I am nothing. Truly, am nothing. They call me a freak. Others, a demon. I refer myself as a "wanderer." It is what I do, day and night. It is horrible life, true, as my days in open company consist of offensive names and the pelting of rocks, by which is the most pleasant. Humans…Pokémon…I am neither. I also have the innate ability to, ash the humans call, "Shape shift." I find this ability rather useful, as I can steal food as one Pokémon, and steal as a human. They can never catch me, and it is assuming to see their foolish hunt for me fail time after time. But I believe there is another who can shape shift? Ditto, as I think. These Pokémon names are rather troublesome to remember. Anyway, this Pokémon has abilities similar to mine, so naturally I thought I was a Ditto. It took me less than three seconds to come to my senses that I was not a Ditto, as every Ditto…in fact every Pokémon…hated and shunned me, like the humans. So instead I wander the world, after all, no one cares for a monster like me. I feel my true form is too hideous to be seen by other's eyes, so I take the form of a Pokémon or human that suits the environment and situation. So wandering was my only purpose in life? Would I ever settle down? No, I wouldn't. I never have friends, and no one cares for me. But that easily changed, in one day…


I did not even look. I preferred to look at the lush green forest filled with happy Pokémon rather than see who was speaking to me, of all things…


The voice was so hi-pitched it took all my mental will to resist covering up my yellow and black striped ears. It appears being a Pikachu, my hearing is much more acute. Yet, I continued to ignore.

"Are you deaf? Hello? Anybody in that little head?"

Knock…knock…knock. I felt a small fist rap against my head in a rhythmical pattern. It annoyed me greatly, so I decided to acknowledge this pest.

"Yes?" I asked with much annoyance in my voice, "What do you want?"

I turned my head and my eyes landed on a floating pink figure with a flickering tail and bright, curious blue eyes. I had no clue what this thing was, but it still had my annoyance.

"What do you want?" I repeated with a dull tone.

I waited for it to respond back, but it said nothing. So I said, "Well if you don't need me you pink annoyer, I must be on my way."

My little yellow legs started to carry me away, far from that nuisance. As soon as it was out of eyesight, I resumed by peaceful stroll down the forest. Then BAM! I crashed right into something else. As I shook my head from the impact of the fall, I opened my eyes to see that irksome pink thing again. Once more, it just stared at me. I attempted to shove my way past it, but as soon as I laid my paws on it, it grabbed my paws just as quickly. This greatly surprised me, so I tried yanking my paws away, but it held on tighter than ever. It stared into my black eyes with its innocent blue ones.

"Your paws are soft. And you have really soft fur too. You're a really cute Pikachu!" It complemented.

"Umm…thanks?" I replied uncertainly, "Your look good too…"

I attempted again to have it release my paws, but it still hung on.

"My name is Mew! What's yours?" It…I mean Mew…asked.

"I have no name…" I answered truthfully.

"No name!? But everyone has a name? What's your dad's…?" Mew asked curiously.

"I don't have a dad." I confessed.

"No dad, but what about…?" Mew tried to ask.

But I interrupted, "No mother either. Or Sister. Or cousin. Or brother. I have no Family."

"No Family? What happened to your other Pikachu relatives?"

"I don't have a family." I repeated, irritated.


Mew crossed both of its arms and closed its eyes. It appeared to think for a while.

"I got it!" Mew suddenly shouted, "I'll travel with you! Yeah…I'll be your family!"

I shook my head almost immediately. I knew how it worked. Get a traveler, He/She/It finds out my true identity, they freak out and run away. Therefore, I always travel alone.

"But why not?" Mew asked, feeling a little hurt.

"This is why." I said.

My body glowed and started to change size. By the end of my transformation, I was the hideous monster I was supposed to be. I waited for Mew to freak out.

Mew shrugged it shoulders, "So? What's the big deal? This?"

I was shocked. No one had acted like that before.

"You do not fear me?" I asked in my big, demonic voice.

"No. I think you look fine." Mew said.

I felt so surprised, I changed back into a Pikachu.

"So now that that's out of the way, can I go with you?" Mew asked, nearly begged.

I was so lost in thought, all I could think to say was, "Sure…whatever."

"YIPPE!" Mew cheered, "Now we can be like family! So, where to first?"

I didn't reply. I was still thinking about how that Pokémon…I figured it was a Pokémon…didn't fear me. But it appears now I have a new companion. This is going to be such an odd experience…

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