Authors note:

Okay I'm kinda feeling bad because I don't really wanna keep writing about twilight because I hated breaking was like a horrible fan fiction and I'm freaking out cus my was almost exactly like it minus the creepy pedophile Jacob( and I had considered myself on team Jacob) imprinting on Renesme (ugliest freakin' name ever!) but so many people...well not that many actually but its more than I expected...and I don't want to disappoint you guys. But I've kinda run out of ideas...the well is dry... I don't know maybe some of you could somehow relight the spark for my own fan fiction. I'm not sure how you could but I feel like since I don't like twilight anymore I should no longer have a place in its large fandom. Idk...I just don't wanna let all of you all down. Just send me your thoughts on my predicament. It would be greatly appreciated, even if it is constructive criticism. I love you all for enjoying my little story!

Love, Morgan (morgieo)