Chapter 16

"I am a wanderer. Perpetually alone and out casted by all who know me; that is my fate. Or so, that is what my fate had originally planned for me. From the very first day as a Pikachu, spending my company in the serenity of the peaceful forest, where I met Mew…to now. Now…where I am under semi-captivity of Jinx's vengeful trainer Zac; now, where my other companions are still nowhere in sight; now, where I am lost. Lost in myself, for I no longer know who I am anymore. Who am I really? That question has haunted me since the time where my own species were still around; I have yet to find even the most remote of answers to that troubling question. I have tried to refuse to think about that persistent question, but it rejects my rejections. What am I here for? What role do I play in this world? Do I even belong here? Who knows? I certainly do not…but regardless, I cannot let these haunting thoughts lead me astray in my current matters."

"My current matters of dealing with…Zac…are far more pressing. He found me last night in the same location where he had left me…painfully asleep. I still remember my matted, morose fur lying coldly on the unforgiving ground and my muscle spasms periodically bestowing grief on me; it served as a painful reminder to my earlier bout with that Weavile. He snarled at me corpse and kicked me until I stood up, weakly, and managed to follow him. I collapsed after walking about 20 miles with me trying to desperately keep up with his increasingly swift pace. After he realized that my body wouldn't respond to verbal insults and physical retribution, he called upon his Weavile to carry me. My price for this was for Weavile to use Shadow Claw on my back for every other hour that we walked, rendering myself to pass out shortly after the fourth hour. I reawakened when I heard Zac speaking to someone; he was telling them that they would be at Slateport City in the next two hours. I'm not quite sure why we are traveling to Slateport, but the main objective for me right now is to escape. I don't care where I go…I have to get out of here! NOW!"

"…you're not thinking of leaving right now, are you?"

"What?" I thought hastily. "Who said that? No one can listen to my thoughts…"

"…because if you are, I would hate to see you get hurt, even more so than you are now…"

I glanced around and noticed that Laura, the Froslass, was staring at me quite intently. I know for a fact that she did not speak out loud; she must be able to channel unto my wavelength of thought like I can to anyone else's. I would've attempted to glare at her worried expression, but I was too tired to even raise a paw.

"You are a part of Zac's malevolent cluster." I mentally snarled back, feeling anger and frustration rise within the bowels of my being. "What motivation do you have to be anxious about my sake? Keep your preposterous concerns to yourself. I will endeavor in my flight soon enough…"

"Please don't do it! I know things seem horrible at the moment…but just trust me! You've trusted me before…right? Just trust me! Just trust…"

"I no longer give you my trust. I have nothing more to say to you."

I will admit, seeing Laura's expression of misery comforted me, just a diminutive amount. But at the same token, I knew that I probably should not have said that she no longer had my trust, even though she really didn't.

After listening to her telepathic pleas for me to give her a chance and subsided, I felt another Shadow Claw fall on my backside. Except this time, it was twice as hard and the pain increased fivefold. Weavile seemed to have…put in an extra effort to hurt me…but why? After Weavile and Laura shared a smirk with each other, the answer was evident. Apparently, she felt that pain given deserved a greater pain returned.

This was going to be an incredibly painful journey…

"…you need me to do what now?"

Jinx, Jack, and Mew had successfully located Dennis's home and now in waited for him to read the precious clue that had driven the group to his house in the first place. Now they anxiously waited…waited for Dennis to read the note so that they may have an understanding of where Alex is!

"We need you to read that note …uh…please." Jinx quickly explained. Using Jack to crash through the front door in over-excitement may have not been the best idea, but there was no time for pleasant introductions.

"Yeah! We think that it's going to help us find a good friend of ours!" Mew ecstatically added. The pink haired one could hardly contain the exhilaration of finally finding Alex; she missed him increasingly dearly.

"Ay', give the man a littl' breathin' room, snowflake!" Jack humorously chastised. He was just as thrilled at the prospect of finally finding Alex, but he knew that he had to keep a level head around the chaos of these two. "Now, please read that note, Dennis!"

