This is a crossover with Supernatural. Okay, so I'm kind of a fan of weird crossovers as you'll see.

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"No way!" Jason yelled, running up to his father and uncle as they came into the room. He'd been staying at Missouri's while they were out. "You killed the bastard, didn't you?"

"Don't curse." Sam said, frowning. Jason rolled his eyes. Really what did they expect? Growing up with his father and Bobby, not to mention grandpa.

"How'd you do it? What happened? You guys have been gone for a while. Does this mean it's over? Did you kill it, dad, or did Sam?" He couldn't help it as he fired one question after another at them. He frowned when he saw Sam and dad exchange a glance.

"Uh, you know what, buddy? Why don't you go get ready and we'll go out?" Jason frowned a moment and looked up at his father.

"What's going on?" He asked. He'd thought they'd be happy. They'd finally beaten it, finally gotten what they wanted. After all, he and Sam had only started this fight to kill the demon and get it off Sam's back. He nodded after a moment, taking a glance at Missouri as she came into the room.

Jason ran upstairs and got some jeans and his jacket. He was back down the stairs when he heard Missouri talking, sounding rather angry.

"What were you thinking, Dean?" He heard her ask.

"Look, I've had this lecture from Bobby already." Dean answered, his voice sounding tired and weary in a way that Jason did not like. "I'll tell you the same thing I told him. I had no choice. I couldn't let Sam die." Jason froze, his heart starting to race.

"And what about that little boy out there?" Missouri asked. "What's he going to think when he finds out? What's he going to do when you-"

"That's not going to happen." Sam's voice broke in. "I wont let it." Jason shook his head, trying to make sense of what they were saying. Something bad had happened, obviously.

"You know there was another reason for this too." His dad said quietly. "You know that Sam wasn't the only one it was after. I did it for him, too."

"What are you talking about?" Missouri asked now, her voice going lower.

"I found out a few things after Sam disappeared. The yellow eyed wasn't just after Sam. I made one more condition."

"Why would it be after Jason?" Jason backed away from the door and walked up the stairs to the room he'd been staying in, finding himself not wanting to hear anymore.

He laid down on the bed and thought about what he had heard. Something big was happening. He wasn't afraid, exactly, at least not for himself. He knew his dad would protect him, no matter what.

He frowned slightly and put his hands behind his head, thinking about it. He had grown up with Dean Winchester, after all. He wasn't stupid. He'd gotten that something bad had happened to Sam, that the demon was coming after him as well. And dad had made sure that it wouldn't happen.

Harry closed his eyes slightly and shook his head. He didn't really want to think about how his dad could have pulled that off. Sighing he got up and ran a hand through his messy black hair.

He liked his hair the way it was, much to his dad's chagrin. At least his dad didn't make him cut it like grandpa had when he was alive and stayed with him for a while. He didn't look anything like his father or uncle but he was adopted.

His didn't like the fact that his dad's job often took him away. He remembered before when his dad had basically quit but he'd been pulled back in when a couple years ago when the demon had gone after Sam. They hadn't really had much of a choice but to go after it again.

Jason took off his glasses and put in his contacts. Dad had taught him how to defend himself and the basics on how to shoot a gun. Just in case, he'd said. Jason knew his dad would never let him actually go on a hunt. He had found out that contacts were easier to deal with while learning that stuff. Plus, they looked better. He was getting on his shoes when his father stepped into the room.

"Ready, Jay?" He asked, smiling at him.

"Sure." He said, jumping up. "Everything okay?" He couldn't help but to ask, looking up at his father. His dad smiled and nodded. He ran a hand through his hair, probably making it even more unruly and causing his dad to roll his eyes.

"Oh, come on. Like you wouldn't have used it?" He said, smiling up at his father, who raised an eyebrow at him.

"Sometimes, I have a hard time remembering that your only ten."

"Well, I am your son." Jason said, his grin widening.

Jason had only been two when he'd been adopted by the Winchesters. He didn't really remember how it had happened. He remembered vaguely being somewhere else, somewhere that he didn't like and wanting out so bad.

He remembered feeling the urge to get as far away as possible, and it had happened. He knew that Dean had found him. Dean had only been nineteen at the time, but he had still not left Jason.

Dean had named him Jason later, as Jason had only been two at the time and hadn't known his name. Jason had overheard a conversation some time later when he was about eight. Dean had been talking to Bobby for the first time in years.

He remembered his dad telling Bobby whey he'd taken Jason in in the first place. That Jason had looked so small and there had been bruises on his arms that he was sure came from hands.

Jason had been a little rattled at this. He'd always tried to imagine that his parents had had to give him up for a good reason or something, that they were hopefully good people, but Dean's statements implied that they weren't.

He'd eventually got over it, though. He loved his dad, and Dean was his dad, no matter what. He loved Sam and Bobby too.

"Bobby!" Jason yelled, launching at the man as he entered the house. Bobby grinned at him.

"Hey, kid." He said, swinging him up for a moment.

"Are you working on something new?" Jason asked excitedly, looking towards the backdoor. Bobby smiled.

"Why don't you and Dean go out back and see for yourselves?" He asked. Jason nodded, but his smile faded some. He looked from Sam to Bobby. The kid was damn observant. After a moment, though, he seemed to dismiss it and grabbed Dean's hand to drag him out back. Dean gave Bobby his own look as well before he disappeared out the door.

"How's he doing?" Bobby asked Sam as soon as they left.

"Fine." Sam shrugged. "I think he knows something's wrong, though." Bobby shook his head.

"And if he hears about the deal Dean made?"

"Dean doesn't want him too, of course. And I'm hoping that I can get Dean out of it before we would ever have to tell him." Sam looked out the back window and watched his brother and Jason.

"I don't blame him, not really. I get why he did it. It wasn't just for me, and I know that Dean would die before he'd let anything happen to Jay. So would I for that matter."

They were sitting at Bobby's table, eating when it happened. Dean had been telling a very interesting story from his and Sam's childhood, making Sam grumble and glare when he was interrupted by something flying in through the window and landing in front of Jason, practically on top of his plate.

Jason froze halfway through bringing his sandwich up to his mouth and dropped it in shock. He stared.

"What the hell?" Dean said, staring as well, and Jason was sure that his dad had been halfway to pulling out his gun at the surprise entrance of the freaking owl that was standing in front of his son.

Jason was even more surprised when the owl hopped closer to him, and lifted on leg, which had an envelope attached to it. Despite his father's objection, Jason reached out and took the envelope without thinking.

He stared at it for a moment, before looking up into the surprised faces of his uncle, father and Bobby. He finally managed to make his voice work.

"Who the hell is Harry Potter?"