Daniel rubbed his face tiredly. Today was not a good day.

There were problems with the printers and it caused the whole company to go absoluetly crazy. Employees were running from left to right in front of his office making Daniel feel dizzy. The magazine needed to be out by tomorrow and everybody was stressing whether they could make the deadline. Alexis was currently biting Marc's head off about god knows what, and Wilhemena was nowhere in sight.

Well, at least that was a good thing.

Daniel stared at the blank page in front of him. He needed to think of a new layout for the magazine by tomorrow and he had thought of nothing.

And worst of all, Betty wasn't here.

Daniel groaned. When was Betty when he needed her?

She had called him told him she was going to be running late. But it was already 10 o'clock; wasn't that late enough?

He rolled his shoulders and closed his eyes, leaning back in his chair. He hated Betty not being here. She organized everything for him. She was his savior.

Betty hadn't been here yesterday either. Why? He had no idea. Hilda hadn't been exactly clear for a reason, but he had let Betty have the day off. Betty worked too hard; she deserved a break once in a while.

But Daniel wasn't exactly anxious to for his assistant to come in just because he needed to be organized. He just wanted to see her; to hear her voice.

He groaned. Why did she have to do this to him? He pictured her sweet smile, her beautiful chocolate-brown eyes he could hopelessly get lost into...

Suddenly, a silence reined over the whole floor. Daniel looked up, surprised. The first in his line of vision was Marc, who seemed to struggle to take something out of his pocket. The struggle finally ended when he quickly took out his camera and started taking pictures miles a minute. Alexis was smiling slightly, and looked mildly surprised. They were both staring at one spot in particular. As was everyone else.

What the hell were they all staring at?

"Stupid vase..." he muttered, moving it aside.

What? He was curious.

As he looked at what, actually, who people were staring at, he almost fainted. Mother of god, was that Betty?

She seemed to sense his gaze because she turned to look straight at him and smiled that dazzling smile that always seemed to make him go crazy.

He looked at her clothing and he could have sworn his heart stopped. She was wearing an off-white button up shirt and a brown pencil skirt. The heels she wore made her seem a little taller, and the long, gold butterfly necklace completed the outfit, making it still Betty-like. He wasn't sure to curse the world or to be glad that she wasn't wearing tights. The clothes she wore hugged her body at all the right places, making her seem...sexy.

He pulled at his tie, and unbuttoned the first two buttons from this shirt. Was the AC broken? Why was it hot all of a sudden? And where in the world did all those curves some from? He had never been so aware of his assistant's body shape as he was now. And her hair...it was in soft waves, framing her face, her bangs swept off to the side. She just looked so damn sweet and sexy at the same time. He had to use all his self control to not do anything, and it was proving to be hard.

No, bad Daniel! Stop now! Oh dear god, she's coming over here. Okay, breath, breath!

He gulped as she came over to his office's door. He just couldn't think about her that way, not now. Over three months ago she had taken the decision of not going with either Henry or Geo; she didn't need this.

"Hey Daniel! You mind if I come in?"

"Uh, hello Betty. No, not all all." he said, his voice cracking a bit. Not to mention the stuttering.

Stupid idiot!

She smiled at him and walked to the chair in from of him and sat on it.

"So, anything you need?"

He nodded, trying to ignore that Betty's bare legs were just a few inches away from his.

Focus Daniel, focus!

"Uh, well yes, you've actually come here at a bad time. The printers are down and the magazine needs to be out by tomorrow, not to mention the meetings I need you to schedule, and paper work, among other things." he said, all in one breath. He sighed, "I'm sorry, but I really need to do this layout and with all the things I've needed to do, I haven't gotten time to get my hands on it. You really are helpful Betty; don't know what I'd do without you."

She smiled that brilliant smile of hers, and nodded, picking up the pile of paper work.

"I'll get started right away."

He nodded, "Thank you Betty. You're my savior!"

She laughed, and shook her head, walking to her office. And of course, Daniel couldn't miss the way her hips swayed as she walked.

He groaned and slammed his head on his desk.

"If you think staring at the paper will make it dance then you've just wasted one hour of your life."

Daniel looked up at his sister and groaned, "What do you want?"

Alexis clutched her chest and gasped dramatically, "Why must you hurt me so?"

Daniel rolled his eyes, "Stop being such a drama queen Alexis. But seriously, what do you want?"

She shrugged, "Can't a sister check up on her little brother to see if he's alright? I mean, I was worried you might have died."

He looked up at her questionably, "Died?"

She smirked and sat down in front of him. "Yup. Anyone who knows you as well as I do knows that you were just dying to rip her clothes off."

The room started getting hot all of a sudden. Again.

He gulped, "Her? Who's her?" he said, trying to act ignorant.

She rolled her eyes, "Her as in Betty."

"That's a- it's the stupidest- I was not!" he stuttered.

She raised an eyebrow, "You can't fool me Dan. I know you more than anyone else. It's not like you were subtle about it either."

Damn it.

He slammed his head on the desk. It seemed to be becoming a habit.

"Was I really that obvious?" he asked.

She sighed, "Yeah."

He groaned, "Do you think she noticed?"

Alexis looked over at Betty, who was currently speaking to someone on the phone. She had seen the mischievous twinkle in Betty's eye and the intentional hip-swaying she did as she walked out of Daniel's office earlier. Maybe, she wasn't as ignorant and naive as everyone though she was.

She smirked at her little brother. Oh, she'll have her fun.

"Oh, I don't think so. Don't worry: you're out of the water."

Daniel let out a breath he had been holding and rolled his shoulders.

"Well, that's good right?"

She smirked at Daniel, "Whatever you say Dan."

He looked at her, his eyes narrowing, "What's that suppose to mean?" he asked suspiciously.

She simply smiled at him, and walked out of his office with a very smug sounding good-bye.

"Women," he muttered to himself as he stared at the blank paper in front of him once again.

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