"Before I do that, I have a few questions to ask you three…" Dennis cautiously stated, almost certain that there was something…off about these teenagers. "First, what are your names?"

"I'm…Lily?" Mew hesitantly responded.

"Err…Jinx." Jinx replied, knowing that her name wasn't that important to hide.

"Name's Pip!" Jack proudly declared, using the last three letters of his first name to conceal the rest.

"Uh huh." Dennis nodded skeptically. "I see…where are you from? Be honest."

"Kanto" all three of them declared simultaneously.

"And with that, what are you doing out here in Hoenn?"

"Like I said, we are looking for a friend of ours. His name is Alex." Mew reiterated impatiently, wanting this question process to hurry along.

"Why are you looking for him? Is he lost?"

"In a sense…" was all that Jinx replied.

"Where are your parents? What are they doing?"

"FOR ARCEUS'S SAKE, READ THE DARN NOTE!" the three loudly chorused.

"Alright, alright…I'll read the note…hmm…I see…simple enough…okay, I'm finished. Your friend is in…"


The gang plus Dennis swiveled their attention around to the entrance of the front door. Standing in the midst of the doorway was a beautiful young woman…on the back of a Charizard.

"Hi-ya Dennis! I see that we have company. Splendid!" the woman melodically and graciously replied. Her voice captured the interest of the group as a whole as she started to go on and on about her recent journeys. This went on for about half an hour…

"…and you would never guess what happened at Canalave City! Why, there was this poor girl…"

"June, you can tell me all about it later. I have yet to introduce you to our guests. This is Lily, Jinx, and Pip. They are looking for someone and stopped by to have me read something for them."

Wendy nodded in understanding, and then performed a confused double-take. "Wait, these teenagers can't read? Shouldn't they be in school?"

Dennis expressed a bewildered look, closed his eyes in thought, and then focused his attention on the three teens. "Yeah…why can't you read? I was going to ask before, but forgot to."

"Look mate, we can't be 'ere all day answerin' questions. What does that little note say? Jus' tell us an' we'll be outta your recedin' hair." Jack confidently expressed back. It was a bold move, but he had to get the other two out of there before their plan went horribly wrong.

"Bah, there is no reasoning with you, is there? Very well, the note says "Your beloved Alex is residing in Slateport City. Come within a week to retrieve him, or else he will be ours." Dennis finally confided.

"Well c'mon guys, let's get a move on! To Slateport City!" Mew heroically ordered. Her legs had not taken their first step before she was restrained by Jack, who grabbed her shirt from behind and lifted her off the ground.

"Hey! Lemme go! What are you doing!" Mew cried out indignantly. "We have to save Alex!"

"Hold on snowflake, think for a second." Jack quietly stated among the vicinity of Jinx and Mew. "These poke-nappers…how do you know tha' they aren't lyin'? They could be leadin' us on a wild goose-chase…"

"Jack is right, Mew. This could be a trap or something else." Jinx murmured in agreement.

"But we can't just sit here! We have to do something!" Mew demanded insistently.

"Well, I think tha' we should go to Lilycove City first. I could've sworn tha' I detected a trail leadin' to tha' location when were snoopin' for clues around Petalburg City." Jack suddenly remembered. "I'm quite sure tha' it would be the correct way."

"Hmm…don't ask guys, but I think that Alex is going to be at Slateport City after all." Jinx revealed while closing her eyes and crossing her arms. "I can feel it."

"What do you think we should do, Mew?" Jack hurriedly inquired. Time was the essence, for he felt a bad vibe creeping up on him.

Jinx felt the same vibe. "Yeah Mew, it's your call. Just make one quickly."

Mew didn't know what to do. And for some odd reason, she felt as if time was playing against her and her group. She knew that if she chose the wrong city, they might be dooming Alex to a terrible fate. This premonition disturbed Mew far beyond what she had ever felt. But Mew knew exactly where to go…down to the last letter.

