Naruto at the age of four is sitting outside next to the gate of Konohagakure and he is cold and wet. People that should of been taking care of him kick him out and now he trying to live on the streets just because he has the kyuubi inside of him.

As he sitting there a man in a red shirt with long dark red pants comes over to him. On his back is a long katana and his hair is a dark red color that comes down to shoulders with dark deep red eyes but Naruto was shocked that he may hurt him like everyone else does.

"Why are you out here kid but also why are you all alone like this?" He ask Naruto in a calm voice but he was worried that this kid is being treated badly.

"Because everyone kicked me out and I don't know why everyone hates me" He said in a nervous voice because he didn't know if he can trust this man or not because it wasn't the first someone tired be nice to hurt him.

"Do you want to come with me?" Naruto nodded and walked to him which the man just smiles because he wasn't going to let someone live like this. "What is your name kid?" Naruto looked up at him but he looks away.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki." as Naruto said that the man thought "I have to take him out of this village! To treat a hero like this! How dare they!" As he is thinking he looked down at the little blonde hair boy.

"Well my name is Drake Yuuhi but let's go get you somewhere warmer." After Drake said that he picked up the little blonde boy and starts to walk out of the village but Naruto does looks behind him. He didn't know if he will see the old man or not but he didn't want stay here because he was being hurt to much.

Now its six years later and at gates of Konohagakure.

As they walk inside the village Naruto is now wears both dark red shirt and pants with a katana on his back he also has a backpack hanging of his left shoulder. His hair still is blonde with his blue eyes but he is a lot taller than before.

"Are you sure that you want to come back here Naruto because you don't have to if you don't want to?" Drake asked him but his tone of voice was a caring one that was because he sees Naruto as his own son but also the fact he doesn't want Naruto do something he doesn't want to.

"Yes I'm sure and I going be Hokage soon and you have to see you sisters again they must miss you a lot!" Drake nodded to Naruto as he thinks of his sisters and mom but he hopes they can forgive him for being away for so long.

"I believe you can one day Naruto and I know they miss this fool." he pats Naruto on the head.

"Go to the academy and I will see you later outside the academy main doors and don't be late or else." Naruto nods and runs to the academy and reason he knows the place for the academy is that's because he always watches people training in the past so he can learn to be stronger. Drake starts walking to the Hokage tower but he shakes his head because Naruto loves to train way too much.

At the tower Drake knocks on the Hokage office. "Come in!" The 3rd Hokage yelled Drake walks into the Hokage office and bows. As he get done bowing he sees his young sister that has black long raven hair with red eyes and young looking and copy cat shinobi a sliver hair man with the headband over his right eye. Kurenai mouth dropped and ran to Drake then hit him on the head but then she just hugged him hard.

"Good to see you to Kurenai, it's been a long time little sister" Both of them smile to each other as they hold each other.

"Didn't think I would see you here Drake Yuuhi who become a missing shinobi? Where have you been?" Asked Kakashi as Sarutobi looked at the man with dark red hair wanting to know the same thing as well.

"Yes, Drake how about you give me your story I mean right now?" Drake looked at the Hokage and nodded his head to his leader but he knows this story is going be long one as he just wishes Naruto's having a better time.

Well after my teammates get killed and raped, I went to hunt the man that killed and raped my two teammates ever thought you told me I was not allowed I still went and become a missing shinobi and for that I am true sorry Hokage, it took two years to find him and kill him, when I get done killing him then I came back to the village. But when I get here I found a little blonde hair boy that was on the streets cold and wet, I asked him what his name was was he told me that his name was Naruto Uzumaki after he told me. I know I had to take the hero of this village and leave so he not have go through that anymore so I trained him for last six years and now he going go the academy as we talk now." Everyone in the room could not believe it but then again this was Drake they are talking about.

"I see that why Naruto been gone for the last six years and I thank you for taking care of him but you have let the deaths of your teammates behind it was not your fault" Hokage said in a strong but calm voice.

"I sorry but I can't do that because if I was stronger then maybe I could of stopped him" Kakashi just shakes his head because Drake was in the same boat he's in but he knows he has to try and help him get over this.

Kakashi walked over to Drake and put his hand on Drake shoulders. "Take it from me thinking and blaming yourself for their teammate will only ruin you like it as for me." He said that to Drake as he remembering his two teammates and sensei.

At the shinobi academy with Naruto.

Iruka-sensei walks into class and says "listen up we have a new kid joining us today." Naruto walks in and looks around.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I am glad that I am here to learn to be a shinobi.' He bows to them causing Iruka to smile because at least this new kid had manners that was rare in this school.

"Have you been trained by someone or know jutsu because most people that are at this year of school know jutsu and been trained by teachers." Iruka asked Naruto then Naruto smiles because this was going be fun.

