a tragedy, an absolute must, All I know is in love I can't trust." He said quickly, his voice laced with impatience as it was about the fifteenth time within ten minutes he had voiced the verse to me. It was the first time I had actually heard it.

"Oh, uh…Yeah, Bill…Very…Erm…Nice." I manage to get out. Sometimes I wished Bill was like the fan girls I used to fuck around with. They didn't need to talk…They let their bodies do the talking. I had already established the fact that that was more or less what I wished Bill would do with me a long time ago. There was no denying how I felt about him now. I had long since gone through that phase.

"Ugh. I wouldn't expect you to understand deepness anyways." Bill spat out, frowning at me.

"Hold on a minute here. Deepness? Come on, dear Bill, I've been around the block enough times to understand 'deepness'" I snickered.

"…Remind me again exactly why I asked for your opinion in the first place." He half growled, letting out a small noise of disgust.

"Sheer desperation?" I asked.

"Mmm." Bill grunted in agreement, his ear pressed up against a small voice recorder he used to record things that might "inspire our next number one hit," as he put it.

As soon as I saw him obsessing over the small electronic device (one of his most prized possessions), I stood up and threw my hands into the air, groaning loudly. Usually I wouldn't care about it, but it's just that he lived with the damn thing attached to him. He was recording every damn conversation and everything he could think of. I wouldn't be surprised if he recorded himself while taking a piss in the bathroom. Who knows, maybe he'd think it would make a nice "rain effect" on one of our future songs.

"God, Bill! Will you stop living with that thing attached to the side of your fucking face?!" I cried out.

Arching one eyebrow at me and shifting his weight onto one hip, striking that ever-so-famous cocky pose of his, Bill smirked a truly wicked smirk at me.

"Jealous…" He started, moving closer to me until I could feel his warm breath on my ear, making me squirm. "Are you jealous…Tomi?" He said quietly, whispering only my name into my ear, sending shivers through my body. Every part of my body, if you understand.

Bill let loose a loud shriek of surprise as I frantically pushed him away from me in order to stop anything from "developing." When he was distracted, I yanked the voice recorder from his hand, hugging it close to my chest in an effort to keep it away from him. What was I going to do, hold it above his head, when he's clearly taller than me?

"Give. It. BACK!" My twin screamed as he lunged forward to pounce on me, tackling me to the floor, landing me on my back with a loud "oof." The recorder was still tightly enclosed in my hand, though my arm had been pulled away from my chest by his efforts.

"Nein!" I chuckled out as soon as I got my breath back. Oh how I loved seeing his angry face, filled with frustration.

By this point in time, Bill had climbed on top of me to completely straddle me. I couldn't go anywhere. I was pinned completely underneath him. Not that I was complaining. My breathing was getting quicker and all I could think about was how badly I wanted to fuck my brother. I'm a sick fuck okay? I've already long since came to terms with it.

I was losing it, my mind was numbing as my carnal instincts began to take me over. I couldn't take it any longer. I like to say I'm "smooth," but this definitely wasn't my finest moment. As I had reached up, intending to pull Bill down to my more than waiting lips, my hand slipped and Bill's prized recorder went out the open window and into the street a few stories down, surprisingly not smashing to pieces. We both sat upright immediately; my actions taking more effort as to the extra weight on my lower half. Our jaws slowly dropped at the same time as his precious equipment was smashed by a passing semi-truck. Immediately, I knew I was in deep trouble.

Now, I can't remember much after that. Perhaps it was because all that came out of Bill's mouth were a series of loud, frustrated screams, confirming my eternity alone. Or maybe it was because all I felt was the sharp pain of Bill's fists making impact with my body, showing his rage quite accurately.

What I do remember though, is the look on his angelic face the whole time. It was a look that threatened to take his innocence. A look that corrupted the Bill I knew and threatened my insides into submission. It was extremely painful to see that look on his face; even more painful to know that I had caused it.

I let him continue to take his with me out on my body until he was exhausted. The screaming had continued through it all. I didn't care one bit if it hurt; at least his hands were on me. As long as he touched me, I was happy.

When he was finally done, panting because of his "workout," his voice hoarse from the screaming, he just fell back onto the floor, his emotions overruling his body's instincts. I tried my best to shift so I could get a glimpse of him. His chest was rising and falling rapidly as he took deep breaths. If only I had gotten that result from him some other way. He was seething mad and I was fascinated.

I let out a loud groan, clutching my stomach with both hands, rolling around in agony on the floor. For some reason, it hurt more to have his hands off of me than when they were doing me the damage I was now suffering from. My lip and parts of my face were blood-stained. What killed me most was Bill's silence. Hell, we had gone at each other with chairs and pots and pans before. I was more than used to his violent side. But always after, we'd laugh like sick and broken hyenas on crack. Now he was only silent.

I kept moaning as the aftershock pain of the attack still affected me. Coughing as the pain slowly started to ease up on me, I managed to maneuver into a half-sitting position, carefully biting a non-injured part of my lip to distract me from the pain.

"Ugh…Fuck…God Bill, why didn't you just castrate me too?" I whined. I could have sworn I saw a half smile on his face as he stood up and knelt down over me, his hand immediately disappearing into my pocket, searching viciously.

"Bill!" I yelped as I felt his hand rummage around, violating me in every way I had hoped for. My face flushed and I swear I had died and gone to Heaven. "W-What are you d-d-doing?!" I squeaked out in a high pitch shakily, hoping I was still alive. If he kept that up for a few more seconds I swear he would have found something alright.

Satisfied, Bill pulled his hand out of my pocket, my wallet clutched in his grasp. Oh come on God, why are you fucking with me? I groaned in defeat, sadly my prayers had not been answered as I had hoped. Perhaps I was in hell. That sounded fitting at least… Wait…my…wallet?!

"What the hell, Bill?! Why did you take my-"

"Thanks in advance." He said coldly, the lack of emotion in his voice making my heart ache.

I swallowed hard.


"You're about to buy me a new recorder. The most expensive one I can fucking find, you dick!" He calmly got out before yelling the last part, stalking out of our room.