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The Epiphany of Wrongs and Pancakes
I. The 'Not Right'
By: StriderX

Tony Stark had always known many things. When it came to mechanics and maths, there had never been a time (he could remember) in which he was wrong. Thus, he was used to being right constantly and simply could not accept the possibility of being…not right. He knew there was a word for it…what was it?...ah, yes. Wrong. Honestly, he very rarely thought he could ever be wrong. Misguided, yes, but not wrong. It was something that just didn't happen.

But yet, as he heard the melodic click of towering stiletto heels coming closer, gears jammed in his brain and complete and utter not-understanding, uncomprehending confusion shattered his mental karma and froze him still.

For a moment, he wondered if time had simply escaped him, but when his glance passed over a clock, eyebrows furrowed. 2:25 a.m. He knew Jarvis would've informed him immediately at the presents of an intruder, but why would she be here…now?

Shaking his head of the dangerous thoughts running about his head, Tony tried his best hand at nonchalance as the perfectly ticking melody turned the corner and stopped just inside the basement workshop. He tried to ignore her, but instinct quickly betrayed. In the clear light of the shop, his eyes glued first to the fiery hair pulled—as always—into an immaculate bun. Then, drifting a little too slowly down to the deep blue suit expertly tailored to dip with every curve of her hourglass frame. And last, past perfect legs to the strapped navy stilettos arching her feet to an exact 60o angle off the floor. …well, he thought, at least his math was still intact.

"Mr. Stark?" her smooth voice suddenly shook him. Had he been staring?

Mentally, he smacked himself. "Ms. Potts?" he shot back, coolly. "What're you still doin' here?"

Ms. Pepper Potts looked at him with a strange smirk, tilting her head a bit to one side. "I work here, Mr. Stark."

Tony bounced a greasy engine piece between his hands. There was a slightly patronizing look on his face. "Pepper, it's 2:30 in the morning."

"Yes, and I still have two reports to write up."

"Uh-huh…reports that can't possibly wait till a more decent hour, right?"

Pepper bowed her head just a bit and flinched her grip on the intelli-tablet in her hands. "Actually, reports that you promised to finish two weeks ago…and yes, they are due tomor—" she paused, looking and the wall clock. "in six hours."

And just as quickly, Tony suddenly felt no more then an inch tall. The word staggered through his brain again. Absolutely, utterly wrong. Bowing his head in shame almost childishly, he ran an oily hand through his hair. "Oh…" for a moment, he was at a loss. He hoped she saw it as genuine. "I'm so sorry, Pepper. I completely forgot."

This time Pepper grinned, though not without slight disappointment. "I know," she replied simply. And suddenly, changed the subject, pulling the tablet into reading focus. "I just need your decision on the donation to the "G.R.O.W." foundation."

Leaning to a sit against his hot rod's front right tire, he feigned professionalism. Inside, he still felt a horrible pang; forgetting…again. "How much?"

Pepper looked to the tablet, though all the numbers had been long since memorized. "500,000."

He whistled, surprised. "Do trees need that much?"

That same trademark professional amusement crossed her features. "To replant an entire forest, yes, sir."

"Well what do you think?"

Pepper wanted to look back to her tablet, but he held her gaze with a lock and key. "I think it's a better investment then weapon's development."

Tony snorted softly through a white grin. "Then approve away, Ms. Potts."

"Yes, sir," Pepper made a quick note on the tablet and peaked up through thick lashes. He was staring again. "Is there anything you need?"

Quickly Tony shook his head of the (hopefully) unseen mental fantasy. "Huh? Oh, no, Pepper…just picking up the toys before bed," he smirked, shaking the machinery in hand as proof.

She smiled and began to turn back to the hallway. "Good night then, sir."

She was walking away now. "Hey," he called quickly, too casually for genuine. "You sure they can't wait? …I mean, you look tired, is all."

Pepper stopped, turning to him for just a moment. "This isn't my first last night. I think I'll be fine."

Tony just shrugged. "Suit yourself…I'd just turn 'em in late."

And just before making her way again, she flashed him a wry smirk. "And that's why I'm here, sir."


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