This is more like a Prologue than a Chapter

This is set after the movie by a month or two. Since the 'Hood' incident was during the spring break.

So its the begining of summer now.

Summary : Alan and Fermat are back from school for the summer and are starting Thunderbird training with Tin-Tin. Until Alan decided to hide something that he doesnt think is a big deal ...but to Scott, John, Virgil, & Gordon it is... ecspeacially until a mission. How long can he hide it for?

Actual ages: (i didnt make these up these are there ages in the movie so yea sorry it agrivates me when people get the ages wrong, not the age ITSELF more the years between them and how people mix up virgil and john sorry slight OCD with that lol)

Scott - 24 years old

John - 22 years old

Virgil - 20 years old

Gordon - 18 years old

Alan - 14 years old


Alan had just landed on the Tracy Island in Pennys bright pink car with Parker & Fermat. They had gone to bring them home for Summer vacation. Much to Alans displeasure, as soon as they had landed the klanox went off signaling a mission for the Thunderbirds. So as Parker helped Alan & Fermat with their bags TB1 launched from under the pool, While TB2 launched from the side of Tracy Island as a hidden ramp became visible.

Alan wasn't hoping for a big 'welcome home', he just wanted to be with his brothers. Since the 'Hood' incident, he hasn't seen much of them. Which didn't help with the nightmares he had been having. Once everyone was home, a few days rest and Jeff was sure they were fine John & Brains went up to TB5 to start repairs and Alan & Fermat had to go off to boarding school. That was a very event full spring break.

As Alan & Fermat entered the house they were greeted by Alan's grandma and a very excited Tin-Tin. He also said hello to kyrano who was preparing dinner.

"I'm so glad you guys are back. We get to start training soon. So how was school?" Tin-Tin asked

"It was school what else." Alan replied as he walked up the stairs to his room to drop off his bags.

"D--Don't mind him. Report card not all that im well."Fermat told her.

"Well hes probably bummed they just left on a mission too. A ship crashed along the Panama Cannal and needs to be moved."

"Oh. Well they should be back soon then well scott will at least." Tin-Tin & Fermat both giggled at the fact that Scotts bird was the fastest and it was almost dinner.

Alan's POV

I'm glad to be home I really am but the house just feels empty. I know they will be back but that scare up in TB5 is enough to last me a LIFE TIME. He tossed his bags into a corner to be unpacked later and jumped onto his bed and let out a sigh. As he glanced at the clock on his night stand it read 5:30. hmmmmm... I guess i could go for a run. Get my mind off things. Don't want them to think i'm having one of my 'Alan Tantrums'. Alan pulled himself off his bed and dressed into a pair of running shoes, shorts, t-shirt, and a sweat shirt he stole off Gordon. I bet hes been looking for this one it's his favorite. Alan ran down the hallway and through the kitchen to go out the back door.

"Hey i'm going for a run be back soon." Alan yelled as he ran through the kitchen

Tin-Tin & Fermat just shurged and went back to setting the table glad to see there Alan back to his old self.

"Make sure your back by dinner or you'll have to wait til breakfast." Alan's grandma yelled at him. Fermat & Tin-Tin giggled and caught up on things since they had last seen each other. (A/N sorry got off alans pov for a sec there)

Alan ran through the back gardens which Kyrano spent most of his time. Jumped the gate and down the rocky path down the hill to the beach. By the time he had reached the bottom he was slightly out of breath.

It's good to be home. he sighed and took a deep breath. The smells of all the tropical flower and ocean air was must missed while away.

So he started his run down to one end of the beach to the other. I bet they will be back by the time i'm finished and I can beat Scott and Gordon to the table. They always got there first and hogged all the good food grandma made. Virgil ...he wasn't much of a threat. He laughed to himself. It was good to be back and Nothing was going to go wrong this summer.

As Alan was on his way back to the other half of the beach he had just run he heard the noises of TB1's engines and could see her, a blue streak in the sky. As scott circled her to land he could make out TB2 with his Father, Virgil, & Gordon.

Alan's heart almost jumped out of his chest as TB2 came over and was landing on its landing strip.

If i run the rest and go up the back path they'll be beat me to the kitchen. So Alan took a little detour up the side hill near the pool. Only problem was that there was no set path and he had to run through the bushes and trees at a fast pace run.

Halfway there and Scott just shut down TB1. The absense of the humm of TB1's turbines could no longer be heard. So Alan picked up the pace a bit more.

As he jumped yet another log he failed to notice a vine on the top of it, which caught his foot as he leaped over the log.

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