Betty bit her lip nervously. She didn't know how she got here. She didn't even know why she had even agreed. But one thing was for certain: this was a disaster waiting to happen.

"Are you definitively sure this will work Hilda?"

Hilda nodded sharply, annoyed by her sister's insecurity.

"Definitively. You already switched your metal braces for clear ones. Now, you just need a little more help with the rest."

Betty sighed and started ringing her hand nervously, "Do you remember what happened last time?"

Hilda rolled her eyes and looked up to the heavens, sighing.

"Betty, that ended...horrible I must admit. But this time your sister is going to do it. Don't you have a little faith in me?"

Betty stared blankly at Hilda and raised her eyebrows.

"Oh, that's great," Hilda said, glaring at Betty. "You are so lucky I love you so much."

Betty sighed and smiled, "I am, aren't I?"

Hilda smiled, "You bet your ass you are. Now, to blow Daniel off his-"

"Hilda!" Betty exclaimed in a sharp whisper, "I am not doing this for Daniel! You're the one who literally dragged me here; I don't even want this!"

Hilda sighed and grabbed Betty's shoulder's firmly, "Trust me mija, you do."

Betty sighed and let Hilda do her work. She had to admit, deep inside, she wanted this. Maybe if she looked a little more pretty, a little less painful to look at, Daniel wouldn't laugh to death at the mention of Daniel and her as a couple. Maybe he'd hopefully just pee his pants.

"Ouch, Hilda watch it!"

"Beauty is pain sweetheart. Beauty is pain."

Hilda smiled at her sister's reflection, "Oh my god. You look totally different Betty!" she squealed.

"I do?" Betty questioned, keeping her eyes tightly closed.

Hilda sighed exasperatedly, "Oh, come on Betty! You look beautiful, trust me. Just open you eyes and don't be afraid."

Betty slowly opened her eyes. She had to admit, she was scared of what the result would be. Would she be beautiful? Would she be ugly? Would she still look like...Betty?

Betty gaped at her reflection visible through the mirror of the beauty salon. Standing in front of her was a woman with perfectly done make-up, trimmed eyebrows, perfectly curled hair...she just couldn't believe it was her.

"I, that me?"

Hilda smiled, "The one and only."

Betty got closer to the mirror, touching her face, not quite grasping what she saw.

"Oh my god Hilda! You do miracles!"

Hilda shook her head, "No honey. I didn't need to do any miracles because you are beautiful. You just needed a little help."

Betty snorted, "Yeah, a lot of help."

Hilda rolled her eyes, "Shut up and let me imagine Daniel's face when he sees you."


"Oh come on. I know you like him. Maybe even love him?"

Betty bowed her head down.

"It's and Daniel? He'll probably fire me and kick me out before I can say 'JK'."

Hilda sighed, "No he won't. Now, I don't know Daniel as well as you do, but I know enough to know he isn't going to do that. I can tell that he adores you as much as you adore him," she leaned in and whispered in her ear, "And I can tell he loves you and that he won't be able to live without you."

Betty gave her sister a small smile, "Really?", she asked hopefully.

"Really. Now," Hilda smiled gleefully and picked up her purse, "Lets go to the mall to buy you new clothes. I mean, have you looked at your closet lately?"

Betty glared at her sister, "Hilda! My clothes are perfectly fine!"


Betty sighed in defeat, "Okay, they might be a wee bit ugly..."

Hilda scoffed, "A wee bit?"

"Oh come on, let's go."

Hilda smiled, "Oh I can't wait! Now, put on these sunglasses so that nobody recognizes you. You never know who we might meet. You're already wearing sweatpants and a polo shirt, not something you would normally wear to Mode."

Betty grabbed the sun glasses out of her sister's hand and sighed, "Okay. I just hope this works."

"Hilda; we have been here for seven hours straight, wasted hundreds of dollars from my savings account, gone through all the stores in the universe, and have like ten shopping bags stuffed with clothes and accessories not to mention the other five we have in the car. My feet are about to crumble, and my arms are about to fall off. Not to mention I'm hungry. Can we go now?"

Hilda rolled her eyes and pulled Betty even faster to their destination, still unknown to Betty, "Oh, stop complaining Betty. I assure you: there's one more stop."

"There is?" Betty asked hopefully.

Hilda smiled, "Yup. Now, this is something I bought for you. I already ordered it so we just have to pick it up."

"Okay. So, where is this last stop going to be?" Betty asked curiously.

Hilda smiled and stopped walking, "Here."

Betty squealed as she saw the 'Lenscrafters' sign, "Oh my god Hilda! You got me new glasses? You didn't have to you know; I'm fine with the ones I have now."

Hilda shook her head, "No, I didn't get you glasses."

Betty turned to look at her sister questionably, "No?"

"No. I got you contacts."

Betty grinned the widest smile she had all evening, "You got me contacts?", she asked excitedly.

"Yes! Now, come on let's go pick them up so you can start using them as soon as possible!"

Betty hugged her sister tightly, "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've been wanting to get contacts for a long time now, just never got around to it! You're the best sister ever!"

Hilda smiled at her sister, "Anything for you Betty. Anything for you."

Ignacio smiled as he saw the scene before him. He knew that Betty was just beautiful on the outside as she was on the inside and that it was only a matter a time before it shined through. He knew Hilda had been up to something for the last several days; she wasn't really well at being secretive.

"So Daddy, what do you think?"

Betty twirled in one of the new dresses she had bought. It was a black wrap dress that looked absolutely amazing on her. Hilda smiled brightly, almost with tears in her eyes. She had done this for her sister because Betty deserved some happiness. She deserved to feel what she was: beautiful. She was the best sister anyone could ever hope for. She hoped that this will help bring out a confident, better, and more stunning Betty.

Ignacio hugged her youngest daughter tightly and smiled, "I think you look absolutely beautiful sweetheart."

Betty smiled brightly and swept her now side bangs to the side, "Thank you Dad. It means alot for me."

He nodded his head and smiled at Hilda, who smiled brightly back.

Justin smiled at his aunt. He just couldn't believe what he was seeing! Daniel was going to flip, he was sure about that.

"Aunt Betty, can we go see all the new clothes that you bought?" Justin asked excitedly.

Betty smiled at her nephew, "Sure thing! Come on; the bags are all up in my room. We have fifteen bags to look through!"

Ignacio smiled as a laughing Betty chased Justin up the stairs. He knew things would change now. Hew knew things wouldn't be the same as before. But this particular change, he knew, deep inside his heart, was a good one.

Hilda plopped herself on the couch and opened a magazine, looking through it fleetingly.

"So, are you dying to see Daniel's face when he sees her?"

Ignacio chuckled, "That's what I'm looking forward to the most."

Poor Daniel, Ignacio thought. He had no idea what was coming.

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