Alice POV

Cecy danced around with the bear Edward had gotten her for her first Christmas present. That was only a couple months after she was born, I mused. She was nearly two! Rose was addicted to her and so was everyone else. The little girl's bronze curls bounced as she showed "teddy" how to dance the waltz. She was a very advanced for someone who was only two and three fourths years old. She looked remarkably like Edward with bronze hair and striking green eyes. She was even vampire-like; she was incredibly fast at everything. She was smarter than most first graders a, genuine prodigy. She was even composing her own music on the piano. Edward and Bella were always in awe of her broad vocabulary, as she talked to them on the phone. She always asked us about them always! Cecy just loved them more than anyone else.

"Alice!" Cecy giggled in her bubbly toddler voice, "What are you thinking about?"

"You, ya silly little girl!" I laughed at her chubby little face.

At that moment Rosalie walked in and swooped Cecy up in her arms, and tickling her. Cecy's laugh was so contagious; no one in the whole house could escape it. We could hear Emmett's Booming laughter coming from the garage.

"Roe….please….don't….Alice….SAVE….ME!" Cecy squeaked out between laughs.

"Okay, okay! What were you doin'?" Rosalie asked.

"Teaching Teddy how to do the waltz, what else?" Cecy giggled.

"Oh of course how silly of me," Rose said tickling Cecy once more.

Cecy's POV

I sat in front of my yellow baby grand that Grandma and Grandpa had given me for a gift. I always got gifts for no apparent reason. But I didn't mind I love to get stuff, that's one of the best reasons to have a rich family. I started to play one of my own original pieces, the one I had wrote and dedicated especially for my mommy and daddy. My little fingers moved across the keys with stunning grace, my music was one of my favorite ways to get my feelings out. I felt some one behind me and turned around without missing a single note.

"Hey Jasper, whatcha doin'?" I asked even though I knew the answer, he always just like to feel exactly what I was feeling when I played this piece of music. He said it helped him think about stuff. I knew what I was feeling, I was sad; I missed my mommy and daddy. I knew why they had left it was 'cus of me, to keep me safe. My mommy wanted to be with my daddy forever and ever so she needed to be just like him, a vampire. Just like everyone else in my family, but they didn't scare me I was never afraid of them. They loved me just like I loved them.

"Just thinking about stuff." Jasper said.

Of course he was he always was, but I loved him anyway he had gotten me a cute little I-pod for no reason, just said it was to keep my music on we already had too many CD's left over from my daddy. I 

loved to "sneak" (even though I could never really sneak around anywhere with a house full of vampires) into my parents' room it was the prettiest room in the whole house I thought. It used to be my room to when I was a baby, but those were old times, I was almost three now! I liked it here in Alaska, it was nice and cold.

"When are they coming home?" I asked, I didn't need to specify who "they" were, Jasper already knew.

"I don't know, soon though. So you don't need to worry." He replied.

"Alright thanks." I said, finishing my sad little song. I got up and gave Jasper a hug. He picked me up and carried me down to the kitchen. Alice had gone out to get me some food, why cook when only one person was going to eat it, especially when the cook didn't even know what tasted good to humans. Jasper sat me down on my little chair and pushed it in close to the table. Alice set the table with my favorite flowery plate with my name in the center. She plopped the still hot burger on the plate with some French fries and tad of ketchup on the side.

"Thank you Alice, Jasper." I said sweetly. They each muttered a 'your welcome'. They both left me to eat, I never liked to be stared at while I ate, it was awkward when they did. I ate in silence, with my little song playing over and over again in my head.

Rosalie's POV

Cecy was a miracle an angel! And I couldn't help but love her. Soon after Cecy was born Bella had asked me if I would watch over her, like she was mine. I had, when I first heard Bella was expecting was overwhelmingly jealous, why did she get everything? What had she done to deserve this kind of miracle, when I obviously wanted it more? But when she asked me to be Cecy's surrogate mother along with Alice, while Bella was gone, I was so happy I could raise Cecy like my own! I have recently taught her how to change oil, and tires. Cecy loves to help me work on cars and is unbelievably brilliant for such a small child. Emmett loves her too, we all do. There is no way possible to not adore the child, with her bouncing, bronze curls and twinkling green eyes the spitting image of Edward. Her sweet voice radiating love, joy, and laughter, as it echoes through the halls. You can tell that she is the very thing keeping everything perfect, no one is ever stressed or angry and I feel like a better person because of her. I think she is the most beautiful thing on this planet. And that is a statement that I never would have said unless I was talking about myself.

"Roe?" the little voice asked. Roe was the little pet name Cecy had for me.

"Yes Cecy?"

"What are you looking at?" She asked. I realized I had been staring off into space for a while now. I gently shook my head and looked upon the round face encircled with those bronze curls, her little face all rosy and smooth. I was always in awe of her. She was wearing one of those designer dresses Alice and I had gotten her. The matching ribbon holding her curls out of her eyes. The dress was exactly the same shade as those eyes. She always looked gorgeous in that color. All those mothers at the park stared at her, not even noticing their little ones. Oh how the gaped at her!

"Just you, thinkin' how beautiful you are," I said, "You've eaten?"

"Yup! Wanna have a tea party or something later on?" she asked innocently.

"Oh, of course sweaty, I would love to! Will Teddy be there?" I asked knowing the answer.

"Mmmhmm. Isn't he always?" she giggled.

"Oh, yes he never misses one of Miss Cecelia's famous tea parties!" I laughed

"What's all this laughing?" Emmett asked, laughing himself.

"I'm gonna have a tea party, you wanna come too Emmett?" Cecy asked a pleading smile on her face.

"I could never turn down an invitation from an angel!" Emmett said grabbing her up and giving her a bear hug. Cecy giggled and hugged him back tightly. Emmett held her away from him and they grinned enormously at each other. I couldn't help but burst into laughter! They looked hysterical! Once I did so did they, the room was full of laughter. Everyone came to see what was so funny and then joined in. Oh it seemed like ever since Cecy had been in our lives we were always laughing!