Author's Note: Sometimes the shortest of words mean the most.

The Epiphany of Wrongs and Pancakes
IV. A Better Wind
By: StriderX

…and then, with a heavy sigh from both that swirled together and vanished in the breeze, it was over.

Pepper leaned back, shaking hand to her lips. Tony couldn't move; every muscle in his body frozen with her.

She'd been silent for so long, Tony was beginning to think maybe he'd done something wrong. But…he had asked, right?

Slowly, as her lips parted and hand steadied, a careful grin grew into a trembling fit of soft, angelic giggles.

He stared at her, speechless, with a dumbfounded look coating his face. Is this good or bad?, he panicked slightly.

"That," she finally began, "was definitely better then my first kiss."

Part of him wanted to joke, to shoot back some completely 'Tony' remark and make light of the whole morning. But he'd come so far…


She shook her head with that perfect smile. "Tony, this was perfect. Thank you."

He sighed, leaning away from her a bit. He couldn't say it…she didn't want him to…yet. And for the first time, he was okay with just being patient. He cleared his throat and stood, offering her a hand to follow. As she did, he smirked. "Maybe we could do this more often?"

The 'this' in that sentence holding more weight then Pepper would've ever imagined before. Still, the idea didn't scare her. Not after that kiss. "I'd like that, Mr. Stark."

Tony looked down for a moment and ran unnoticeably trembling fingers through his hair. "To work then, Ms. Potts?"

She nodded, and in a flash a gust of wind blew and the dance of their hearts was ended, each heart placed safely back in its place until another day. Tony felt his heart beat inside as she walked into the house, away from him. Strangely, as he listened to it thump in his ears, he thought it felt a bit lighter. He smiled, wondering if maybe, just maybe she might feel the same.


Last Bit: Thank you for reading. A writer, no matter what breed, is nothing without someone to read their silly little words. Best wishes.

By the way, please don't tell me to continue this. This is all I have planned to write and all I will write for the time being. I am very glad you enjoyed it, but please...enjoy it for was it is, not what it could be.