As I had said in a quick note, I've decided to add little stories to each of the things I said to do to annoy Jareth

As I had said in a quick note, I've decided to add little stories to each of the things I said to do to annoy Jareth. I know there won't actually be 101 (because some points led to another etc) but I hope you all enjoy!

101 Ways to Annoy the Goblin King

1: Replacing his tight tights with short shorts (Oh this should be fun)

It was one of those rare nights in the goblin kingdom; when all was calm and quiet, as if the land had fallen into some kind of tranquil dream. The creatures of the land had retired for the night; resting their weary heads in anticipation of the day to come. The owls hooted gently into the night; their calls flowing into a melodic tune across the kingdom. The stars shined bright in a velvet sky, and the walls of the deserted labyrinth glistened softly in the moonlight. All was well in the Labyrinth; well, except for the strangely high pitched and nonstop screaming from a certain blonde haired king!

"How the bloody hell did that happen?! What am I supposed to do?! HOW THE HELL DID YOU MANAGE TO SHRINK MY TROUSERS?!"

As their master ranted and raved, the poor goblins tried their best to point out the giggling mess of a girl behind him. It had only been 24 hours and already this girl had gotten them in trouble. They knew their King should not have laughed when she swore she'd get her revenge. Something about how she had said it made it sound so… ominous. But they never really considered this. Was this what she had been planning? If only they had known…

The girl continued to giggle as the Goblin King stared incredulously at his once famous tight trousers that were now tight shorts. He fumed at the cowering goblins before him, daring one of them to speak. He knew it was the girl. It HAD to have been the girl. His subjects weren't stupid enough to mess about with his wardrobe. 'But how to prove it?' he wondered to himself. He swivelled round and placed his glare on the girl in question – a girl who looked considerably red in the face as she tried to stop another insane outburst of laughter. "If this is your idea of revenge then, uh, well played", he said, trying desperately to make his trademark smirk look real, "But try something like this again, and you will regret it!"

The girl pretended to look shocked, "Why, Jareth! I'd never do something like that!" Of course, laughing didn't really help. She flashed him a dopey grin before telling him to shut up so that she could get some sleep and then walked off.

He decided he should keep a closer eye on this mischievous little being.

A/N – Yea, I know it's short. I'll try and make the others longer. If I can't, I'll make sure I post more than one next time. But this should give you an idea anyway… Enjoy!