"Guys, let's head off! Next stop, Slateport City! Take hold of my arms!"

And with that, Mew whisked Jack and Jinx off with a frenzied Teleport. All of this occurred in the view of Dennis and June, who were staring at the spectacle in silence until…

"…Dennis, you have the weirdest guests, I swear…"

"…I know…"

"Slateport City…how dull." Zac loftily commented. His Weavile and Froslass seemed to have shared his sentiments as they glanced over the pristine waters with contempt. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the sea air and used what little strength I had to raise my head high to let the fresh ocean air fill my senses. Sensing this, Zac snarled at me and scoffed, "Heh, just for that, no camp out. Can't have you enjoying yourself like that. I'm gonna lock you up in a dingy, musty motel!"

The sun was beginning to set as Zac had his Weavile drag me to the entrance of an ancient motel. The rust stains, decomposing walls, and terrible odor of the entrance alone had Zac keeping his promise so far. I'm not sure why Zac would want to subject himself to this kind of unpleasantness since he would have to keep an eye on me by staying here too.

"…and separate my Pokémon and me. I want the deluxe room, while they must stay in your establishment's worst room!"

"That would explain it…"

As we were separated, I noticed a bright flash of light quickly appeared and vanished outside of the window. Peculiar, but probably some sort of tourist. Besides, I have my own dilemmas to work with…

"Hey, sorry about the back treatment on the way here!"Zac's Weavile howled mockingly. "You are special alright; you managed to survive! Hahahaha! But seriously, you are really pathetic. I dunno why he even wastes his time with you, to be brutally honest."

"Well hey Weavile, maybe he just wants a punching bag…" Laura carelessly threw the comment. "I dunno, what do you think, Aggron?"

"Aggron doesn't think. Only acts. Destroys!" it pompously boasts.

"Stupid as usual…"Laura sighed to herself.

His other Pokémon sat in their respective PokéBalls. They couldn't be bothered with hanging out with the rest of the crew.

"Well, I think that Zac's sis is coming here tomorrow. I heard him talking on the phone and he mentioned her name a few times. I can't wait to see her again…" Weavile menacingly finished. His past with her had him softly chuckling. "Yes sir…can't wait indeed…"

"You know, you don't have to terrorize everyone you come into contact with. You are almost as bad as metal butt over there." Laura dully chastised.

"What you say about Aggron!"

"Nothing; don't get your metallic monodies in a bunch. Only a joke Aggron, geeze…" Weavile defended. Even though it was insulted, it still recognized a good joke when it saw one.

"Who said it was a joke?" Laura scoffed haughtily. It stared at the ceiling, which was an odd mixture of rich brown and lime green.

"Yeah…anyways, Alex…" Weavile started, focusing its attention back to the injured Eevee. "I suggest you get stronger, or get out. Because if you don't survive, I will drive you into your grave." To add emphasis, Weavile produced a Shadow Claw attack on a nearby bed. It was cut cleanly in two and slightly simmered from the dark energy that slashed it.

"Beautiful…yet terrifying…isn't it?"

"Ay' Mew, do you gotta teleport brightly?" Jack complained childishly. "Might wanna be a littl' more…incognito."

"Yeah Mew…and why is it so dark all of a sudden?" Jinx curiously questioned.

"Yeah, sorry about that. I underestimated the jump over here, which delayed us a few hours. I'm also working on a flashier landing." Mew giggled quietly.

"Well, what do we do now?" Jack inquired.

"We should check into that motel over there! It looks cheap enough to afford! Plus, we can continue our search tomorrow!" Jinx pointed out excitedly. She always wanted to try this…

"Yeah…if we had money…"Mew sadly reminded.

"Just teleport us inside one of the rooms. If it's vacant, we'll go for it." Jack suggested.

"Great idea!" Mew cheered bubbly. "Okay, hold my arms again guys. I'll make the landing more quietly."

So they all held on and teleported into a vacant motel room…

Located right between Alex's and Zac's.