Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or anything related

Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter or anything related.


Author's Note:

Very random, but I think you'll all enjoy it, despite its randomness. Lolz.




The Chest Monster

Harry stared. It was the Chest Monster. He was finally meeting it face to face. For days now, he'd been feeling something strange in his chest. Something that seemed like it wanted to tear out of him. And it finally has. Here it was. "Chest Monster," Harry murmured, in awe and disbelief. He couldn't believe this was happening – that he was looking at it.

He didn't know that 'Chest Monster' was its name – but it felt right. It suited the thing he was staring at… Though it was short, it was jet black and made its presence known. He'd walked into the room and noticed it quickly. And now he couldn't stop staring at it.

Harry wasn't an idiot. He'd always known that the Chest Monster was coming. He knew it as sure as he knew that the sky was blue – the Chest Monster had to come. It simply had to. That was the way chest monsters worked. The Chest Monster had been late, but it was finally here, and Harry couldn't take his eyes off it.

Harry was so engrossed with the Chest Monster that he didn't hear Ron knock loudly on the door before entering the room he was in. "Hey, Harry. What's taking so long, mate?" Ron asked, coming in.

Harry dumbly pointed to what he'd been staring at. "Chest Monster," he said.

Ron blinked with a dumbfounded expression at the Chest Monster before breaking out into a wide grin. He slapped Harry on the shoulder before leaving the bathroom to go back into their dormitory. "Hey, guys! Harry's got his first chest hair!"