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Cloud sat at the top of the main government's building staring at the streets below. Even he had to admit that it was a stark contrast to the past. Everything from the streets below just seemed to glow with peace and glory. The blond had to admit it to himself, that Sephiroth did make good on his promise. That wasn't to say that everything was perfect but it was better than before.

The education system had improved. Instead of the main schools getting the most money and the schools in the slums receiving next to none, Sephiroth made it so all the schools got exactly the same amount of money. In fact the slums had been gone for quite some time. Also the thing the general did was make sure everyone had a job. He even found use for the drug users and alcoholics. They would work but only with the extremely simple jobs and instead of getting cash they would receive a small amount of their drug of choice, their apartment paid for, and a refrigerator full of food. Needless to say, starvation was non existent. Child abuse was down because if the child was abused they were taken away after a full scale investigation and sent directly to Cloud so they could start making an individualized plan. The immortal let out a smile as he thought about all the children he had helped throughout the years. If anything child abuse was the hardest to stop, but they were making progress. The world truly had improved.

The outside had been made to be beautiful as well. The streets were repaired and then decorated by colorful flowers. Aside from that the laws had changed. Rape was punishable by instant death, but there was always a thorough investigation. At first they had problems with the police department lying so Sephiroth killed them and put in someone who would tell the truth. Thieves were put in the employment of the government and often used to Sephiroth's advantage. The murderers had been condemned by instant death after the investigation. There were no more prisons. There were simply those whose talents could be used and those who had to be taken care of immediately. Drugs also became a resource of the government.

Cloud at first didn't like the idea of the instant death rule but in the end it worked out. Rape, murder, and torture was so non existent now that people were starting to doubt if it still existed. There were no more late night curfews. People could walk safely at night.

It had been a hard start with everyone fearing them or trying to outsmart them, but the blond was convinced that it was worth all the blood if he saw this scene of beauty before him now. Taxes had been destroyed and banks were now only a place where people stored their money. It made sense because everyone was given a job that paid fairly well. Colleges were free and payed for. Though a person had to finish and become an employee of the government.

The energy crisis had died down. Sephiroth had found a use for solar energy and electricity. Cloud let out a sigh. Yup, it had been worth it. The people walked down on the street below going about their day. Cloud let out a smile, he had helped create that.

"Still up here, Cloud?" A deep voice appeared behind him. The blond had to suppress a shiver that ran up his spine. The immortal let out a small nod and let the his former enemy embrace his from behind. Cloud couldn't help the sigh of contentment that escaped him as he leaned into the embrace. The general snaked his arm around his lover's waist and lightly bit into the back of Cloud's neck.

The blond arched against the touch. And with one swift motion Sephiroth had removed his former enemy's shirt. Cloud turned around and began unbuttoning the general's shirt. Both of the garments were throw carelessly on the roof. The general then lightly took his former enemy's hand and intertwined their fingers. Sephiroth stood up and pulled the blond down the halls.

The general left their shirts up on the roof. He was the leader of the world, so he highly doubted that anyone would say anything about it. It was a short walk down the hall to the office. When they did get in the office Sephiroth quickly locked the door, shut the curtains, and shoved everything off of his desk.

Cloud stood at the door and couldn't help the yelp of surprise when the general literally threw him on top of the desk. In what seemed like less than a second Sephiroth was on top of his lover. The pants were thrown against the wall as the two joined in their union. It was later found out that Cloud was a natural masochist so they always forgot about the lube. The general couldn't help but think that the blond in a painful yet pleasurable rapture was the best. He knew everything that would drive the his former enemy wild.

And drive cloud wild he did.

The two came with an explosion and were instantly out of breath by the event that just occurred. Sephiroth pulled out one of the drawers on the desk and got the wipes. He had learned from the countless times they had done this before. The two stood up in the after sex high and pulled on their pants. Sephiroth opened the curtains and sat down, pulling Cloud into his lap.

He was sane. He had made a new world. He had everything he wanted in Cloud. A smirk rose to his face as he held the sleeping blond to him.

He was alive and for once in his life, he didn't curse being an immortal.

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