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Yup, I'm back! Now I'm focusing more of my attention on running! It seems Sephiroth and Cloud won the poll so I hope you enjoy this story! Though I can't believe that not even one person voted for Walter and Henry. Do you people have a problem with a crazed murderer having sex with his innocent victim? Well onto the story!!

A cold clash of steel rang through the battle ground. Cloud tried desperately to keep his footing through the debris that was falling from their fight. The air was cold as Cloud cut the falling steel from piercing him in mid air. The warrior could feel his muscles start to strain. A cold sweat ran through his body as the blond realized that he might not be able to keep up. They had been fighting for hours on end. The sky was grey and seemed to match Sephiroth perfectly as he appeared from his hiding spot with in one of the buildings.

This his perfect chance. Cloud mentally berated himself for losing focus on the ex general. The blond heard a dark laugh from behind him and couldn't suppress the shiver that went up his spine.

"Well Cloud I think you've lost your touch."

It was that voice. The voice that condemned Cloud to this never ending life of misery. Oh what he wouldn't give to shred that voice into a million tiny pieces. To simply walk away and never have to hear or deal with it again. Cloud decided to do just that. He gave a quick turn with every intention to send the one winged angel back to the life stream where he belonged. This would have worked had not Sephiroth seen through this. Sephiroth could feel his own strength weakening so he knew Cloud must be feeling the same way.

The blond knew he was moving slower than he should have, slow enough for Sephiroth to catch him. In that one move he could feel the cold steel of that damned six foot sword running teasingly across his neck. The one thing that showed him who had control. Cloud stilled as he heard Sephiroth's laugh resounding in his ears.

The ex general smirked and easily pulled Cloud to him. Carefully wrapping his arm around the blonde's hip, while keeping his sword still slightly pushed against Clouds neck. Sephiroth could feel Cloud's muscles ready to constrict for an escape. The silver haired general let out another smirk and teasingly brought the blade a bit closer to the blond.

"So tell me cloud. How does it feel to know that you failed?" Sephiroth taunted.

"Pleaseā€¦." The blond gasped out. His voice sounded so small and lost, the begging tone of a tired man rang out.

"Please what, Cloud?" Sephiroth teased in his deep voice. His mind shouting in joy at the prospect of having his only equal begging to live. Oh the irony, after Cloud had beaten him countless times the blond was finally understanding his place. While the General said this he tightened his grip on his enemy.

"Please kill me." The voice repeated. Sephiroth blinked for a minute in a stupor. Cloud wanted death? Why in the name of Gaia would Cloud want that? Sephiroth let out a growl. That was not what he expected to hear. Sephiroth wanted Cloud to beg for life not death! Well fine than he would show Cloud who was in control. In the one way the general knew that the blond couldn't comprehend.

The general quickly withdrew his sword and forcefully spun the hero around and smashed their lips together. A quick breath exited Cloud as his body tensed with his mouth being invaded. It was like his brain stopped working. Why was the one winged angel kissing him? Shouldn't Sephiroth be torturing him? And why didn't he want to leave this embrace?

Sephiroth could feel Cloud melting into him. The one winged angel withdrew and began to walk away from his enemy, his trench coat billowing in the wind . Trying to forget how for those couple of seconds he felt whole. Maybe he should play with his puppet some more? Well Sephiroth could use some fun before he found Mother.

Cloud's knees buckled as he crumbled to the ground. His mind spun in the utter confusion. He didn't even have the power to stand up, much less pick up his sword and chase after the crazed general. He could hear the echo of the general's boots as he walked away from the broken blonde. Cloud couldn't even help the blush the rose to his face when he heard Sephiroth's dark voice carry in the hollow wind.

"Remember Cloud, I will NEVER be a memory."

And with that Cloud's world went black.

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