'My Sensei used to be a missing ninja for last 8 years but now he back asking the Hokage if he can become ninja of the village again" Iruka didn't know what to think because it wasn't everyday you hear something like that but he wants to know who this sensei is.

"Who was your sensei? Iruka asked Naruto who is now still smiling because to him this was just so much fun doing to people it was like getting free ramen.

"Drake Yuuhi the flaming demon." a dark brown hair girl mouth down and yells "Is my onii really back! Naruto looks at her and smiles to her.

"You have to be Shiva Yuuhi Drake's baby sister" She nodded and walks to him then hugged him.

"Thank you for bring back my onii." Both of them blush because their hugging. After blushing they let go of each other.

"If you want Shiva you can wait outside with me and when he comes to pick me up you can see him again" As she hear Naruto say that she smiled

At lunch Naruto sitting outside on the roof by himself but when he hears the door behind him open and two girls walked outside. "Naruto this is Hana Inuzuka her companions the Haimaru Sankyodai." She was a beautiful girl with brown hair in a ponytail and black eyes that could kept you looking forever also with three little puppies behind her and she also had sexy red lips that he could not stop looking at.

"Can I ask what their names are?" Naruto looked at Hana who was taken back because no one asked her what their names were beside Shiva.

"Their names are flame/ dark / frostbite." Naruto walked over and pats each one and told them hello and that his name was Naruto Uzumaki.

"You're one of the only few outside the Inuzuka to talk to them like human beings." Naruto look at her and smiled.

"That's because Drake-sensei told me that dog companion of the Inuzuka clan can talk to each other and understand each other" Naruto told her as he remembers that part of his time with Drake when he went over shinobi things.

"Can I ask how does Drake know that?" he look down and then up with a sad look because it wasn't something he liked to talk about.

"That's because he had teammate that was from your clan."Naruto looks down because he didn't really like to talk about Drake's past like this to people because it wasn't something that was a good past.

"What happen to my onii teammates and why did he leave?" Naruto looked away but she asked again "Please tell me." the dogs look at him and Hana to.

"Ok but you may not like it." All 5 nodded and Naruto start talking again "His teammates name are Kara Uchiha and Marie Inuzuka both of them are girls, when Drake was out seeing if they were being fallowed then when he get back to camp, he seen that both of them are gone and her dog ninja was knock out, he tried to find them and when he did they both nude and die. Then the man told him that he raped them and killed them, but the man get away after that, he then took their bodes back after covered them up with clothes to the village, then he told the Hokage to let him go out and hunt that asshole down to pay for what he had done. But 3rd Hokage told him no and that made him become a missing ninja to hunt them down because he want kill that man for raping and killing his two teammates." He then takes some air.

"But the bigger reason why because Marie was going be Drake wife so he will never stop feeling the pain in his heart ever if he does kill the man." Naruto stop take a breath then start again "He finally found the man after two years and when he did, he did not let the man beg for his life he killed him in the most painfully way he could. When he finally killed the man he came back to the village and he found me on the streets next to the gates of the village, I was there because I was kick out by people that was taking care of me. Everyone hates me because 10 years ago and you can't tell anyone I told you this but ten years ago a nine tail demon fox attack the village and my father the 4th Hokage sealed the demon in new born baby and baby was me , he think everyone will see me as a hero but most of the village sees me as a demon and hates me to this vary day so that why Drake took me from village to train the last six years." All five of them was shocked and was pull back by the story,

"That was a really sad story." both the girls said at the same time. The three dogs nodded as they start to lick Naruto's face.

"He still thinks he can't be forgiven no that's not it, he just will never let himself forgiven." Naruto just shakes his head by the fact that Drake doesn't want to let himself be forgiven like this.

Dark said to Hana "He should be forgiven but it looks like he not letting himself be forgiven." as they're talking the bell rings.

After the rest of the school day the three of them are now standing outside the gates to it. But a woman with a dog walks up to Hana as she smiles to her.

"Time to go Hana now say goodbye to your friends." She looks at her mother but Naruto looks more at Hana's mother.

"Mother can I wait here I want meet Naruto sensei." she nodded and thought "Naruto still alive that good."

Drake walks over and she sees him also she in shock because of that. "Drake-sensei about time!'

"Onii!" She runs to him and hugs him.

"Naruto we need go to Hokage tower to see where you going be staying." He looks at Tsume which he hasn't seen in a long time.

"He can stay at are clan house." Tsume said

"Thank you Tsume" Told her.

"You can stay to Drake.." But she cut off by him "No I have no right to and I should not be forgiven for what happened" But now he is being cut off "That was 8 years ago! No one blames you and no one ever blame you in first place."

"Sorry I just can't forgive myself and beside Iceheart most still hate me." he leaves in a wave of flame

Her ninja dog says "Maybe we should talk to Iceheart about this and see if she forgives him." She nods and said "let's go Naruto and Hana" both of then nodded and Naruto told Shiva see you tomorrow